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Xiaomi CC9 meitu Version Hands On Review

In order to make everyone more beautiful, Meitu launched a computer-side application in October 2008. simple “one-click” beauty instantly captured a large number of users; in 2011, with the increasing popularity of smartphones, Meitu launched the mobile-end Meitu software, and quickly reached the top of the list of various app stores, becoming everyone”s “must-have”. In May 2013, Meitu launched its first mobile phone product, officially entering the hardware industry. From the perspective of the development of Meitu, it can be said that Meitu has grasped many important time nodes, and the strategy of “giving users the beauty they want” has been a great success.

Xiaomi CC9 Meitu customized version

Meitu mobile phone as a software-driven product, the hardware design is also in line with the aesthetic of female users. Leather, diamond, limited edition of cooperation. With such an amazing appearance, the configuration can actually be sidelined. In November 2018, Meitu exclusively licensed the Meitu mobile phone brand to Xiaomi, a manufacturer who is very “straight” in everyone’s impression, and then gave birth to the customized version of the Meitu CC9 in our hands. When the “straight man” meets the “little fairy” and takes a selfie, is it still as elegant and leisurely as before?

First of all, from the official pre-installed application, although the customized version of Xiaomi CC9 Meitu is a “millet body”, it flows with “Meitu’s blood”. Meitu, beauty camera, WIDE, Meipai and other software are available, with them your social software will never be short of avatars. In terms of hardware, Xiaomi CC9 Meitu customized version uses a front 32 million selfie lens, rear Sony 48 million AI three shots, the lenses are all trained by Meitu, it can be said that there is a fundamental guarantee of beauty.

After turning on the camera, a sense of familiarity came, and the classic filters and beauty patterns were still there. In addition, the commonly used facial beauty and body beautification functions are still very powerful, just don’t go too far when pinching. In the face of this phone, the girls in the office have expressed that they want to experience it for themselves, and then let’s use a sample to feel the beauty in the eyes of “straight men”.

From the close sample, Xiaomi CC9 Meitu customized version can be said to continue the Meitu mobile phone beauty algorithm, can modify the skin at the same time, as much as possible to retain facial details. Like the “naked makeup” pursued by girls, selfie beauty is also difficult to distinguish between true and false, and this is what many beauty apps lack.

Facial fine-tuning, in fact, is nothing more than a thin face, big eyes, pointed chin, how the specific shape, or depends on personal aesthetic. As my own facial features are already very excellent, so we have carried out some excessive facial slimming for the little sister of the company, mainly in order to let everyone see the actual effect more clearly. I don’t know which round face and thin face do you prefer?

In addition, all kinds of filters are also Meitu’s specialty. Five styles: vitality, powder fog, first love, texture and peach, first set the tone for the selfie. In fact, the selfie is not only the pure wind of pink tenderness, for a more diverse society, beauty can be multi-dimensional and in many ways. Whether you are pure and sweet, or domineering, or a two-dimensional girl, I believe you can find your own selfie style.


Of course, it is obviously impossible to prop up the Meitu empire with a simple beauty and slimming face. The film portrait function in the camera can simulate the proportion of the film, and create a very artistic effect through the adjustment of the filter and the virtual background. From the filter, background virtual, beauty combination of the three, the performance of the customized version of Xiaomi CC9 Meitu is commendable.

In the aspect of portrait virtual, Xiaomi CC9 Meitu customized version can be very good for matting when facing a relatively flat edge. However, the objects next to the characters may become “fish out of the net”, but we should not be too picky, after all, mobile phones are still not comparable to professional DSLRs.


As far as daily use is concerned, it is enough to take a selfie and post it on Weibo and share it to WeChat moments. The customized version of Xiaomi CC9 Meitu has been used in algorithms for many years, and countless engineers have paid countless days and nights for everyone’s “face-saving”. On this new machine, Meitu’s strong beauty algorithm can be said to have been carried forward.

In terms of practicality and playability, Xiaomi CC9 Meitu customized version still continues the essence and tradition of Meitu mobile phone in terms of selfie, and has been unanimously approved by the little sisters in the office. In fact, for many female users, even male users, selfie is a big or small thing. But on the way to find a more beautiful self, everyone has been very willing to devote themselves!

The customized version of Xiaomi CC9 Meitu, as the first new machine launched by Xiaomi and Meitu, let us see the girl heart of this “straight man of steel”. Although abandoned the original fully recognizable appearance, but as a more balanced, more popular model, Xiaomi CC9 Meitu customized plate still won the love of many female users.

In fact, giving up the hardware business is a good thing for Meitu. Focus on the improvement and research and development of software and algorithms with more time and cost; deeply bind their own technologies and products with Xiaomi in a cooperative way, and further enhance their popularity by relying on Xiaomi’s strong shipments and market share. Xiaomi + Meitu is like the classic Beauty and the Beast. Who says steel straight men and fairies can’t burst out a spark of love?

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