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Xiaomi Black Shark 2 Pro gaming phone review: Focus on polishing details to create new heights of mobile games


As can be seen from the name, the Black Shark game phone 2 Pro inherits many of the advantages of the Black Shark game phone 2, and of course this phone also has many new upgrades. Maybe these new upgrades will determine whether you will buy this brand new game phone.

Full of Black Shark style design

Players familiar with the Black Shark know that the “X core” design is the iconic language of the Black Shark, and the back lines with a strong sense of technology have always been popular with users of the Black Shark game. The back of the Black Shark game phone 2 Pro also uses a metal + glass splicing design, but unlike the previous generation of products, this time the proportion of glass is significantly higher, which also makes the Black Shark game phone 2 Pro have some trendy attributes and make the phone younger.

Black Shark Game Mobile phone 2 Pro

The Black Shark has used a ladder design on the back of the phone many times before, and the ladder-shaped bulge in the middle of the back has almost become a unique feature of the Black Shark game phone. In fact, this design is not only to maintain the strong characteristics of the Black Shark phone, in the horizontal screen state to hold, the fingers will be evenly distributed on both sides of the axis, so that we can get a more comfortable feel in the course of the game.

Black Shark Game Mobile phone 2 Pro

What is even more surprising is that the Black Shark is also very particular about color matching. The “frozen silver” color in my hand changed from the previous green embellishment, but used a light blue like the ocean. And in addition to the light blue texture of the edges on the back of the fuselage, there is also a light blue metal ring on the front of the fuselage. Using this color matching, it is believed that it can make people feel a little cool in the hot summer.

The side of the Black Shark game phone 2 Pro has a LED light belt

The “S”-shaped logo of the Black Shark game mobile phone 2 Pro can be lit

As we all know, the game phone and the lighting effect can be said to be inseparable. The Black Shark game phone 2 Pro uses almost the same side light belt and back breath light logo as the Black Shark game phone 2. But perhaps to make the phone more stylish, the Black Shark game phone 2 Pro has added two more light bars on the upper and lower sides of the “S”-shaped logo, which can change colors according to the rhythm of the music when playing music or playing games, making entertainment more ceremonial. But what I like most is the incoming call lighting function of the Black Shark phone 2 Pro, which can tell whether it is a familiar contact by the light, so that I can know who made the call without picking up the phone.

“Incoming call Lights”

For the majority of gamers, the front of the Black Shark game phone 2 Pro also has many interesting points. The phone uses a 19.5 AMOLED screen with a R corner that is more rounded and feels good when held horizontally. The equal width black edge design on the upper and lower sides avoids the mistouch problem caused by players holding the horizontal screen, and also provides space for double loudspeakers.

Black Shark Game Mobile phone 2 Pro

Black Shark Game Mobile phone 2 Pro

In order to reduce the damage to players” eyesight, the Black Shark phone 2 Pro is also equipped with DC dimming function. Of course, the most anticipated part of the Black Shark game phone 2 Pro is the independent image processing chip built into the fuselage. This chip can reduce the screen chromatic aberration, but also has “SDR to HDR”, “video frame insertion” and other functions. Especially in scenes such as games or playing videos, the screen of the Black Shark phone 2 Pro performs better in terms of color saturation, greatly improving the look and feel.

Thanks to the AMOLED screen, the Black Shark phone 2 Pro is also equipped with screen fingerprinting technology. In the process of actual use, the unlocking speed of the Black Shark game phone 2 Pro is satisfactory, and the linear motor can also give the user a real feedback when pressing the fingerprint unlocking area, just like pressing a real switch to wake up a powerful beast. Sometimes, the “user experience” is often reflected in the details, while in the unlocking experience, the performance of the Black Shark game phone 2 Pro is worth learning from other manufacturers.

Screen fingerprint recognition

Of course, there are surprises and disappointments. The Black Shark phone 2 Pro does not have a 3.5mm headphone port, so we can only connect the wired headphones through the official UBS-C 3.5mm cable. For some players who pursue sound quality, it may be one of the few regrets.

Further improved performance

The Black Shark phone has never let us down in terms of performance, and with the advent of the Snapdragon 855 Plus, the Black Shark game phone 2 Pro also used this SoC for the first time. According to Qualcomm, the super kernel frequency of Snapdragon 855 Plus has reached 2.96GHz, and the new Adreno 640GHz has also achieved a 15% performance improvement.

The Black Shark game phone 2 Pro is equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 Plus mobile platform

According to the running score test, the Black Shark game phone 2 Pro scored 3591 points in the single core and 10324 points in the multi-core in the GeekBench, and 6207 points in the 3DMark. You can see the strength of the phone from the running points.

Black Shark Game Mobile phone 2 Pro running score

But as a new generation of top gaming phones, the Black Shark phone 2 Pro is much more than that. The phone comes standard with 12GB memory + 128GB memory, and the memory chip also uses the new generation of UFS 3.0, which is up to 82% faster in sequential reading speed than UFS 2.1. 

The reading and writing speed of UFS 3.0 is satisfactory

According to the AndroBench test, the sequential reading speed of the Black Shark game phone 2 Pro is as high as 1437.15MB Pro, and the sequential write speed is 223.29MB Dynams.This also makes us see the highlights of the Black Shark game phone 2. 0.

Next, we might as well use the game to measure the performance of this phone. First of all, we use “chicken eating” mobile game “Game for Peace” to test. At present, “Game for Peace” has opened ultra-high frame rate mode, we set the game to “HDR HD-ultra-high number of frames-anti-aliasing on-shadow on-smooth adaptive off”. After a game test, we can see that the frame rate is stable around 60fps, basically will not appear stutter phenomenon.

Black Shark Game phone 2 Pro can run “Game for Peace”

When using the Black Shark game phone 2 Pro to play games, don’t forget to adjust the phone parameters. We only need to slide down from the upper right corner of the screen during the game to exhale the classic “Gamer Studio” of the Black Shark phone. in Gamer Studio, we can manually adjust the performance of the phone or adjust the display effect. For example, I like to turn on “Game HDR” from the Gamer Studio- display settings during the game, so that the color of the whole game screen will become fuller and the look and feel will be better.

Gamer Studio

If you want to get higher sensitivity, you can also choose the direction wheel to accelerate in the touch settings, so that the left-hand area will become more sensitive during the game, and it will be more convenient to complete acceleration, steering and other operations. 

Gamer Studio

Of course, I still hope that the Black Shark team can redesign the way “Gamer Studio” is turned on. Now when we swipe to the “Gamer Studio” menu, it is easy to regard phone rejection, notification blocking, screen pressure, and so on as all the functions of Gamer Studio. Although the official “Gamer Studio” button is set to flash, it still does not make people want to click. If officials can later redesign a button for Gamer Studio, or add features to “more”, it may be able to bring a better experience to users.

The sensitivity can be adjustable in Gamer Studio

Nowadays, many game phones are equipped with side keys, which allow novice users to achieve more complex “four-finger operation” in FPS mobile games, so that they can turn on the scope and fire as they move. But I believe that everyone who has used the side keys has encountered the problem of mistouching or insensitive side keys, which can be said to be very maddening in the course of the game.

Fortunately, the Black Shark game phone 2 Pro provides us with a solution, that is, “Magic Press” 3D pressure sensing technology. In the course of the game, we can directly re-press the screen to map the buttons. For example, when I play “Game for Peace”, I like to map the left area to aim and the right to fire. This design successfully avoids the problem of insensitive side keys and saves the complex operation of fingers. Greatly improve the corresponding speed of opening sight and firing operation.

“Magic Press” function

By the way, the Black Shark is also equipped with a vibration feedback function, which can simulate the shock feeling of shooting in the course of the game. However, many people do not like this feature very much. After consulting several people, the editor learned that the reason why people do not like this feature is mostly because “their phones are shaking when other people shoot,” so the sense of shock loses the meaning of simulated shooting. naturally, no one wants to use it. While the Black Shark game phone 2 Pro is much more elegant, we can only trigger a certain area to activate the shock. And through the AI identification, the Black Shark game phone 2 Pro can also accurately identify different guns, thus bringing different vibration effects.

As a game phone, the heat dissipation performance of the whole machine is also a key link. The Black Shark game phone 2 Pro uses the same “liquid cooling 3.0: tower global cooling system” as the previous generation. It uses multi-layer heat dissipation technology to avoid the superposition of heat sources, and coupled with oversized cold plates, it brings better heat dissipation performance. After the actual measurement, after running a plate of the highest picture quality “Game for Peace”, the heat of the whole phone is 43.4 degrees Celsius, the performance is still acceptable.

After a game, the highest temperature of the Black Shark game phone 2 Pro is 43.4 ℃

In terms of battery life, the battery of the Black Shark game phone 2 Pro is also satisfactory. By improving the charging and discharging algorithm, the charge and discharge life of this 4000mAh battery is 1.6 times longer than that of ordinary batteries. Combined with 27W high voltage fast charging, nearly 60% of the battery can be filled in half an hour, and the battery life is guaranteed.

It is a little surprise in cameras

Nowadays, using a mobile phone to take pictures has become a daily operation, so even a game phone should have an amazing photo performance. The Black Shark game phone 2 Pro has a lot of upgrades in taking pictures. First, the main camera uses the flagship Sony IMX586 sensor, which has a 1.75 aperture and satisfactory resolution.

Black Shark Game Mobile phone 2 Pro sample

Black Shark Game Mobile phone 2 Pro sample

Black Shark Game Mobile phone 2 Pro sample

Black Shark Game Mobile phone 2 Pro sample

During the daily shooting, the photo performance of the Black Shark game phone 2 Pro is still good. During daily photos, the Sony IMX586 sensor will turn on the pixel four-in-one function and output 12 million pixels of photos. At this time, the color of the photo looks fuller and more pleasing to the eye. Of course, we can also use 48 million mode to take a photo full of details, but at this time the color of the photo will become a little light, does not look good enough.

It is worth mentioning that the Black Shark game phone 2 Pro also adds super night view mode. When taking pictures at night, this mode can help us get a clearer picture, coupled with the solid hardware foundation of IMX586, you can easily take a satisfactory picture of the night scene when using night view mode.


For heavy players of mobile games, a game phone is of great help to them. And the Black Shark game phone 2 Pro, through the powerful Snapdragon 855 Plus, UFS 3.0 storage, tactile screen and other hardware, making this phone a new choice for players. Today, when the mobile phone market is so saturated, only by focusing on polishing details can we bring a better user experience and let more users choose this phone. There is no doubt that the Black Shark game phone 2 Pro, has done this.

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