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Xiaomi Aqara Intelligent door Lock N100 Review


Aqara intelligent door lock N100 as the most concerned intelligent door lock product recently, whether it is seven ways to unlock or support Micah and Apple HomeKit platform, all make this smart door lock full of attention by more people, and the editor also got this product and installed it at home at the first time, so let”s take a look at the actual experience.

Products out of the box: simple and practical fuselage design

From the outer packaging of Aqara intelligent door lock N100, can reveal many function points, let us know the general shape of this product from the packaging, but also know that it has a variety of unlocking methods, equipped with C-level lock core, with Bluetooth function, support Mijia App intelligent linkage and lock remote alarm, but also know that this product can access Mijia and HomeKit.

After unpacking, you can see the inner and outer door lock, and the parameters and installation instructions of the Aqara smart door lock N100 are printed on the rubber pad inside the door lock, which makes the product easier to install. The front and rear panels are covered with protective film. According to official information, Aqara intelligent door lock N100 adopts aluminum alloy integrated structure and integrated panel design, equipped with IML process scratch-resistant panel, this design can resist higher strength external force damage.


Aqara intelligent door lock N100 fingerprint identification and password input area

After tearing off the protective film, you can see the main body of the front and rear panel, the upper part of the front panel is the password input area, the password input area is below the NFC chip sensing area and the light area, the red light represents the unlocking error, and the white light represents the unlocking success. In the middle is the handle of the front panel. Aqara hides the 3D semiconductor fingerprint recognition module on the door panel, and when opening the door, it can put the thumb on the fingerprint recognition module in a very comfortable position, unlock it and press the doorknob down to open the door.


Aqara smart door lock N100 keyhole

Below the door handle is a hidden mechanical keyhole, you can see the Aqara intelligent door lock N100 lock core, this product uses the highest level of security on the market inline class C lock core, in case of emergency, you can use a mechanical key to open the lock.

There is a charging port and a loudspeaker at the bottom. The charging port uses the most common Type-C interface nowadays. Portable battery can be used for emergency charging when the door lock battery is dead, and the loudspeaker will sound an alarm when the door is not locked.

The back door handle with cat-eye-proof design can be seen on the back panel. The lock can only be unlocked after pressing the button. At the bottom is the anti-lock knob, which the user can lock directly inside the door.


Aqara intelligent door lock N100 lock body

Lock body, Aqara intelligent door lock N100 is equipped with a standard 6068 lock body, which is made of stainless steel with heaven and earth hook on the lock body, which can be used with anti-theft doors. At the same time, the clutch of the Aqara intelligent door lock N100 is integrated inside the stainless steel lock body, which is controlled by the Japanese Wanbao to clutch motor to bring better unlocking speed and experience. According to the official suggestion, I made an appointment with the master door-to-door lock. In Beijing, “Carpenter Cloud” Technology is responsible for providing door-to-door installation services. Aqara users in more than

Cities across the country provide professional and free door-to-door installation services. Three-year free warranty to ensure no worries after sale.

Aqara intelligent door lock N100 door installation service

Before and after installation, the basic functions of the door lock are tested, and the lock installer is professional and experienced, and is equipped with enough tools for door-to-door installation, such as opening, and will give the optimal solution according to the actual situation. In addition, the parts of the new lock and the removed old lock will be placed on a soft cloth so that the new lock will not be broken and the parts of the old lock will not be lost.

Seven unlocking methods:

According to official introduction, Aqara smart door lock N100 has seven unlocking methods, including fingerprint, password, temporary password, emergency key, NFC, mobile phone Bluetooth and HomeKit unlocking. The editor has tried these introductions one by one, so whether it is easy to use, please continue to read on.

Fingerprint unlock:

For smart door locks, fingerprints and passwords are most commonly used, so I set fingerprint unlock first. Aqara intelligent door lock N100 uses 3D semiconductor fingerprint recognition, in the actual experience, users only need to follow the animation prompts on the App, 7 times can easily enter fingerprints. According to the dynamic picture, you can see that when unlocking, the finger can be gently pressed to unlock. And because of the large fingerprint area, the Aqara intelligent door lock N100 can easily identify and unlock even if the finger position is slightly off.

Password unlocking:

In addition to fingerprints, the password is also the most commonly used unlocking function. The password input area of Aqara intelligent door lock N100 is extinguished by black screen when it is not in use, so you need to touch and light it with your hand when you use it. When you bind for the first time, you need to set a 10-digit non-long password in Mi’s App. The editor sets a six-digit password according to his own usage. After the password setting is complete, you only need to enter the correct password to unlock the lock.

Password unlock

Aqara smart door lock N100 also supports imaginary passwords. When unlocking, you can enter up to 20 digits, as long as it contains a coherent, complete real password. What is a real password that contains a coherent, complete set of passwords? If your password is “123456”, you can open the lock even if you enter a number like 591849812345679498. Using imaginary passwords can effectively prevent strangers from remembering home passwords.

One-time password and periodic password:

Aqara smart door lock N100 also sets remote one-time password and periodic password on the mobile phone App. When cleaning or express delivery comes to the door, they are asked to open the door with a temporary password through the generated remote password. If there is a cleaning aunt at home regularly, you can also provide a periodic password according to the aunt’s door time to facilitate the aunt to unlock the door.

NFC unlock:

Elderly families, children may not be able to make good use of fingerprint recognition function, for this kind of “special” users, using Xiaomi mobile phone and 4 NFC version of Xiaomi bracelet will be a good choice. Aqara intelligent door lock N100 has a built-in financial NFC chip, which has passed the international general standard (Common Criteria) EAL6 information security certification. The back of the mobile phone or bracelet entered into the door card close to the NFC identification area of the door lock can be verified and unlocked. 


Is also very simple. First, the mobile phone and Xiaomi bracelet need to go through real name authentication, and then according to the card opening steps, open a blank key card on the mobile phone and bracelet. After opening the card successfully, open Mijia App and select the door lock, choose to add NFC device, wake up the blank door card on the mobile phone or bracelet, and place it in the NFC area of Aqara smart door lock N100. The Aqara intelligent door lock N100 can be added to the blank key card.

Phone Bluetooth unlock:

If you are not using a Xiaomi phone, your phone Bluetooth can also be unlocked. Aqara intelligent door lock N100 built-in Mi home security chip, can encrypt all Bluetooth communication content, open Mi home App long press the lock button to open the lock.

HomeKit unlock:

Of course, iPhone users can also add the Aqara smart door lock N100 to the HomeKit, just open the home on the iPhone or iPad, and then scan the QR code on the back panel to add the door lock. When you need to unlock, click Home and select the door lock, you can swipe up and down to open or close the door lock.

When the door lock is out of power, you can also use a mechanical key to open the lock. I don’t want to repeat it here. I believe everyone will use it.

It is not difficult to find that the seven unlocking modes of Aqara intelligent door lock N100 are suitable for different people. When one unlocking mode is not suitable for users, there will be a variety of unlocking methods as an alternative. Whether they are the elderly, children or cleaning aunts, they can all find their own ways and habits of unlocking.

Interacts with other smart home products to create richer usage scenarios

Aqara smart door lock N100 can not only rely on Mijia’s powerful ecosystem, but also connect with other smart products in Apple Home by adding Apple security chip. As the equipment in the editor’s home is mainly connected to the App, the linkage is dominated by the Mijia, supplemented by HomeKit.

Before I went out, I chose to put a Aqara wireless switch at the door. When I went out, I pressed the Aqara wireless switch to turn off the lights and power of the whole house. When I entered the door, I clicked the switch to turn on the lights. Now with the Aqara smart door lock N100, the defense mode button on the door lock replaces the Aqara wireless switch.

This is because the front panel of the Aqara smart door lock N100 has a small house logo, which is the button for the defense mode, which can be turned on after you go out.

So the editor designed such a set of leaving home logic in Mijia App: when the door lock is opened, all the lights in the home are turned off, some appliances are powered off, and the gateway is turned on; when the defense mode is released, all lights in the home are turned on and the power supply is restored, and the gateway is released. And the leave home button is only displayed within 15 seconds of closing the door, so you are not afraid to press it randomly.

In this way, I was able to control the electrical appliances of the whole house when I left home with only one door lock. At the same time, with the use of Bluetooth gateway, I can also check whether the defense mode is enabled on the mobile phone App, which meets the needs of obsessive-compulsive disorder. When you are away from home, you can also remotely check the status of the door lock, check the lock operation, use the log, receive the abnormal alarm of the door lock, push the alarm, and control the safety at home when you are away from home. The

Aqara smart door lock N100 also integrates the doorbell into the panel so that when a guest comes to visit, you can directly click the doorbell on the door lock. It can also be linked with the gateway, and when someone rings the doorbell, the gateway in the house will be awakened to play the specified ringtone to prevent people in the house from hearing the doorbell.


Through the actual use, we can see that the Aqara intelligent door lock N100 is excellent enough, whether it is unlocking mode or intelligent scene linkage. At the same time, according to the needs of different users, it can be linked with different unlocking methods and intelligent scenarios to create a user-specific smart family life style, not to mention the price of conscience, making it a rare cost-effective product.

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