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Xiaomi Mi Watch Color Mi Watch Color First Look

Xiaomi Mi Watch color Look in 2023

 Xiaomi Mi Watch Color


Xiaomi Mi Watch color: There are a lot of similar products in Xiaomi Mi Watch color on the market. For example, HUAMI Amazfit has made a lot of similar products. Huawei watch GT, which has a good reputation and sales last year, also means this: although they look like smartwatches, they are actually just the interface and appearance. In addition, they all have the most common functions of monitoring sports health and other smart functions, and they do not use intelligent ecosystems such as wearOS or Xiaomi Mi Watch, but closed systems developed by themselves with limited expansibility. Xiaomi Mi Watch Color

Color Outlook Design

Back to the Xiaomi watch Color, it uses an all-black body and rubber watch strap, which has a strong sense of integration when the screen is off. In addition, the 1.39in round screen with a diameter of about 47mm and a PPI of 326. Coupled with the water drop arc surface of the round glass watch is relatively narrow, Corning gorilla third-generation glass transmittance is relatively high, and the thickness is about 6mm metal frame, the overall visual effect is very good.


Xiaomi Mi Watch Color


Although the positioning is lower than the previous square Xiaomi mi watch, the Xiaomi watch Color is much better-looking than the former, at least it won’t be said to be anyone’s copy product.


Xiaomi Mi Watch Color


The Xiaomi Watch Color currently has 6 color silicone straps and a crocodile leather strap, coupled with a built-in 110 types watch faces, which can be combined with the strap in more colors. This is why it is called Color. The square Xiaomi mi watch does not have a color strap, but the shape that is too formal always makes people feel a little formal, not as casual as the Xiaomi watch Color.

Xiaomi Mi Watch Color Operation



Xiaomi Mi Watch Color


Although the screen is round, the boundary of the Xiaomi mi watch Color is very similar to the previous “MIUI for Watch”, especially the menu part, but because it is a non-intelligent system, its function is more like the Xiaomi Mi Band 4, and at the same time, it optimizes some functions with a round large screen, such as sliding from the four directions of the screen to the center is notification / control center / motion card / return, etc. Pressing the power button for a long time can call Little Love-but because he can’t talk without speakers, he can only communicate with the user through the screen, in the same way as the Xiaomi Mi Band 4 NFC version.


Xiaomi Mi Watch Color


This text version of Little Love will also appear in the mijia smart home, directly using it to control home appliances, rather than the imagined interface. However, after the execution, there is no vibration feedback, which is a defect in the experience.

Mi Watch Functions


Xiaomi Mi Watch Color


Another prominent advantage is NFC, which inherits the fine tradition of Xiaomi mobile phone / Mi Band, which not only supports bus cards, but also simulates (non-encrypted) key cards. In the motion function, it not only supports 10 mainstream motion modes, but also supports Firstbeat professional motion algorithm. This is very useful.

Xiaomi Mi Watch color Watch Battery Life

In particular, the battery, the capacity of the 420mAh is much larger than the 130mA of the Xiaomi Mi Band 4, and it has no power-consuming chips or applications, and there is no eSIM to connect to the phone with Bluetooth 5.0. the official claim that the typical usage mode can last up to 14 days (22 days in the long-range mode).


Xiaomi Mi Watch Color


We’ve only got this watch for two days and we can’t verify the battery life parameters. A day’s low frequency uses 5% of the electricity, and it is possible to estimate that this official parameter is reliable. At least it won’t make users feel anxious about power.


The emergence of this intermediate product between a smart bracelet and a real smartwatch does not have a Qualcomm watch chip or wearOS system, but for most people, like the difference between a large SUV and a hatchback car, not everyone needs that complete functionality and the resulting power consumption.


Xiaomi Mi Watch Color


Compared with HUAWEI’s similar products, Xiaomi focuses on fashion accessories, does not give people too much expectation with “smart”, and for 90% of people, its actual experience is even better than a smartwatch.

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