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Who is the core of smart home without HomePod,? Practical experience of Aqara Gateway


Aqara gateway

Does not matter, since you sincerely asked, this angel will be merciful to tell you! However, you still have to be patient to listen to this angel tell you!

Aqara gateway is the “brain center” of smart home devices, just like the brain of the human body, your limb movement, language, vision, hearing and so on, the behavior of each organ is instructed by the brain. Similarly, in the smart home system, when each sensor device wants to accept instructions and feedback data, it is transmitted by the gateway as a hub.

It can collect signals and send instructions to achieve intelligent linkage between all connected sub-devices. One of the major characteristics of the Aqara gateway is to communicate with other sub-devices through the Zigbee protocol, which is a low-power connection. Although it can not transmit a large amount of data in a short time, it is enough for the current communication between smart home products. In addition, the best thing about using Zigbee protocol is that the linkage between a large number of smart home products can not occupy Wi-Fi resources, thus ensuring that the home network environment has been in a smooth state, and even in the home Wi-Fi network is unstable, it can also ensure that the use of smart home products will not be affected. There is a button above the


According to the display on the control phone, the number of sub-devices connected to the gateway in the experience room has reached 13, while official data show that a Aqara gateway can access up to 32 sub-devices. Due to the lack of sub-devices, this angel has no way to try to show you this data, but in the current case of 13 sub-devices, it basically covers most of the intelligent linkage scenarios in the house. The configuration of the

Aqara gateway can be configured through the Aqara official APP, as well as through the “home” APP on the iPhone. In addition, devices configured through Aqara”s official APP can be automatically synchronized to the “home” APP, which is far better than the experience of some third-party authorization and then entering a third-party account to bind.

Apart from assisting the interconnection and interworking of sub-devices (generally referring to various sensors, sensing devices, smart light bulbs, etc.), does the unique shape of the Aqara gateway have no other functions? Of course not!

Under the study of this angel, it is found that although the Aqara gateway is called the gateway, it is still a small night light, at the same time, it is also a home security alarm. The night light brightness and color adjustment


Of the Aqara gateway can be seen that there is a light belt around the Aqara gateway, the normal color is white light, and the configuration state is yellow flashing light. Of course, the Aqara gateway can display more than that, the color and brightness of the light can be adjusted according to the user’s own preferences, coupled with human sensors, you can achieve night up at night, night lights automatically on and other operations.

In addition, when configuring sub-devices, the Aqara gateway always gives the corresponding voice prompt at the appropriate time, which also allows users to have a better understanding of the connection status of the product. In addition, when the security state is turned on and the corresponding sensor is triggered, the Aqara gateway will sound an alarm to remind the family.


You can also view the status of the Aqara gateway on the app side, and the button is used to turn on the security mode

.Of course, as a favorite angel, this angel also tested the unbinding of the gateway. When the Aqara gateway is unbound, the corresponding sub-devices will also be unbound. However, the connection between these sub-devices and the gateway will not be interrupted. As long as you re-adapt to the gateway, the sub-devices originally connected to the gateway will also be connected again. This memory function is still convenient. In addition, the connection of sub-devices to the gateway only needs to be done step by step according to the official APP guidelines of Aqara. Even a novice user can easily connect these sub-devices to the gateway. The

Aqara gateway can also support the setting of automatic operation flow through APP. You can set the scene on the app side, or you can set the simple operation logic separately on the app side. For example, the general logic is that when a sensor triggers a state, one or more sub-devices will perform the corresponding action. This part of the configuration, completely depends on the needs of users to customize, the specific process, in the next few days of the article, this angel will explain in detail for you! The


Aqara gateway can be well integrated into the modern home decoration style

All in all, this is the angel’s introduction to the Aqara gateway. What you need to know is that the Aqara gateway is the core device of the smart home, and the linkage of all intelligent devices mainly depends on it. At this stage, such gateway products have been relatively easy to use, set a variety of practical functions in one, sub-device connection is convenient, device connection is also relatively stable, perhaps, this is what the contemporary smart home gateway products should look like!

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