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Xiaomi Mijia 2-in-1 sweeping and mopping robot review: making cleaning easier

Xiaomi Mijia 2-in-1 sweeping and mopping robot design

As a man who once boasted that he can never forget, he has his own set of unique memory standards for people and things, and its main core is to rely on some unique characteristics of people or things to remember. Unexpectedly, I almost overturned the car on the sweeping and dragging robot of Mi”s family this time.

When the house secretary gets the product, when he sees the familiar Kraft paper box, he knows that this is a product launched by the rice family. After opening the package, it is still a familiar design, but after a closer look, we can find that it is slightly different from the previous generation of products in the design. Compared with the round shield of the LDS laser sensor on the 1s of the rice sweeping robot, the visual effect becomes more prominent in this generation of products with an oval design. 

After opening the cover, you will find that it is different from the previous generation of products, that is, it is different from the previous water tank dust box 2-in-1 design. The ratio of dust box to water tank has been carefully adjusted and divided into 300ml dust box and 200ml water tank to achieve better service life. 

Due to the addition of a water tank function to the dust box, there is no need to add a water tank at the bottom of the robot, only a professional water-locking dishcloth needs to be placed at the bottom of the fuselage. Without the addition of an external water tank, the appearance of the Mi sweeping robot is closer to that of the previous generation of Mi floor-sweeping robot, and it is easier for people to be foolish and confused. The appearance of the

The Mijia sweeping robot has been widely praised, and the appearance of the Mijia sweeping and dragging robot, which continues this classic styling design, is quite reliable. In the button design, this product uses the same design as the old product, the fuselage surface only retains the Homekey and Powerkey, and the six commonly used functions are concentrated in two buttons, which is easy for users to operate. At the same time, the body of the Mijia sweeping and dragging robot uses South Korean LG raw materials, combined with high-precision moulds, even if it is not usually used, it is also a good-looking household appliance.

Fully upgraded algorithms and sensors

If a floor sweeping robot is compared to a human, then the sensor is its functional organs, the motor is its heart, the air duct is its blood vessels, the chip its brain, and the algorithm is its soul. So whether the sweeping robot is physically strong, smart and witty basically depends on these points.

All say that the body is the capital of the revolution, and no one in good health can bear the daily hard work like this. In this regard, the Mi family has created a strong muscle for the Mi family sweeping and dragging robot. Built-in 12 types of multi-directional sensors, can acutely sense a variety of complex environment, easily avoid obstacles. Among them, the lidar adopts Roma semiconductor laser tube and pulse working mode, which provides all kinds of coordinate data for the robot both day and night, so that the robot can really “see”. The laser mine


On the Mijia-sweeping robot also uses the brand-new LDS laser scanning system. Through the multi-stage calibration target and piecewise fitting algorithm, the surrounding distance of 8 meters can be scanned at a scanning frequency of 6 × 360 °/ s. The sampling rate is up to 2016 times per second, and the accuracy deviation is less than 2%. In the process of scanning, the room map is constructed synchronously on Mijia App to make the cleaning more intuitive. You can also turn on the map memory function in Mijia App. After the first cleaning, you can intelligently identify the room and automatically partition the room.

Compared with the previous generation, the Mijia sweeping and dragging robot has also been upgraded in suction, thanks to the big heart of the Nidec high-suction brushless motor imported from Japan, with a new air duct design, the maximum suction can reach 2100Pa in a strong mode, whether it is dust or confetti.

When evaluating mobile phones and computers, it is often mentioned what kind of processor the product uses, but it seems that few people in the sweeping robot review mentioned what chip the sweeping robot uses. Here, the house secretary for everyone to popularize, the rice sweeping robot uses allwinner R16Mel J processor, has a four-core Cortex-A7 CPU and dual-core Mail400 image processing unit, its excellent computing power can make the sweeping robot in mapping, navigation, obstacle avoidance processing faster and more accurate, with SLAM algorithm, can easily adapt to a variety of complex home environment, real-time construction of maps and planning a reasonable cleaning path.

More advanced floor mop function

Most floor sweeping robots with mop function installed a separate water tank at the back of the fuselage, which can be removed when there is no need to mop the floor. However, because the water tanks of many robots and the mainframe are only connected with spring buckles, the fuselage has no control over the water tank, once the sweeping robot stays in one place for too long, it is easy to have stagnant water. For me, who likes to plug and discharge on the ground, the accumulation of water on the ground is tantamount to increasing the hidden danger of safety, so generally I can not use the function of mopping the floor.

But with the new 2-in-one water tank, the rice sweep and drag robot can achieve more operations. In addition to adjusting the three grades of water through the chip, the intelligent electronically controlled water tank and the micro-controlled water pump, and accurately controlling the water output, it can also sense the motion state and induction water tank outlet state of the rice sweeping and dragging robot, so as to ensure that it does not seep water in the static state and does not damage the ground.

Users also have a variety of choices in cleaning. The rice sweep and mop machine supports three functions of sweeping and dragging as a whole, sweeping the floor alone and mopping the floor alone. You can sweep the floor and mop the floor if you want, or you can sweep and mop at the same time, which is better able to sweep and mop again and again. According to the daily practice, the house secret friendly hint, the rice sweep and drag machine randomly comes with ordinary dust box and two-in-one dust box, mop mode needs to be equipped with a separate water tank, so friends, recharge can unlock more games! But do not recharge the same can also be very pleasant to use! 

Bottom line

Now, the robot vacuum cleaner becomes smarter and it has become a choice for more people. We can see that the floor sweeping robot market with mop function accounts for nearly 80% of the retail sales of products with floor mop function in the whole year 2018. Consumers prefer floor sweepers with floor mop function.

And Mijia has launched a more intelligent Mijia sweeping and dragging robot to meet the market demand, whether it is a two-in-one dust box design, or to realize water control through chips, intelligent electronically controlled water tanks and micro-controlled pumps, all of which make it have a high degree of identification in the products at the same price. Obviously, the Mi family sweeping and dragging robot with these functions makes it easier to mop the floor on the sweeping robot. The


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