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Xiaomi Smartmi intelligent radiator can warm the whole room in 10 seconds

Heaters can also be beautiful

With the improvement of people”s living standards, there are more expectations for the appearance of objects. Quality life not only makes the product easier to use, but also becomes more beautiful and exquisite, as does Zhimi intelligent heater. Its appearance is designed in a minimalist style, no matter it is Japanese style, Nordic style or ins style, it can be easily mastered.


Is a rectangular vertical design as a whole, with a light gray air outlet on the front. When people first know this product, it is easy to think of it as a vertical speaker, and a handle is designed at the top of the back. it is convenient for users to carry when they use it every day, and the large grid air inlet in the middle can be removed after it is disassembled, and the lower part opens the key for the power supply of Zhimi intelligent radiator. Responsible for the power on / off of the product.

In addition to the power on key, Smartmi places other function buttons of this heater on the top of the body, through which physical buttons can switch gears, timing, turn on / off head swinging and child locks. In addition to the body buttons, Smartmi  intelligent heater is also equipped with 2.4GHz wireless remote control. Compared with the traditional infrared remote control, it can easily switch and adjust gears without alignment, which makes daily operation more convenient.

A disc base is used at the bottom, and a wire harness storage slot is designed, in which excessively long wires can be placed in the storage slot for daily use, making the use more simple and beautiful. According to officials, Zhimi’s intelligent heater covers an area of only 0.05 square feet, which can be easily arranged in a 10-inch shared bedroom or a compact workplace, and will not take up too much space in daily storage.


Smartmi  intelligent heater is serious

When it comes to heating, what can you think of? The secretary of the house remembers that when he was a child, he often used the heaters and little suns with rows of heating resistance wires exposed above. Such heaters now seem to be very simple, but also have a lot of shortcomings. Due to design limitations, this kind of products can only heat a very small area and can not effectively raise the temperature in the house. When the body leaves the heating area, it will feel a sudden drop in temperature, and the heating area is too concentrated, which is prone to low-temperature scald over a long period of time.

Two other heating devices have become popular in recent years, one of which is oil, which emits more heat and maintains a certain temperature for a long time even in the event of a sudden power outage, but the heating rate is slow. it often takes a long time to rise to the right temperature and consumes more electricity. The other is the heater, which rapidly increases the room temperature by forcing the convection warm air, which has the characteristics of small size, light weight, heat concentration, large heat dissipation area, high thermal efficiency and so on.

Zhimi intelligent heater is upgraded on this basis, it uses high-efficiency PTC ceramic heating body, with 2000W strong heating capacity, when the air flow through the heater moment, can be strong fast hot air flow, 10 seconds after the start-up, the heating body temperature can reach the state of continuous output of warm air.

At the same time, in order to achieve fast whole-house speed heating, Zhimi intelligent heater also has 90 °super wide-angle dynamic air supply, which can effectively increase the air supply area, turn on the head swing state after turning on the heater, and can quickly transport warm and comfortable hot air to every corner of the room. take care of every inch of space. And the unique oblique fan impeller is adopted to ensure sufficient air supply and wind comfort, while effectively reducing the friction caused by wind resistance and cutting airflow. According to the official data, the operating noise is reduced to 35.6dB.

Fast light heating is not enough, but also to ensure the safety of daily use. From the material of the fuselage, the whole machine of Zhimi intelligent heater adopts RoHS certified environmental protection material, which does not produce unpleasant smell during daily use, and has higher heat resistance at the same time. In the process of use, built-in dumping power outage + overheat protection double security, so that the use of more peace of mind.

Mobile phone is more convenient to operate

In addition to the body buttons and 2.4GHz wireless remote control, Zhimi intelligent heater also supports mobile phone App control. As a member of Xiaomi ecological chain, its distribution network is the same as other millet products. After opening Mi home App, you can search the equipment and clean the distribution network according to the prompt.

After the connection is successful, you can directly enter the operation interface, and the gear of Zhimi intelligent heater can be adjusted on the operation interface. It supports the arbitrary switching of warm air and hot air modes and the timing adjustment of the fourth gear reservation to meet the needs of different environments and different time periods. The above operation can be realized with one click on the interface.

In addition, on the Mijia App, you can set the delayed shutdown time by pulling the progress bar, and the indicator light can be set to slightly bright or off at night, so as to bring users a better sleep experience. After use, you can turn on the automatic correction, so that Zhimi intelligent heater is in the most correct position.

As of September 2019, the number of connected devices on Xiaomi’s AloT platform reached 210 million, an increase of 62% over the same period last year; the number of monthly active users of Xiao Ai reached 57.9 million, an increase of 68.6% over the same period last year. Zhimi intelligent heater also supports voice control, do not want to leave the bed in the morning, a simple sentence can summon “warmth”. At the same time, it can also link with Mijia air purifier and temperature and humidity sensors to maintain the indoor air in a comfortable state.


In Greek mythology, Prometheus stole the sky for the world, bringing light and warmth. Now, with Zhimi intelligent heater, the warmth has become within reach. This winter, it will be a good choice to accompany you through these cold days! What can I do in

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