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Vivo Z5 review: flagship-level photography and performance

Familiar vivo-style design and different color options


Vivo Z5 in the appearance of the continuation of the family”s consistent design language, double-sided glass + metal frame combination has been used by vivo. The smooth feel of 2.5D curved glass and the perfect excess of glass and metal all add a bit more than the selling price to this thousand-yuan machine. In addition, the adoption of the 3.5mm headphone interface and the USB Type C interface makes people feel sincere in the details.

The front of the fuselage is a full screen of 6.38 inches of water droplets, with a resolution of 1080 to 2340, a wide NTSC color gamut of 103% roomnbspp, and an ultra-high screen ratio of up to 90%. Of course, such achievements are also inseparable from the blessing of hidden handsets and sensors, so that the appearance of the front of the fuselage has been further improved. The frame and chin are also well controlled in the same price model, and it is definitely a “beauty” level in one thousand yuan model.

Nowadays, “mobile phone dependence” has become a major problem for everyone. Since you can’t move everyone away from the phone screen, try to make it healthier and protect your eyes. The Samsung Super AMOLED screen used by the vivo Z5 has a new DC-like dimming technology that can reduce the damage to the eyes. Not only that, on the basis of filtering blue light in eye protection mode, vivo Z5 also adds a low brightness anti-screen flash function, which can alleviate the stimulation of the screen brightness and beating frequency to the eyes.

The back of the fuselage is also a piece of 2.5D curved glass, this time we get the “Aurora Wonderland” color matching, the gradient texture on the back will dance wantonly with the change of light. It is reported that vivo has adopted the nano-scale dip dyeing electroplating process this time, thus creating a gradual texture with a great sense of art and personality. Nowadays, gradual discoloration is not a new element, but vivo has skillfully made a bold innovation on this basis, so that Qianyuan machine also has a more beautiful coat.

Another highlight of the machine is the addition of on-screen fingerprint recognition. As a new technology led by vivo, this Z5 has further improved its experience. In hardware, the sensing area of the fingerprint module has been expanded by 2 times, the dynamic range has been increased by 30%, and the recognition rate has been improved by 50% for unlocking experiences in a variety of special scenarios, such as dry hands, low temperatures, etc. The actual experience shows that the speed and success rate of unlocking are very good, and it can basically be reached at one touch.

On the whole, as a thousand-yuan machine vivo Z5 still maintains the family’s fine tradition, such insistence is not relaxed even in a thousand-yuan machine. The smart atmospheric water droplet comprehensive screen, faster and more convenient screen fingerprint unlock, are all its pride as a “bucket machine”.

Faster performance and large memory capacity  

Vivo Z5 is equipped with Snapdragon 712 processor, it seems to be a small improvement, but it is a precise balance of power consumption and performance. For a thousand-yuan machine, the delicate balance between performance and power consumption will “turn over” if you don’t pay attention to it. As a new “Shenzhou U”, Snapdragon 712 uses the 10nm process, with higher frequency and lower power consumption. Not only that, but also more powerful in AI computing.

According to the running score of an AnTuTu, the score of vivo Z5 is 186008, in which CPU score is 70203, GPU score is 56214 and UX score is 48704. This kind of result, can absolutely perfect Handle each kind of large-scale game. In addition, vivo Z5 also has hard core configurations such as 8+128GB ‘s large memory, standard UFS2.1 high-speed flash memory and LPDDR4x memory. In fact, for gamers, simple sex to improve is not enough, software optimization is also very important.

In order to further enhance the experience of gamers, vivo Z5 is equipped with touch acceleration, 4D shock 2.0, 3D surround sound and other functions. The addition of vivo Multi-Turbo technology can bring omni-directional acceleration for mobile phones. Whether it is network connection, intelligent scheduling, heat dissipation or ART++ compilation enhancement, it is the best help on your way to the Great God of Kings! 4D game shock 2.0 3D surround sound addition, but also can further enhance the chicken eating games, music games on-the-spot experience, so that you can not put it down, can not stop!

According to the editor’s actual experience, the “QQ Speed” mobile game runs smoothly and there is no stutter or frame drop. Even in the face of complex tracks, the vivo Z5 still performs well. Now that you have fluency and performance, you still have to practice on your own. With such strong performance and game attributes, you can’t drop the chain in terms of battery life. The vivo Z5 has a large 4500mAh battery in the body of the 8.13mm, better power management with Snapdragon 712, and a 22.5 W FlashCharge flash charge, so you don’t have to worry about it even if you are a heavy gaming user.

48MP AI triple cameras

Taking pictures has always been a strong point of vivo, and this thousand-yuan machine claims to have a “flagship standard”. The “omnipotent ACE” vivo Z5 brings us a blockbuster: the Sony IMX582 48 megapixel lens, coupled with a 120-degree wide-angle lens and a depth-of-field lens that vivo boasts, work together to create a photography standard comparable to that of our flagship. There is no evidence, so let’s talk with a sample sheet.

normal mode

wide-angle mode

For those who love photography, how to use the mobile phone to fix the beauty, their own point of view is very important. When the distance is not enough, you only need to turn on the ultra-wide-angle mode of the vivo Z5, and you can instantly accommodate more pictures, with the compensation of the AI algorithm, and the wide-angle lens distortion is also within an acceptable range.

48MP super clear mode

Everything in the world is known at a glance. After turning on the 48 million UHD mode, you can see a lot of scenery and details that you usually miss. A yellow leaf in the midsummer grass is clearly textured even after it is magnified several times. That’s probably what it feels like to know autumn in one leaf.

48MP super clear mode  

The metal railing after the roadside rain, the fine drops of water still failed to take away the summer heat. Take a closer look, the fine scratches on the metal handrails, the fire clouds reflected in the water droplets, such amazing details, vivo Z5 can be perfectly restored.

In the fancy world, sometimes you need to understand it from a different point of view. Put the lens close to the kaleidoscope and rotate everything to change. The clear and bright picture is very suitable for artistic creation.

In the evening after the rain, the clouds on the horizon are arranged and combined at random, and the sun shines through like a beautiful oil painting. Vivo Z5 equipped with super-backlight mode, can Handle a higher light and dark dynamic range, bright and dark parts are as clear, the picture is very harmonious.

In a twinkling of an eye, it’s getting late, and the outdoor light is no longer bright enough for us to take beautiful photos, so you need vivo Z5’s Super Night View 2.0 mode to help. 

The Vivo Z5 Super Nightscape 2.0 feature can reduce noise in multiple frames in 12 UV 16 photos and dynamically compensate through AI intelligent frame selection to synthesize a high-quality photo. In actual experience, the picture in the phone is even brighter and clearer than what you can see with the naked eye.

The all-around ACE is on a par with the flagship

For mobile phone enterprises, the flagship machine naturally has a priority status and a rich budget, but the thousand-yuan machine is a microcosm of technological maturity. From research and development to maturity and then to landing, new technology can finally be applied to thousands of yuan machines, in which the control of cost, the control of supply chain and the polishing of products can reflect the values and strength of an enterprise everywhere. As a thousand-yuan machine with a strength comparable to that of the flagship camera, the “omnipotent ACE” is well-deserved by the name vivo Z5.

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