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What does the oneplus 7 Pro screen feature 90Hz refresh rate really mean?

Many people may know the 90Hz refresh rate screen, but there are also many friends who do not know what a high refresh rate means. So, today we will give you a different way to interpret the high refresh rate of the next plus 7 Pro 90Hz, and see what the magic of the high refresh rate is.

The simple understanding is that the movement is smoother, the look is more comfortable, and the experience is better. The higher the frame rate, the more smooth the action, and you can”t see some shadows and so on.

OnePlus 7 Pro using experience

In order to give you a more intuitive sense of the difference between 60Hz and 90Hz screens, we use the same machine in the same place to make sure that the pictures taken are as equal as possible, first upgrade the camera to 60 frames, then shoot a video material, then upgrade the camera to 90 frames, and then shoot the same video material, and then slow down the two videos four times. From the picture, we can directly see the stutter caused by the 60-frame video after slowing down 4 times, while the 90-frame video can still play smoothly after slowing down 4 times.

Simple and intuitive comparison I believe that we have a clear understanding of the 90Hz screen, then, how does it perform in actual use? We played a game of “Game for Peace” with an Android phone from 60Hz and one plus 7 Pro at the same time, and from the point of view of the game, the 90Hz screen is more fluid than the 60Hz screen.

Nowadays, the mainstream flagship models in the mobile phone market have a refresh rate of 60Hz, which can meet the needs of daily applications, but it is not enough for users with high requirements, especially for games with higher demand for mobile phones.

From the moving picture, it is not difficult to find that when we are playing games in the same network environment, 90Hz will find the enemy first than the people in 60Hz, and fire faster, so that we can pre-empt the game and win the game easily.

In addition to shooting games, racing games can better reflect the advantages of the 90Hz screen. As we all know, when one plus 7 Pro was released, it announced a cooperation with QQ Speed mobile game, and the national debut supported ultra-high frame rate. In that case, let’s test it with QQ Speed’s mobile games.

Competitive games have very stringent requirements on mobile phones, not only to have a strong chirality, but also to be very important in sensitivity and responsiveness. One plus 7 Pro can fully meet the needs of users, and the ultra-high screen refresh rate in addition to the visual impact, for ordinary players, the sense of screen control at will can greatly enhance the actual game experience; for QQ Speed’s “professional” players, ultra-high sensitivity and chirality allow them to enjoy the pleasure of speed and passion.

90Hz refresh rate in a lot of small details to experience the upgrade, drift feel, obviously feel that the car body movement is more smooth. In the game screen of 60Hz, obvious shadows and stutters will appear on the tracks on both sides of the game. It is especially obvious when accelerating and drifting around the corner. After turning on the ultra-high frame rate of 90Hz, the picture became smooth in an instant.

Generally speaking, in terms of games, the 3D visual smoothness and fluency brought about by high frame rates keep the game pictures delicate in all situations, and the 90 Hz refresh rate brings players not only an increase in the number of frames in a second, but also difficult technical operations that are difficult to achieve before.


The one plus 7 Pro 90Hz high refresh screen also has a huge improvement in mobile phone fluency compared with the common 60Hz screen. When you use this better screen, the fluency of sliding and the accuracy of colors are unmatched by other flagship phones, which are closer to reality and feel like real objects when you swipe the screen. The response time of the one plus 7 Pro screen is only 11 milliseconds, it has more chirality when sliding, the image is clear and consistent, and the picture fluency surpasses that of all smartphones on the market this year.

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