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What should I do if I suffer from “cell phone dependence”? It may help you regain your new life

One plus 7 Pro

Smartphones have enriched my life and changed my way of life. Pick up the phone and reply to WeChat, the moments began to brush non-stop, using the phone to check the information, some interesting and interesting content will always attract my attention. It has also become the norm to stay at home and browse Douyin to watch popular Weibo during the weekend break. Even after I have brushed one new piece after another, when I look up, I will find that it is time to go to bed.

But think about it, is this kind of life really what we want? During the whole day, I neither did anything meaningful nor fully relaxed. Holding my cell phone for a long time even made me more tired and felt lost because I wasted my time.

How to reduce the frequency of mobile phone use?

In fact, it is not difficult to find that only by reducing the frequency of mobile phones can we use our time effectively. But now almost everyone is a heavy mobile phone user, how to put down the mobile phone is a question worthy of deep consideration. The strategies on the Internet that help us stay away from mobile phones are as unreliable as those written to smokers, and after three days of enthusiasm, we will return to our lives with mobile phones.


In order to reduce people”s dependence on mobile phones, many mobile phone manufacturers have launched corresponding solutions to help us solve the problem of “mobile phone dependence”. Take the one plus 7 Pro I’ve been using recently. Its built-in “meditation mode” is a very useful feature. When we turn it on, we have 20 minutes to calm down, and the phone becomes a brick that can answer phone calls and take pictures, with a single function that costs less than a few hundred yuan.


The “meditation mode” is hidden in the drop-down menu

“Meditation mode”

The opening mode of “meditation mode” is very simple, and we can find its switch by swiping to the right in the drop-down notification bar. But when I first used this feature, I was a little worried about it. I couldn’t get a message in 20 minutes. What if someone couldn’t reach me? What if something is missed? But the refreshing interface of meditation mode and the slogan, of “leave the phone for a while and enjoy life” make me look forward to the next 20 minutes: what can I do when I can’t play with my phone these 20 minutes? There is no news in

20 minutes, and it doesn’t seem to have any effect on our lives.

When meditation mode is turned on, one plus 7 Pro displays a 20-minute countdown, and we can’t use anything other than answering the phone, making emergency calls and taking pictures. When I first started this mode, I was “scratching my head and scratching my head” like some smokers who had just quit smoking, and every now and then I wanted to pick up my phone and look at the rest of the time. However, looking at the encouraging words on the screen, such as “this is a good start”, “everything is difficult at the beginning” and “victory is just around the corner”, my heart has become a lot of relief, because the 20 minutes of not playing with the phone is worth doing more meaningful things.

Will it really affect our lives if we stay away from mobile phones for 20 minutes? I don’t think so. Even if we need to communicate with colleagues at work, we can put WeChat, nails and other App on the computer, which has little impact on our daily work, and can even avoid time becoming more fragmented because we are far away from mobile phones.

The more I use it, the more I fall in love with this new feature. Because in a short period of 20 minutes, I can focus entirely on my work or life, and sometimes I find that more than 20 minutes have passed after I have finished a task. This way of piecing together fragmented time allows us to use the whole piece of time to do more meaningful things, whether working or studying, will become more efficient.

The “meditation mode” has helped me much more than that. Staying up late has become the norm for young people nowadays, and it is even more common to go to bed after 12:00. But as long as we gnash our teeth and turn on the “meditation mode” goodbye phone for 20 minutes before going to bed, I’m sure you’ll fall asleep as quickly as I do. And wake up the next morning, will also become full of energy, greatly improve the state of mind.

The interface color of “meditation mode” will change with time

More interestingly, the interface of the meditation mode also changes over time. When this function is turned on, the phone will show a beautiful starry sky, and with the change of time, the starry sky will become “dawn” after 20 minutes, which may also symbolize that we will become a better ourselves after 20 minutes.

Historical statistics record the number and time of using meditation mode

On the statistical page of “meditation mode”, there is also a “meditation diary” that reviews ourselves from our mobile phone. We can feel the little changes that have taken place in ourselves, have a beautifully designed interface, and make it easy for us to share with our friends on WeChat moments, so that everyone can know our progress bit by bit.

It is the best way to change our lives

When the “meditation mode” was first released, there were a lot of jokes about this model on the Internet, and some netizens even thought that it simply turned the phone into a brick. But after I actually used it for a period of time, I found that the “meditation mode” is more about giving us a whole new way of life. At a time when mobile phone manufacturers continue to introduce new technologies to attract attention, through this unique way, let us regain the initiative over mobile phones.

“Meditation mode” can also photograph the beauty of life

Of course, in addition to taking the initiative on mobile phones, one plus may also hope that we can feel a different life in these 20 minutes. Because even if we are in meditation mode, we can still use our mobile phone to shoot the beauty of life. I think this is also the purpose of the meditation mode to retain the function of the camera.

The one plus seven Pro, meditation mode that has been used for such a long time should be one of the reasons why I can’t live without it. For a heavy user like me who suffers from cell phone dependence, “meditation mode” can effectively reduce the frequency of my use of my mobile phone. I don’t think it’s too much to say that it is the best function to change my life.

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