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Xiaomi Mi Watch Color Appearance in 2023

Xiaomi Mi Watch Color Appearance in 2023

Xiaomi Mi Watch

Xiaomi Mi Watch-1.39in AMOLED round HD screen Xiaomi watch Color has, which can be displayed clearly and delicately, whether it is a message phone, a trendy dial, body data, and a custom direct card. The glass screen adopts Corning gorilla 3rd generation , which is resistant to pressure, tough and not easy to leave fingerprints.


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The watch case adopts  two-color stainless steel frame, which looks like an integrated body with simple atmosphere and anti-scraping, anti-corrosion . The Color has elegant black and stylish silver colors, with  6 colorful silicone straps or an introverted alligator leather strap.


watch Color also supports custom dials and free to change more than 110 watch faces, including deeply customized Kakao Friends. In addition, users can also add their favorite elements to the watch dial, and DIY your exclusive watch dial.

Xiaomi Mi Watch Color Battery Life

Xiaomi watch  uses a large capacity battery with intelligent power consumption algorithm, and  Bluetooth 5.0BLE connection to enhance the stability. Improve the battery life of the watch with the characteristic of low power consumption.

It can be use for 14 days in typical life mode. It can be easily use for 22 days, so that users do not have to take it off frequently .

Xiaomi Mi Watch Color Sports and Health Functions

The Xiaomi watch Color is equipped with 6 high-precision sensors to provide a rich way of interaction as well as a personalized product experience. For example, to more accurately identify complex posture, heart rate changes, and lock the user”s trajectory. Support outdoor running outdoor cycling, cross-country, mountaineering, indoor running, indoor cycling, healthy walking. Free training, swimming pool swimming, open water swimming ten mainstream sports modes.


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Xiaomi Watch Color cooperates with FirstBeat, a well-known motion algorithm organization. Adopts European competition-level motion algorithm technology, which can be based on the user’s personalized body physiological information. As well as personalized data in the process of exercise. Through the professional algorithm in-depth analysis of more than 30 sports data during. And after exercise, so that you can always understand the sports performance and scientifically improve the training results.


Not only that, but Xiaomi watch Color  carry out body energy monitoring, comprehensive monitoring and analysis of body data. During the day, real-time calculation of body energy value, and support 24-hour heart rate detection. sleep detection, stress detection and training breathing, in-depth understanding of your physical condition.

Xiaomi Mi Watch Color NFC

Xiaomi watch Color has built-in multi-function NFC to support buses in more than 200 cities in China. At the same time, the Xiaomi watch  can support simulated access control, so don’t be afraid to forget your keys. Xiaomi Watch Color can also be bind  Alipay to complete the payment. By scanning the QR code or bar code on  watch. Ven offline without having to connect to the Internet.




Xiaomi watch Color is also fully connecte to AIoT Smart tecology. I can control more than a thousand smart homes. By calling Xiao Ai, whether it inquire about the stock information, or remote control smart home.

Xiaomi Mi Watch Color Availability

At present, new Xiaomi Mi Watch starts per-order in China with the price of 799RMB. There is no word on the availability of this Xiaomi Mi Watch in other markets at present, including India.

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