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Xiaomi Mijia inkjet printer review: printing a file only costs a poenny

Xiaomi Mijia inkjet printer

Xiaomi Mijia inkjet printer design

Having experienced so many products, I have developed a special skill, that is, just based on the design style, one can roughly guess who launched the product. Among them, Xiaomi eco-chain products are the most recognizable, most products use pure white color matching, simple design style and user-friendly functional design, become the label of Xiaomi eco-chain products, Xiaomi Mijia inkjet printer is naturally one of them.

Xiaomi Mijia inkjet printer

Printer as a productivity tool, the products launched by various companies adopt the concept of simple and generous appearance design, but the design of function keys is slightly complicated. Usually a lot of buttons are placed on the small control panel, and the response speed and sensitivity of the touch screen are also behind the times. However, Xiaomi has brought a more advanced design concept. There is only one on key on the body of the Xiaomi Mijia inkjet printer, and below the power-on button is a WiFi indicator, a fault indicator and a low-ink cue light. Xiaomi places more functions of this product in Mijia App and WeChat Mini Programs, so that the product can be controlled by mobile phones or other terminals while maintaining a simple design. So as to realize the control of more practical functions.

Xiaomi Mijia inkjet printer

In the daily use of the printer, the paper jam may be the most collapsing thing. Once a paper jam occurs, you not only need to reprint the document, but also have the patience to pull the paper out of the printer bit by bit. If the paper is broken in the process, believe me, the state of mind will explode instantly.

Xiaomi Mijia inkjet printer

In this regard, the Xiaomi Mijia inkjet printer uses a unique paper path design, which can effectively reduce the paper jam rate. This product also supports printing from 6 inches (102 × 152 mm) to A4 (210 × 297 mm), suede photo paper, highlight photo paper, plain paper, canvas photo paper, pure cotton acid-free art paper, magnetic photo paper, tattoo stickers, non-trace adhesive stickers and other sizes and materials. The Xiaomi Mijia inkjet printer comes with a set of ink in the package, which supports 9500 pages of color printing and 3200 pages of black and white printing. , (ISO 24734 / A4) print 8.6 pages per minute in black and white and 5.6pages per minute in color.

Xiaomi Mijia inkjet printer: setup

Step 1: plug the power cord into the power Jack on the back of the Xiaomi Mijia inkjet printer when using it for the first time, and click the power button to turn on the printer. When the power LED is on, the printer WiFi automatically enters the waiting state for connection, and you can see the orange light flashing.

Xiaomi Mijia Inkjet Printer Power Interface

Step 2: open Mijia App, to connect the Xiaomi Mijia inkjet printer to the network. It should be noted that Mijia App is the only way for the printer to configure the network environment, and it is necessary to set up the network through Mijia App before WeChat Mini Programs and the computer can print wirelessly.

Step 3: press down to open the ink bin door, set the print head frame fixed lock to the horizontal position, and after hearing the “click” sound, complete the unlock. After unlocking, put the cylinder end of the ink bottle down and press hard into the ink pit of the corresponding color. In the boot state, after the ink bottle is installed, the print head frame automatically slides out, open the gray card slot of the print head frame by hand, open the sealing cover and sealing sticker of the print head, put the black and color print head into the print head frame according to the corresponding color and direction, close the ink bin door, and complete the installation.

Step 4: after installation, put the A4 paper into the paper slot, you can print the quality optimization report, according to the printed results and the prompts in Mijia App, fill in the corresponding data, you can calibrate the printer. ,

The printing easily works on mobile phones and computers without installing drivers 

In the process of practical use, the most satisfying thing about the Xiaomi Mijia inkjet printer is that there is no need to download complex drivers on the computer side, and the mobile phone can print through both Mijia App and WeChat Mini Programs. When using a traditional printer, you need to download the corresponding driver on the computer, while the Xiaomi Mijia inkjet printer only needs to connect the computer and the printer under the same WiFi network without downloading the driver. Take the Windows 10 system as an example, click “Settings” on the computer, select “equipment” and enter “printers and scanners” to add printers or scanners and connect to “Mi Wireless lnkjet Printer” to complete the connection with the computer.

When the Internet has transitioned from the PC era to the mobile Internet era, it has become commonplace for mobile phones and tablets to work, but it is difficult to print with phones or tablets. The emergence of Xiaomi Mijia inkjet printers has also solved this problem. On Mijia App, you can print photos, documents, ID cards, ID photos, photocopies, and scans. The Xiaomi Mijia inkjet printer supports 4800 × 1200dpi high-precision printing, with nozzles up to 960x / color and 640x / black, even 0.1mm thin lines can print clearly. At the same time, the printed photos can be beautified and adjusted on Mijia App.

Although traditional printers are equipped with the option of printing ID cards, they still have a certain learning cost. The ID card is photographed and copied in Mijia App, and the front and back are typeset automatically. In addition, Mijia App has built-in multi-country passport photo templates, whether it is a one-inch photo, a two-inch photo or a visa passport. Automatically generate typesetting and print according to the template, and you can easily type your ID photo at home from now on.

When something goes wrong, don”t worry, Mijia App built-in operation video, follow the guide of the video screen, you can solve all kinds of problems. And the Xiaomi Mijia inkjet printer is equipped with 1.2GHz quad-core processor, which has a powerful real-time file conversion function, which can easily achieve remote printing of mobile and cloud files.

If you don’t have Mijia App in your phone, don’t worry, you can also control the Xiaomi Mijia inkjet printer through WeChat Mini Programs. After scanning the QR code on the fuselage with Wechat, not only remote printing and mobile phone album photo printing can be realized, but also chat document printing and chat photo printing can be realized. After clicking on the corresponding Wechat friends, you can print the photos and documents sent during your chat and improve your work efficiency.

Bottom line

In the mobile office era, Xiaomi Mijia inkjet printers will make you more powerful. While your colleagues are still waiting in line to use the company printer, you have printed the document and submitted it. When they still need to import the files in Wechat into the computer before they can print them, you only need a click on your phone to print out the photos or documents you need, making you more than one step faster in printing documents. what’s more, it costs only one penny to print one, and it doesn’t hurt even if you hit it in color!

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