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Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro 15 Enhanced Edition review: omnipotent notebook with office and entertainment


Familiar appearance, different screen

Xiaomi notebook Pro 15 enhanced version as an upgrade of the millet notebook Pro 15.6, both the appearance design and the body material are in the same line. The design style of the A side of the fuselage still does not have any Logo, has become the exclusive design language of Xiaomi notebook, when others use the brand Logo to show their existence, Xiaomi canceling the design of Logo is undoubtedly more recognizable.


Machine adopts all-metal fuselage design, aluminum alloy plate with deep space gray fuselage color, to create a high-end business office book quality. Another advantage of the metal fuselage is that it is strong enough to withstand more external shocks. Whether it is to squeeze the subway to work or take the bus after work, they will not worry about the laptop being crushed and deformed by the surging flow of people. 

When you open the laptop, you will find that the damping sense of the hinge of this product is well adjusted, so that the 15.6inch laptop can be opened with one hand. The B side of Xiaomi notebook Pro 15 enhanced version uses a 15.6inch 1080p display screen, with a narrow frame design, the overall visual feel is good. However, at present, many laptops on the market have a narrow frame design, compared with the bottom frame of the millet Logo printed on the B side is slightly sturdy, but does not affect the overall visual perception.

In the screen display effect, Xiaomi upgraded it. Xiaomi notebook Pro 15.6 screen has 72% NTSC gamut. On this basis, Xiaomi notebook Pro 15 enhanced screen upgraded to 100%sRGB high color gamut, the picture performance is more delicate, the color is also more realistic, whether it is later PS trimming or video trimming, all bring a certain improvement. Usually use the computer to watch movies and chase TV dramas to get a better visual perception.

Friends, like me, need to use computer typing every day, so there are certain requirements for the keyboard feel of notebook computers. Pro 15 enhanced version of Xiaomi notebook is equipped with a full-size keyboard, although there is no numeric keyboard that requires a certain amount of time to adapt, but the large spacing brings a lower mistouch rate and a larger keyboard area, which retains more full-size function keys for writing code and editing text.


The commonly used keypad adopts the design of hyperboloid radians, and the radians of the 0.3mm are more suitable for the fingers, reducing the fatigue caused by tapping the keyboard with both hands for a long time. At the same time, the button reaches 1.5mm, there is a little resistance when pressing down, and the rebound is clean and clear. it is a rare good feel in the light and thin keyboard, which is very suitable for office people to use. The enhanced version of Xiaomi notebook Pro 15 is also equipped with keyboard backlight to meet the needs of multi-scene use. 


The benefits from the larger body. The Pro 15 enhanced version of the Xiaomi laptop comes with a larger trackpad, which has very sensitive feedback, very easy to slide, and very crisp press feedback. The touch pad is also equipped with a push-type fingerprint recognition module, which supports the Windows Hello, unlocking speed is also very fast. In addition, the enhanced version of Xiaomi notebook Pro 15 also supports the unlocking of Xiaomi bracelet. After the Xiaomi bracelet is bound in advance, the computer can be unlocked directly through the bracelet, and a variety of unlocking methods also make this product more flexible and convenient to use.

More external interface is also a major advantage of Xiaomi notebook Pro 15 enhanced version, with three-in-one card reader, full-function USB-C, USB-C, HDMI interface, two USB3.0, headset Jack and other seven interfaces to meet the needs of daily office expansion. In terms of appearance. The enhanced version of Xiaomi notebook Pro 15 has not been greatly upgraded, but has been enhanced in the previous design in order to bring a better user experience.

Enhanced overall hardware performance

2019, there is a hot word called “two blossoms in style”, then the enhanced version of millet notebook Pro 15 is “two blossoms in office and entertainment”, and its excellent hardware foundation is the key to the realization of two blossoms. What I got was a top-of-the-line version of Xiaomi”s Pro 15 enhanced laptop, which was equipped with i7 core i7 processor i7 10510U + NVIDIA GeForce MX250 stand-alone graphics card (TDP 25W) 2GB GDDR5 memory, 16GB DDR4 2666MHz memory and 1TB PCIe SSD. 

The tenth generation Intel Core processor, as a replacement for the eighth generation of Shenzhou U Core processors, the i7mur10510U has a higher frequency than the i7Mur8565U, the full-core Rui frequency can reach 4.3 GHz, and the single-core maximum Rui frequency has also been raised from 4.6GHz to 4.9GHz. NVIDIA GeForce MX250 is no stranger to this graphics card. As the successor of MX150 graphics card, it uses the same Pascal architecture as MX150, with a performance improvement of about 15%. It has proved its strength on a number of laptops. MX250 is divided into residual blood version and full blood version, of which “1D13” is 25W full blood version, “1D52” is 10W residual blood version, and Xiaomi notebook Pro 15 enhanced version uses the full blood version of MX250. 

The running score is an objective criterion to measure the performance of a notebook. We choose three mainstream running scores software, 3DMark 11, GeekBench 5.01 and CINEBENCH R15, to test. Through the GeekBench5.01 test data, we can see that Xiaomi notebook Pro 15 enhanced version has achieved a single core score of 1151 and a multi-core score of 3115. From the score point of view, it is no problem to deal with the office scene.

GeekBench 5.01

Xiaomi notebook Pro 15 enhanced 3DMark 11 score and Cinebench R15 test CPU score are as follows, which is certainly not comparable to some game books, but for some business people, its CPU performance and GPU performance are sufficient to meet the entertainment needs of leisure time.

If the powerful computing performance is the top sports car with great horsepower, then the hard drive and running memory are spacious roads, and the wider the road and there is no speed limit, the faster the car can run. The Pro 15 enhanced version of Xiaomi notebook comes standard with DDR4 2666MHz dual-channel large content, which is like laying a spacious and unlimited highway in the computer, so that the hardware performance can be better released and a better use experience will be brought.

Through the running score of the AS SSD Benchmark, we can see that the sequential reading speed is 1726.49MB, the writing speed is 1593.74MB, the 4K reading score is 55.29MB, the writing score is 148.98MB, and the overall score is 2418, which belongs to the current mainstream level. It can be seen that the read speed of PCIe NVMe’s SSD solid state disk is not only much higher than that of traditional mechanical hard drives, but also higher than that of ordinary SATA SSD.

When buying a laptop, many people will also consider the heat dissipation and battery life of a laptop. Laptops like the enhanced version of Xiaomi Pro 15, which are suitable for the vast majority of people, also have excellent performance in terms of heat dissipation and battery life.

Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro 15 Enhanced Edition battery performance

 In terms of the battery life of the Xiaomi notebook Pro 15 enhanced version, select the battery mode for better performance at full power, and then use bilibili to play 1080p video on the browser for one hour, and the battery still has 92% left after one hour. It can be said that the enhanced version of Xiaomi notebook Pro 15 has a very ideal battery life performance even if it is powered off. Randomly equipped with 65W charger, using USB-C interface to charge, but also support 18W mobile phone fast charging, only one computer charger can solve the charging problem of mobile phone and computer. In terms of


Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro 15 Enhanced Edition heat dissipation 

Heat dissipation, in order to fully release the newly upgraded processor and graphics card functions, the enhanced version of Xiaomi notebook Pro 15 has been upgraded to a double heat pipe and double fan cooling system, which is more powerful in cooling and cooling. I chose FurMark to test the baking machine for the enhanced version of millet notebook Pro 15 and used a warm gun to record the temperature of the machine before and after the grill. The highest temperature of the grill is 29.9C in front and 45.5C in the rear, so even if you use the enhanced version of millet notebook Pro 15 with high load for a long time, you don’t have to worry about the keyboard being hot.

Xiaomi mutual transmission opens a new era of cross-platform

If previously, data transfer between different devices requires the help of data lines, USB disks and other auxiliary equipment to achieve data transmission, then now the “millet mutual transmission” function breaks down the system ecological barriers between products and realizes the file data transfer between different platforms.

Apple, benefiting from its unique system ecological advantage, launched the Airdorp function, which enables the transfer of files between devices such as phones, tablets and computers. But Apple is the only company with such advantages. PC products launched by other manufacturers use Windows system, while mobile phones are Android system, which can not achieve a good data transmission experience between systems. Now, after using “millet mutual transmission”, we can realize the cross-platform transmission between notebooks and mobile phones. At present, this function supports multi-terminal transmission between notebook-notebook, notebook-mobile phone and mobile phone, which can help users easily achieve fast file transfer with unlimited format, unlimited number and unlimited network. 

File transfer between notebooks the use of Xiaomi mutual transfer is very simple. The transfer between notebooks requires notebooks to install the “Smart Internet” application. When you want to transfer from one notebook to another, first open the “Smart Internet”. Drag the file to the specified location and transfer, or click the file / folder to be sent, right-click “use Xiaomi to transfer” to transfer. Transfer files from one computer to another. 

The same is true for transferring files from the computer to the mobile phone. First, you need a mobile phone with MIUI 11 system, and then follow the steps to pair. After successful pairing, select the files to be transferred for drag-and-drop transfer, or right-select “use Xiaomi to transfer” to transfer. When you want to transfer files from the phone to the computer, you need to open the “Xiaomi transfer” function on the top menu of the phone, and then select the file you want to transfer on the file sharing page. After the actual test experience, the transfer speed of Xiaomi is as fast as Apple’s Airdorp.

The emergence of Xiaomi mutual transmission has broken down the transmission barriers between different systems, enhanced the interactive experience between mobile phones and computers, and between computers and computers, reflecting the ability of interconnection and cooperation between devices brought about by the continuous development of Xiaomi’s AIoT engine. For office workers and college students, Xiaomi mutual transmission allows them to operate more easily, transmit more conveniently, and work more efficiently.


In the end, the enhanced Pro 15 version of Xiaomi laptop conquered “picky” friends with its simple and stylish appearance, excellent performance, comfortable screen look and feel, long standby time and easy-to-use millet intercommunication function. For the vast majority of people, a laptop with balanced quality that can meet most usage scenarios is their first choice, while the enhanced version of millet notebook Pro 15 can meet the needs of this group in terms of appearance, performance and battery life, and has become a new weapon for urban office entertainment.


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