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What if the old people and children are at home by themselves? Aqara solves the problem of family living alone.

Among them, Aqara is committed to building a more intelligent life for users through a series of smart home product technologies. With the help of Home Secretary AI”s plan for Shenzhen Station and Aqara’s smart home products, House Secretary is a well-equipped intelligent linkage scene for people with elders and children living alone at home to bring you closer to your family.

Protect the healthy growth of children.

For the child, his growth is divided into different stages, including the childishness at birth, the mischief of three or four years old, and the life after entering school. Aqara also accompanies the child through all stages of life. When he was a toddler, he could put a Aqara smart camera G2 in the house when he lay in his crib every day. With this camera, you can have a panoramic view of your child’s every move, even if you are out of town. Built-in 8 940mm infrared lights, with a new process image sensor, effectively enhance the sensitivity of 42%, can also achieve long-term guardianship at night.

When the child grows up to three or four years old, this is the most curious time, full of yearning and longing for the outside world. At this time, it is necessary to ensure the safety of the child at home. After replacing the wall socket with the Aqara socket, the unused socket will be cut off when you go out, which can effectively prevent the child from being electrocuted. At the same time, the door and window sensor is set to monitor the opening and closing status of doors and windows, and the phone will receive a warning when the child opens the window or door, and you can communicate with your child through the camera to prevent possible danger.

When he grows up to school, he does not have to open the door with a key as he did when he was a child. Instead, he can use fingerprint identification, NFC bracelet or password to unlock the Aqara smart door lock N100. there will be no problem of losing the key. At the same time, you can check the child’s unlocking record in MijiaApp, know the time of the child’s arrival home every day, and grasp the child’s home information.

At this age, children begin to fight wits with their parents. They vaguely remember the secret house at that time. What they think about every day is how to watch TV, play with the computer and sneak out to play when their parents are not at home. Now with the Aqara smart home ecosystem, parents can keep abreast of the situation at home. You can turn off the wall switch when you go out, so that the TV and computer can not be used, when the socket is powered on, you will know that the boy is playing with the computer again. Put a sticker on the door of the snack cabinet and refrigerator, and the opening and closing of the door will trigger the sticker, and you will know that he eats snacks and ice cream again.

Relying on the Aqara intelligent door lock N100, you can also check the door opening records, so you can know that the child is sneaking out to play again. Smoke alarms and flooding sensors are also placed in the kitchen to prevent accidents when children play with fire or water at home.

Protect the safety of the elders.

It is said that the elders are old children, and when they get older, the elderly need us to take care of them as they did when they were young. For the elderly, it makes the daily life more convenient and the life of the elders more convenient.

Due to the deterioration of the functions of various organs of the body, many elders will have the habit of getting up at night. But for elders, getting up at night means getting up to smear the lights. Other things aside, if you get up and get tied down by something on the ground, it will cause great damage to your body, so you can configure a set of logic for elders to get up at night through the Aqara smart home ecosystem.

If the traditional ceiling light is used in the home, the light can be turned on or off by modifying the wall switch in the home. Take the Aqara smart home model room as an example, the opening time is set from 10: 00 p.m. to 7: 00 the next day, and when the bedroom human sensor detects that someone is moving during this period, the bedroom ceiling lamp will be lit. When a person walks out of the bedroom, the body sensor on the balcony detects that someone is moving to turn on the porch light, while when the person walks to the bathroom, the body sensor in the bathroom detects the movement of the body, while the door and window sensor in the bathroom detects that the door is open. the bathroom light will be turned on. When the bathroom door and window sensors are turned off and the human body sensor cannot detect human movement for two minutes, the bathroom and corridor lights will be turned off. The bedroom sensor can’t detect human movement in two minutes. Turn off the bedroom lights. In this way, when the elders go to the toilet at night, they can turn on the lights they need, and when they get back to bed, the lights will go out in turn, and all this can be achieved without having to do anything.

A Aqara wireless switch can also be pasted on the wall in the bathroom. When elders encounter emergencies such as falling in the toilet or taking a bath, they can press the wireless switch to call the police and inform their families to come for medical treatment in time.

When the elders go out and go home, if the elders can’t remember the unlock password, they can equip the elders with Xiaomi mobile phones or Xiaomi bracelet 4 NFC version that support NFC function, so that the elders can unlock them with NFC or fingerprints, eliminating the burden of keys.

The end.

The above is just a small secret to throw a brick to attract jade, more use scenes also need you to decorate according to the actual situation at home. Only what is suitable for you is the best to use. I believe you will also rely on your own intelligence to transform your family to be more warm and comfortable, and to make the technology more warm.

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