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Xiaomi Mi CC9 review: a stylish and powerful phone for young people

Looking at the product line of Xiaomi mobile phone, the digital series has always been the representative of the flagship, MIX represents innovative ideas, and red rice is the main performance-to-price ratio. The emergence of the CC series is a bit of a surprise, after all, it is also a cost-effective route. But unlike Redmi, CC is more likely to recruit new people and attract young users.

So the question is, what exactly does CC stand for? Who is CC9?

According to official interpretation, the CC is a popular camera phone for young people around the world. It is a younger, prettier, better front and rear photo phone. While CC9 is a redesigned Xiaomi 9 for young people, it inherits Xiaomi 9″s flagship craftsmanship and core experience.

Why on earth is CC, a brand new series of Xiaomi, so popular with young people? How do you do it if you still have the experience of being as good as the flagship? Just before the press conference, the editor had the honor to get the CC9, experience for a period of time, and today I will talk to you about this new machine.

Xiaomi Mi CC9: design and display

 When it comes to the earliest Xiaomi mobile phones, there seems to be no overlap between art and art, but since the beginning of Xiaomi 4, each new generation of phones will bring different surprises to people, such as the artistic journey of a steel plate, ceramic fuselage, dream four-curved 3D glass and so on. This year, Xiaomi Mi CC9 is designed with the pursuit and aesthetics of “art students”.

 Xiaomi Mi CC9 has three colors: White Lover, Deep Blue Planet and Dark Knight. What we get is “White Lover”, which is different from the monotony of solid colors. It has different colors from different angles, making its cool colors a little more beautiful, just like a rainbow after the rain.

 According to officials, Xiaomi Mi CC9 uses a two-dimensional grating structure, and nearly 14.4 billion conical two-dimensional gratings are carved on a texture layer about 10 microns thick. Structural colors can be observed parallel to and perpendicular to the texture of the raster. When you pick up the “White Lover” version of Xiaomi Mi CC9, you can see colorful dream light effects from any angle.

The Xiaomi CC9 still maintains the design of Excelsior, and the back axis from top to bottom still has a small curve, and the round excess on both sides connects perfectly with the middle frame, creating an excellent grip feeling. Let the cold machine have a warm and moist texture.

The most outstanding place on the back of the mobile phone is the LOGO in the lower left corner, which uses nanosecond radium carving technology to achieve a colorful effect in extreme leisure. In addition to the previously common breathing light application scenarios such as charging and notification, Xiaomi Mi CC9 also has different cool lighting effects in scenes such as grabbing red packets, games and music.

Compared with the outstanding back design, the front of the Xiaomi Mi CC9 is intelligently right. 6.39 inch AMOLED 19.5 9 FHD+ water droplets full screen, screen share reached 91%. The width of the “chin” is well controlled, only 3.6mm, which is in the leading level in the competition of the same kind.

The addition of sunscreen 2.0 and color screen display makes Xiaomi Mi CC9 perform well in terms of image effects, especially outdoors, where it is easy to read fonts, and the new smooth transition effect makes it more readable when starting highlight mode.

In addition, the Xiaomi CC9 is also equipped with the DC dimming function of the current fire, and it is pure hardware DC dimming, which is the only one of its kind on the market without losing display data and the best look and feel. After turning on DC dimming, compared with other DC dimming solutions, Xiaomi Mi CC9 has a better color transition effect and better look and feel.

Xiaomi Mi CC9 is equipped with the seventh generation of light-sensitive screen fingerprint technology, the core is the mirror-type optical fingerprint module, the size of a single pixel is up to 7.2 μ m, the photosensitive area of the sixth-generation screen fingerprint is 100% higher than that of the sixth-generation screen fingerprint, and the finger detection area is 15% higher. Due to Xiaomi’s optimization of special scenes such as strong light, dry hands and low temperature, the success rate of unlocking has been increased by 30%. In the actual experience, compared with the previous Xiaomi mobile phone, the recognition rate has been significantly improved.

Xiaomi CC9 also introduces gradual fingerprint light, and the fingerprint unlocking bright spot can adaptively adjust the brightness according to the environment, reducing the visual stimulation when using fingerprint unlocking at night. At the same time, the gradual fingerprint light also enhances the signal strength of the edge region, so that the lens can obtain fingerprint information more fully.

It is worth mentioning that Xiaomi Mi CC9 screen fingerprint also supports exhaled common quick function, as long as in the unlock by pressing the fingerprint area, you can exhale scan, payment code, Xiao Ai and other common applications.

This time Xiaomi uses the thinking of “art student” to define the fashionable appearance of CC9, straight and curved, strong and soft; line and surface, intersection, not only looks pleasing to the eye, but also loves to put it down. In design, Xiaomi Mi CC9 is undoubtedly successful.

Xiaomi Mi CC9: camera

In recent years, Xiaomi’s mobile phone has made great progress in taking pictures, while CC9 has continued this trend. After all, taking pictures has become a way of life for many young people. This time, the main photo of Xiaomi Mi CC9 is Sony 48 million flagship sensor, which has a 1×2-inch outsole and supports four-in-one 1.6 μ m large pixels. In addition, because the sensor supports 48 million photos through hardware Remosaic pixel rearrangement, Xiaomi Mi CC9 can take samples with ultra-high resolution in a well-lit environment.

In terms of interface, the first-level page of Xiaomi Mi CC9’s camera application is not much different from that in the past, and a 48 million ultra-clear mode entrance has been added to the secondary page activated in the upper right corner.

From the sample sheet, in the case of sufficient light, Xiaomi Mi CC9 in the color performance is very outstanding, can restore visible to the naked eye, outdoor environment, the sample picture transparent and color pleasing to the eyeball, whether the sky or architectural details, can accurately show, even if the photo is enlarged, there is no blur, and the edge of the object is still clearly visible.

When taking pictures of buildings and multiple people, Xiaomi Mi CC9 intelligently reminds users that they can switch to a 8 million ultra-wide-angle lens to get a wider perspective. Combined with AI distortion correction technology, Xiaomi Mi CC9 can automatically correct the picture distortion of ultra-wide-angle lenses, especially the most obvious portraits, and supports preview, photo and video omni-directional correction.

Night scene, many mobile phone manufacturers have been tackling difficult problems, but for Xiaomi Mi CC9, it does not seem to be a problem. The most important test of the night scene is the control of noise and the purity of the picture. In these two aspects, the performance of the machine is remarkable.

From the sample sheet, the overall brightness of the picture is good, the original color of the scene can be accurately restored, the darkness noise is properly controlled, and the details are clearly visible. The degree of light and shade is balanced, the color is eye-catching, and the picture is bright and clean, which brings a good visual perception.

Generally speaking, the Xiaomi CC9 imaging picture is transparent, the color reduction is high, and the overall picture is relatively clean. The sample is very real and can restore what is seen with the naked eye. The photos are hierarchical and the white balance is good. Dark light sample noise control is good, the picture is very clean.

Xiaomi Mi CC9: processor & perfromance

The performance of Xiaomi mobile phone has never been disappointing, and this CC9 is no exception. Qualcomm Snapdragon 710, the flagship gene of Snapdragon 800, 10nm process, Kryo 300 series CPU, Adreno 600 series GPU and other IP are all derived from the 800 series flagship processors. Compared with Snapdragon 660710, the performance of CPU is improved by 20%, the performance of GPU is improved by 35%, the opening speed of application is increased by 15%, the performance of GPU is improved by 2 times, and the overall power consumption is reduced by 30%. 

From an AnTuTu’s point of view, the CC9 score is 178257, which is different from the hundreds of thousands of running points now, but there is no problem in meeting the daily needs of users. When it comes to the price of the machine, such results are among the best in similar competitions, and CC9 also has a good optimization on the system, giving it a flagship user experience.

When it comes to performance, I have to mention games. The editor takes the hot “Honor of Kings” on the market as a test. As it is a MOBA game, 5V5 group war is inevitable, and a variety of skills and special effects are more demanding on mobile phones. In the actual experience, the highest picture quality, and the use of high frame rate mode to experience “Honor of Kings”, in the actual experience, Xiaomi Mi CC9 outperforms, the whole game remains at more than 57 frames.

In the game of “eating chicken”, Xiaomi Mi CC9 is also outstanding, whether in the wild, underwater or indoor, the fluency is very good, the details of the game picture remain intact and not distorted, the texture of the vegetation is relatively clear, and there is no screen distortion. It is worth mentioning that Xiaomi Mi CC9 also has a built-in chicken-eating “night vision” function. When enabled, the contrast of the dark part of the screen will be optimized at the bottom, which will greatly improve the visibility of the screen. 

Xiaomi Mi CC9’s excellent game performance is inextricably linked to the built-in Game Turbo 2.0 game acceleration program. It is reported that through the algorithm to improve the priority of touch response events, and increase intelligent pursuit. The hardware accelerates the speed of touch awakening and reduces the touch processing time. On display, Xiaomi Mi CC9 supports setting the display effect separately for the game, and the game mode screen HDR further optimizes contrast, clarity and color saturation.

Xiaomi Mi CC9: battery and charging

This time, Xiaomi Mi CC9 has built-in large 4030mAh batteries, which are unusual even in flagship phones. In order to solve the pain point of the phone’s battery life, in addition to the large battery, the Xiaomi Mi CC9 also supports 18W QC 4 fast charging.

In addition, Xiaomi Mi CC9 also supports deep sleep mode 2.0, AI intelligent brightness adjustment screen, intelligent background power saving, and restrictions on three-way APP self-start and chain start to further improve battery performance. According to officials, the normal use of Xiaomi Mi CC9 can be recharged every two days, and the battery life for heavy use can also exceed one day.

Xiaomi Mi CC9: other features

There is no doubt that Xiaomi Mi CC9 touts its flagship experience, and its full functionality is commendable. Multi-function NFC, this function is easy to use burst meter, support for public transportation, payment and key card simulation. Office workers like me, who live in reinforced concrete cities, travel with nothing, and a Xiaomi CC9 is enough.

It is worth mentioning that nowadays, many mobile phones need to open a bus card, and the balance in the card cannot be transferred. The Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei interconnection card of Xiaomi Mi CC9 is permanently opened free of charge, which can not only be used in all cities that support the interconnection standard of the Ministry of Communications, but also support free transfer of eight popular transportation cards, including Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen, and the balance in the card can be migrated synchronously with Xiaomi account.
Functions such as infrared remote control, Hi-Res high-quality audio, Mi Turbo and so on do not need to be discussed one by one. There is too much to say. Xiaomi Mi CC9 has a flagship experience that is more than just talk. It is like a “science student”, rigorous work, planning strategies, some users joked that Xiaomi Mi CC9 can clearly rely on the face to eat, but must rely on talent. 


Xiaomi Mi CC9 is like a “good student with both moral and academic excellence”, and her performance is remarkable in all aspects. Although it is not a flagship phone, it has a flagship user experience, which is commendable as a mobile phone that focuses on young people and performance-to-price ratio. No matter the design or hardware configuration of Xiaomi Mi CC9, it can be said that it is difficult to match in the same level, and there is no doubt that it is the trend of camera phones for young people all over the world.

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