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Xiaomi router AC2100 escorts the home network after moving in a new house!

Xiaomi router AC2100

Came out to live on its own this time, a person enjoyed 100 megabytes of optical fiber. Although 100 megabytes of optical fiber is now the normal level of household network use, it can be said to have improved a lot compared with the previous network environment. At the same time, after renting the house, the secret found that the landlord did not provide the router, and the WiFi of the room was provided by the light cat. As soon as I arrived in the inner room, I said goodbye to the WiFi signal completely, so I also needed to equip the room with a router with both performance and signal. Finally, with the millet bucket, I chose the millet router AC2100.

What can this router do when I have a Xiaomi family bucket? As an inconspicuous rice noodle of our company,

Home Secretary silently equipped himself with millet buckets after work. With this move, these smart household products and sensors also followed me to the new location. Before I moved, I thought about a problem, that is, after these products change places, they still need distribution networks one by one. When I think about it, I feel irritated.

Xiaomi router AC2100

Is fortunately Xiaomi router AC2100 solved my problem in the distribution network, it supports IPv6 and is specially optimized for Xiaomi smart home access, all devices are restored to the factory and used with Mi App, so that I do not need to enter the password manually to directly distribute the network for the device.

Xiaomi router AC2100

In hardware, Xiaomi router AC2100 can also meet the access of a variety of smart home products. Compared with the router with single-core processor, the comprehensive capability of the router with dual-core four-thread 880MHz high-speed CPU, is greatly improved. The fuselage has built-in 128MB memory + 128MB Flash flash memory, which not only has more data cache space, but also ensures the stability of data transmission and escorts each access device. The

Xiaomi router AC2100

Still remembers the news a few days ago that the smart hardware used by a foreign family was broken by hackers, causing the family to be disturbed by smart home products. In this regard, Xiaomi router AC2100 will try its best to ensure the security of users” network. First of all, this product supports IPv6, to improve router forwarding efficiency and security. At the same time, IPv6 has a larger address space, as more and more resources support IPv6,IPv6, the application prospect will be wider and wider, and it will avoid the trouble of replacing routers in the future.

Xiaomi router AC2100 at home

Followed by Xiaomi router AC2100 can provide security protection for all kinds of mainstream smart home devices on the market. In the version 5.0of Xiaomi WiFi App, the router integrates practical functions such as anti-rubbing net, WiFi optimization, restart and so on. It can also detect potential vulnerabilities with one click to prevent home smart door locks from being attacked, smart speakers tapped, smart cameras peeked and floor-sweeping robots attacked.

Signal and network speed is the only standard to test whether a router is good or bad.

Has a good WiFi signal and network speed, which is the basic skill that a router should have. As mentioned above, Zhai Xiaomi’s new residence uses Unicom’s 100m optical fiber, and Xiaomi router AC2100 adapts to 1000m high-speed broadband, which can easily control Zhai Xiaomi’s home broadband network.

Xiaomi router AC2100 signal test

The new home adopts the pattern of two rooms, one hall, one kitchen and one bathroom. As shown in the picture, the construction area is 95 square meters, and the actual area is about 85 square meters. Among them, there are two walls between the master bedroom and the router, which is also a big test for the router. The house secret tested the signal strength of the millet router AC2100 in each room through the third-party test software. it can be seen that whether it is the kitchen, the bathroom or the balcony of the master bedroom farther away, the millet router AC2100 has a good signal strength, and the six test points have also obtained qualified results.

This is because the millet router AC2100 provides two frequency bands: 2.4GHz and 5GHz, the 2.4GHz band transmits farther, the coverage is better, and the performance of passing through the wall is better; the 5GHz band has less interference and higher rate. Dual-band integration is also supported, merging the 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands into a single WiFi name. And the inner part of the 2.4GHz and 5GHz wireless chips are integrated with 2-channel and 4-channel iPA (power amplifier) + ILNA (low noise amplifier), which effectively improve the performance of the signal through the wall and coverage, so that the signal transmission distance is longer, the wall is better, and the coverage is wider. As you can see, I am satisfied with the signal strength provided by both 2.4GHz and 5GHz. Compared with the router with external antenna, the

Xiaomi router AC2100 transmition

Prefers the products with built-in antenna and looks more beautiful at home. It is understood that Xiaomi router AC2100 5GHz band uses 4 receive and 4 transmit architecture, give full play to the WiFi performance of high-end equipment. And through 4×4 MIMO, the transmission rate is doubled to provide a stable speed. In addition, the millet router AC2100 also supports Beamforming technology, which can automatically detect the position of mobile phones, computers and other terminals in the network, enhance the azimuth signal, so that the effective coverage of WiFi is wider, and the signal quality is more stable.

As a gamer, the first thing to do after the move is to connect the Switch to the TV, and the other satisfaction of the millet router AC2100 is that its built-in NetEase UU accelerator can accelerate mainstream overseas games, support PS4, Xbox, Switch and other console games, and bid farewell to problems such as high delay, online stutters, login timeouts and so on. Equipped with Wave2 Mu-MIMO (multi-user multi-input and multi-output) technology, it allows multiple terminals to communicate at the same time, changing the transmission mode that only one terminal occupies the channel at the same time, which can be called a regiment weapon.

Written in the last

Compared with the traditional router used by Xiaomi, the Xiaomi router AC2100 has more powerful hardware performance and richer functions. Through this product, I can achieve a lot of network requirements that I have not been able to achieve before. And for Xiaomi family bucket users like me, the distribution network becomes more convenient, more accessible devices, and supports IPv6, so I want to upgrade the smart home system at home in the future. Xiaomi router AC2100 still has the capacity to face the future.

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