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XIAOMI Qingping Bluetooth Alarm Clock Review

What is intelligence? The highest level of intelligence is completely without human intervention, and the full set of intelligent systems can distinguish themselves in what state and how to adjust the living environment. Sensors exist as the eyes and ears of intelligent systems to help them better perceive the user”s living space.


Xiaomi Qingping Bluetooth alarm clock

However, at present, many sensors are independently manufactured, which will cause a very embarrassing problem, that is, more and more sensors will appear very crowded into the room, at a glance. You will feel that the placement of many sensor products is superfluous. The house secretary has also wondered why so many sensors can not be combined with some products, so that the commonly used products at home include the functions of sensors at the same time. Isn’t this a good way to kill many birds with one stone?

Recently, Xiaomi has launched a Qingping Bluetooth alarm clock. Although it looks like an alarm clock, it is a popular style item with three-in-one functions of alarm clock, temperature and humidity sensor and night light. It satisfies the characteristics of combining sensors with ordinary household products, and makes the small alarm clock at your bedside easily become the eyes and ears of the smart home system, monitoring the changes of the indoor environment all the time. And then through the linkage to ensure that the indoor environment makes users feel comfortable.

Simple and beautiful design is the alarm clock is also a good-looking knickknack!

First got the Qingping Bluetooth alarm clock, the little secretary could not hide her love for it. The design of the regular rectangle is matched with the fillet design with the right Radian, which is not only simple and direct, but also full of design sense. With ingenious color matching, it fully meets the aesthetic needs of users for alarm clock products. For example, the forest green in the hands of the house secret fits its name very well. when you wake up in the morning, you can see the green in your eyes, and you can’t help feeling vibrant and full of vitality!


Has no obvious button design all over the body, which makes it simple to the extreme. Maybe someone wants to ask if you don’t press the button, how can you turn off the alarm clock when it goes off? In fact, Qingping Bluetooth alarm clock is not without buttons, just through ingenious design, so that users can not feel the existence of buttons intuitively. In fact, the whole body of Xiaomi Qingping Bluetooth alarm clock is a button, and users can use the interactive way of pressing the body to turn off the alarm clock or sleep for a while, at the same time, lighting the night light is also operated by this pressing method. It is not only easy to operate, but also interesting.


There are three ways to interact:

Tap:When the alarm clock rings and the “remind later” function is turned on, tap the alarm clock to temporarily turn off the alarm clock 10 minutes later; if the alarm clock is not turned on, press the alarm clock to turn off the alarm clock directly. When the alarm clock does not go off, one click is to activate the lighting, in the night, can play the role of night lights. 

When adding an alarm clock, the optional “reminder later” function

Taps twice:When the alarm clock does not go off, two taps do not have any special function, which also turns on the screen lighting; and when the alarm clock goes off, no matter whether “remind later” is turned on or not, you can turn off the alarm clock completely with two clicks.

Long press 6 seconds:Long press 6 seconds is a set interactive function, that is, directly turn off all alarm clocks. Press for 6 seconds again and you can turn on all the alarm clocks.


Function points on other parts of the alarm clock

Such as the title, after talking about styling and some basic interactions, the house secret will first tell you about the other functions of Qingping Bluetooth alarm clock as an alarm clock. First of all, the setting of the alarm clock is that every time the user’s mobile phone communicates with the alarm clock through Bluetooth, it will automatically synchronize the time. There is no need to worry about the problem of checking the watch at all. Even if you travel around the world with it, as long as the time of your phone changes according to different time zones, the alarm clock will naturally change with it, which is extremely convenient!

Secondly, as an alarm clock, Qingping Bluetooth alarm clock can set 16 sets of alarm clocks at one time, and each set of alarm clocks can be individually designed, such as the opening of “reminder later”, the way to repeat, and so on. Users can adjust their own routine more.

At the same time, on the software side, Xiaomi Qingping Bluetooth alarm clock also provides a variety of ringtones to choose from, and the volume can be adjusted accordingly. In the actual measurement, the secretary measured that the number of decibels of the alarm clock varies according to the tone of the bell, with an average of about 70: 80. With such an alarm bell, users do not have to worry about causing disturbance to others or not waking up themselves.


In normal state, the panel of Qingping Bluetooth alarm clock will display time (support 24-mode and 12-mode display), year / month / day, alarm clock on, Bluetooth status, week, temperature and humidity. The information is clear at a glance. Under the condition that there is no light, just click on it and turn on the backlight.

Easy to adjust nightlight

Introduced the function of Xiaomi Qingping Bluetooth alarm clock as an alarm clock, let’s talk about its side as a nightlight.

As mentioned earlier, through the soft backlight, Qingping Bluetooth alarm clock can become a small night light placed at the head of the bed, and the brightness of the backlight is very soft. At the same time, users can adjust it according to their needs, such as whether to turn on the backlight, how bright the backlight is, and how long it takes to light up at a single time.

In addition, users can also adjust the brightness of the backlight through night mode, through different periods of time, so that the real meaning is not dazzling at night and can be seen clearly during the day.

Sensor function is still strong

In fact, users who are familiar with Qingping will know that Qingping’s best products are its air quality sensors and temperature and humidity sensors. The Qingping Bluetooth alarm clock integrates temperature and humidity sensors to facilitate users to arrange in multiple rooms in order to grasp the temperature and humidity of the whole family.


In this part, Xiaomi Qingping Bluetooth alarm clock uses Swiss Sensirion sensor, no matter for temperature or humidity measurement error is very small. It is especially suitable for putting in the bedroom, mastering the temperature and humidity of the bedroom and adjusting it in time.

At the same time, after connecting to Mijia APP and matching the Bluetooth gateway, you can achieve a variety of linkage, such as turning on the heating device when the temperature is below 15 degrees, turning on the humidification device when the humidity is very dry, and so on. Of course, these interactions can also be achieved through products that can be connected to Mi’s APP, but this is already a very smart experience at present!


Written in the last

Generally speaking, Xiaomi Qingping Bluetooth alarm clock is a small product with low price and easy to use. However, I have to say that the significance it brings is very far-reaching! As mentioned by the house secretary at the beginning of the article, the sensor can be integrated into more and more household essential products, so that it can not only achieve the original function, but also have the function of the sensor. this is naturally one of the important development directions of smart home in the future. Qingping Bluetooth alarm clock is a good demonstration, which has an enlightening effect on Qingping and even the whole smart home sensor industry! The


To return to the use experience, such a small, affordable and easy-to-use alarm clock, but also has the function of night lights and temperature and humidity sensors. Its maintenance is nothing more than replacing two No. 5 batteries, which is simple and convenient, which is undoubtedly a very high-quality experience for users! It’s worth starting!

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