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Vivo Z5x camera review and camera samples

The “class” of transportation was then extended to office buildings. The water glass curtain wall stands in the office building in the center of CBD, and the unstingy air conditioner seems to frost on the outer layer of the glass; the middle-end office building on the edge of CBD is a little older, but the facilities are still perfect; and we are in an old office building with “landmark” significance, and the air-conditioning system can barely reach the “not hot” temperature even with fans. But the more you are in this weather, the more you need to relax yourself, which can not only improve your work efficiency, but also benefit your physical and mental health.

It was on such a hot afternoon that the little sister in the company finally couldn”t help it. Since you can’t ask for leave to go to the seaside to dance with the waves, at least take some beautiful pictures in CBD and the business circle. After careful selection, the little sister sneaked out of the company with a mobile phone and left the air conditioner she loved and hated.

So what kind of mobile phone and how beautiful the photos made her resolutely abandon the air conditioner?

It is a good-looking thousand yuan machine, but it is equipped with a pole full screen; it is a thousand yuan machine that can take pictures, it is equipped with a high-definition AI triple camera; it is a power-fearless thousand yuan machine, it has a large 5000mAh battery, it is the vivo Z5x. It is the little sister’s favorite, good-looking, beautiful photos, long-lasting flight, it is simply the perfect selfie artifact. Next, let’s take a look at what kind of beautiful photos the little sister took with it.

The blue sky and white clouds in summer are a rare time for northerners to take pictures, especially in the face of tall and modern buildings, it is necessary to turn on the ultra-wide-angle mode of Z5x. 8 million’s 120 °ultra-wide-angle lens can bring you a broader field of vision, even in the face of a wide scene. In particular, the slight distortion effect of the wide-angle lens makes the picture very artistic.

However, although the sky is clear in summer, the dazzling sun often blinds people’s eyes, and it is a nightmare for taking pictures. In the past, when we took pictures, we would try our best to avoid backlighting scenes. When the dynamic range is not large enough, there may be extreme cases of black before and after light, or light before and after black, but the vivo Z5x has a master skill: superbacklight mode. It can bring a wider dynamic range to the phone and ensure the light and shade details of the picture.

Especially when taking portraits, even if the little sister has her back to the sun, her face is still clear and bright. In addition, even the hair flying with the wind is so clear that the little sister is very satisfied with this picture. For friends who like to travel, have a higher degree of tolerance and piece rate, this is the rigid demand ah!

Of course, if you want to show the beauty of “leaving me alone”, you can try the large aperture portrait mode. It can simulate the large aperture effect of the SLR camera, making those complex backgrounds virtual, and you are the only protagonist in the picture. Thanks to the three shots of vivo Z5x, it can perfectly identify the outline of the character. Whether it is the edge of clothes or hair, will not let go.

Sometimes inadvertently beautiful, we need to look at the world from a different point of view. The fallen leaves in the roadside grass, the freshly mowed lawn, the scent of soil in the air, and the warm breeze are what summer should be like.

If you look at the world from another point of view, you can look down or up. Sometimes I feel that the picture in my eyes is everything, but I don’t know that there is a lasting appeal outside the picture. The same place, the same protagonist, only need to change the angle, you can find a completely different beauty, this is one of the joys of life!

Busy life, only good food can not be disappointed. Knowing that their sugar and calorie content is astonishingly high, but seeing the bright and attractive luster, I can’t help but swallow my saliva. Pick up the check carefully, comfort yourself that you won’t get fat by eating only one, and then try to avoid the scale in the days that follow.

Satisfy the physical “appetite for food” and then it’s the brain’s turn. No matter how developed e-books are, paper books give us a completely different feeling. Touching the thick spine of the book, sniffing the aroma of ink, if knowledge also has taste, it should be like this.

There are not only profound knowledge but also many lovely knickknacks in the bookstore. The girl riding on the cat is full of fairy tales. Just in time for the release of “Thousand thousand fathom” in China, memories of his childhood suddenly poured out, so he immediately picked up his cell phone and booked a weekend movie ticket.

Unwittingly, as it was getting late, the restaurants hidden in the hutong lit various lanterns. The shopkeeper does not care about the size of the facade, revealing a strong sense of self-confidence that the smell of wine is not afraid of the depth of the alley. Looking at the lanterns at the beginning, Beijing has also lost its usual flamboyance, and the lights of Wanjia decorate the night of the imperial capital with fireworks. This is my memory of summer in Beijing. Although the sound of cicadas is unpleasant, it is still full of vitality.

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