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Xiaomi RedmiBook 14 Ryzen Edition reivew: an excellent notebook offering good value for money

Redmi with RedmiBook 14 established a foothold in the notebook market, and with this momentum to launch RedmiBook 14 enhanced version, according to official data, RedmiBook 14 enhanced version immediately after the launch of gearbest and Tmall dual platform sales champion, it can be seen that consumers love to use RedmiBook 14 series notebooks, now this series adds new members. Recently, Redmi announced that it will cooperate with AMD to launch the first Redmi notebook with AMD Ryzen processor. Lu Weibing said on Weibo that he wants to keep the “extreme performance-to-price ratio” in the notebook industry to the end! Anyone can say cruel words, but how the product is, you still need to go through the actual hand experience to find the answer.

Xiaomi RedmiBook 14 Ryzen Edition design

If the design concept of the millet notebook is so that you can”t recognize it as a millet notebook, then the Redmi is obviously not so low-key. The word “Redmi DESIGNED BY XIAOMI” has been printed on the A side of the fuselage since RedmiBook 14, which simply expresses his identity and lineage, and even bold the font of Redmi. Well, this way, whether in the office or Starbucks, you can recognize at a glance that you are using an Redmi laptop. RedmiBook 14 Ruilong version also adopts this design concept to enhance the recognition of the notebook, and the overall workmanship is solid, which can be called the conscience of the industry.

Low-end notebook body material in recent years has made considerable progress, the original we all use Qingyishui engineering plastic fuselage with piano paint technology, with the progress of CNC technology and cost reduction, the original high-end notebook in the use of metal fuselage, has now been devolved to the low-end notebook. However, in this price range, many notebook products will use a single-sided metal fuselage, and declare that this product has a metal fuselage. But I think only notebooks with metal ACD faces, such as the RedmiBook 14 Ruilong version, can really be called products with metal fuselage design.

Metal fuselage gives RedmiBook 14 sharp dragon version excellent texture, combined with advanced frosted spraying technology, so that the overall texture of RedmiBook 14 sharp dragon version is once again elevated, which is also the benefit of using the same mold, after development, it is first provided to higher-priced products, and then with the increase in production capacity and the reduction of cost, the fuselage using the same production process will be applied to lower-priced products. Invisibly, it elevates the style of the whole product.

Not to mention Redmi all-metal body weight control in an acceptable range, according to the actual measurement data show that the fuselage weight of 1.499kg, belonging to the current mainstream level of 14-inch notebooks, plus the weight of the power adapter is only 1.866kg, with the appropriate size of the fuselage BWH, even if the cute girl away from home to put it in the bag, will not become a heavy burden.

RedmiBook 14 sharp dragon version B side is a 14-inch 1080p full HD anti-glare screen, which has a good display effect in practical use. At the same time, the left and right frame of the screen is only 5.75mm, and the design of the ultra-narrow frame makes the screen of the RedmiBook 14 Ruilong version account for 81.2%, ranking in the front row in its competition, and it is true compared with the higher-priced notebooks, which belongs to the mainstream level of notebooks at present.

However, there are several problems to be noted in the process of use, first of all, although the screen share and ultra-narrow border of RedmiBook 14 acute dragon version are rare in its price range. But its lower frame sets aside too much space, so that the entire visual effect upward offset, there will be a trace of incoordination. Second, in terms of security and cost considerations, the RedmiBook 14 Ryzen version is also not equipped with a camera, which may have an impact on video calls. At the same time, the design of the fog screen, although it does not reflect light, is not as transparent as the mirror screen. Finally, it may be my problem, because I am used to typing on a mechanical keyboard, so I feel that the keyboard of this product is a little soft, and due to the lack of keyboard backlight, I can’t see the keyboard clearly in some situations. But considering the consumer groups it faces, it doesn’t hurt.

AMD R5 3500U full blood version boosts daily use worry-free

Although we make fun of the turnaround of agricultural enterprises, AMD processor has always been famous for its ultra-high performance-to-price ratio, and its recently launched Ruilong series of new products have won the favor of more cost-effective players with its powerful multithreading performance and integrated high-performance APU,. AMD R5 3500U is a product launched by AMD for the household and lightweight market. It uses 12nm technology and Zen+ architecture, has a four-core and eight-thread configuration, a benchmark main frequency of 2.1GHz, a maximum acceleration frequency of 3.7GHz, and an integrated Radeon Vega 8 Mobile core graphics card, which not only has a good performance, but also has a better energy efficiency. 

The biggest feature of AMD R5 3500U is the integration of Radeon Vega 8 Mobile core graphics cards, which can be better than Intel Wiskey Lake core UHD 620 core graphics cards. Compared with MX230 and MX150 independent graphics cards, the performance is slightly worse, but it has certain advantages in terms of power consumption. If you use office sets to work or watch movies every day, there is no pressure to run, and games like League of Legends can run smoothly. 

According to its positioning, it does not use more professional software such as Cinebench R15 and 3D Mark for running scores, but uses Master Lu, which we are most familiar with, to give you a more intuitive understanding of the performance level of RedmiBook 14 Ruilong version. The overall performance score of RedmiBook 14 is 242304, including 76399 for processor performance, 65559 for IGPU heterogeneity, and 36686 for graphics card performance. If you don’t play large stand-alone games, the performance of RedmiBook 14 is good enough for office entertainment.

RedmiBook 14 sharp dragon version of the hard drive speed

From mechanical hard drives to solid state drives, the computer’s file reading speed has been improved by leaps and bounds, and the RedmiBook 14 sharp dragon version is naturally equipped with faster solid state drives. After testing the hard disk of RedmiBook 14 Sharon version with AS SSD Benchmark software, it is found that the reading speed is 1001.56MB, the writing speed is 584.21MB, and the overall score is 1641. The quality of this hard drive can be said to be relatively good, and it is a big step forward in terms of data writing and writing than the combination of a solid state and a mechanical hard drive, not to mention that many notebook products at the same price are not even equipped with solid state drives. 

The lightweight of laptops is a major trend in the whole field at present, but many laptops have lost too much in order to achieve lightweight. For example, a sufficiently rich data interface. Many top computers and even the fuselage are only equipped with a Type-C interface, and a plug-in adapter is needed to achieve more external connections, which is a bit superfluous.

RedmiBook 14 Ruilong version is equipped with a wealth of data interfaces to meet the extended needs of users in different scenarios. It provides users with two USB 3.0ports, one USB 2.0interface, one full-size HDMI interface and one 3.5mm headphone interface. It can be quickly connected to many scenes, which fully meets the needs of the expansion of daily office entertainment.

Break product barriers and achieve efficient linkage

Due to cost and other reasons, facial unlocking and fingerprint unlocking cannot be used on the RedmiBook 14 sharp dragon version, but Redmi has thought of this, just like the other two products, through software optimization, the RedmiBook 14 acute dragon version supports millet bracelet unlocking. In short, users can unlock their laptops through a millet bracelet. In practical use, users only need to wear a millet bracelet bound in advance and unlock it at the moment of opening the computer cover.

For computer rookies, it is not difficult to use. After clicking Xiaomi to unlock intelligently, there will be a hint at every step. According to the hint, Xiaomi bracelet can be unlocked from the laptop. When your colleagues still need to unlock their faces and fingerprints, you have prepared your computer and put it into a new job.

More importantly, the RedmiBook 14 Ruilong version is equipped with the function of “millet mutual transmission” for the first time to achieve cross-platform transmission between notebooks and mobile phones. At present, Xiaomi supports multi-terminal transmission between notebook-notebook, notebook-mobile phone and mobile phone, as well as unlimited format, unlimited quantity and unlimited network. After practical experience, it is as good as Apple’s Airdorp in terms of transmission.

How to achieve millet mutual transmission? Laptops need to be pre-installed with the Smart Internet app, and phones that use the MIUI 11 system should be paired according to the steps. When you need to transfer a file from the laptop, open the Smart Internet app, and then drag the file to transfer. Or find the file that needs to be sent, right-select “use Xiaomi to transmit to each other” to transfer. When you use the mobile phone to transfer data, first open the “millet to each other” function on the top menu of the phone, and then select the transferred device icon on the file sharing page. After actual testing, it only takes 2 seconds to transmit the original images taken by ten smartphones. 

The emergence of Xiaomi inter-transmission has broken down the transmission barriers between mobile phones and computers, computers and computers. Previously, it was very time-consuming and laborious for the mobile phone to transfer a file to the computer. To use a connected data cable for file transfer, or you need to upload the file to WeChat or nail, and then log in to the chat software to download. Now with Xiaomi, it takes only a few steps to achieve the effect that took a lot of time to achieve. It can be said that this function is very suitable for office workers to use, so that they can transfer files more easily and learn to work more efficiently.

Bottom line

“We have used too many good products, so sometimes there will be a certain cognitive bias, but in fact, low-end products are the main force of brand shipments.” For users, it doesn’t have much to do with the product? The mobile phone is just talking about WeChat, brushing Kuaishou, and using the computer, that is, watching a movie to make a form. Maybe the computer has never used PS when it is out of use. ” This is what I had in a conversation with another editor teacher of our company.

And in daily life, I have also met many friends who asked me how to buy laptops. Their budget is not high, only 3000 to 4000 yuan, and their requirements for computers are not high. Good-looking, easy to use and fluency are their criteria for judging whether a product is good or bad. But for us, it is difficult for us to choose a good-looking, easy-to-use and strong product within its budget range. Good-looking products usually have weak hardware performance. Products with slightly stronger performance are always used in old moulds that have been used for many years because of cost considerations.

Now the emergence of the RedmiBook 14 Ruilong version has found a balance between appearance and performance. The ACD faces are all made of metal, which is one of the few products with solid working materials in this price range. In terms of performance, AMD R5 3500U can meet the daily needs of most people. The combination of the two brands of Redmi and AMD, which pursue performance-to-price ratio, not only implements Redmi’s mission of “declaring war on all unreasonable premiums and insisting on the ultimate performance-to-price ratio”, but also gives consumers a better choice when choosing and buying medium-and low-end notebooks.


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