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vivo X30 Pro review: show the charm of full focus four shots

As a strong manufacturer in the field of imaging, vivo actually understands the needs and pain points of users. A rough recall of several products of the X series, such as the front double photo of the X9, the superreflective algorithm of the X20, and the superlight lens of the X23, can reflect the strength and innovation of vivo in mobile phone images everywhere. The 4-camera full-focus image system carried by the X30 Pro once again broadens the scope of application of mobile photography and achieves a more professional and powerful mobile photography effect.


Ultra-wide-angle sample sheet.

As the first manufacturer in the industry to add wide-angle lenses to mobile phones, vivo is very mature in this area. This X30 Pro is equipped with a 112 °ultra-wide-angle lens at your disposal. The increase and three-dimensional sense of the picture brought by the wide-angle lens are difficult to replace. If used properly, it can achieve a lot of shocking visual effects.


Ultra-wide-angle sample sheet.

Ultra-wide-angle lens can not only bring tall and straight, shocking effect when shooting buildings. When shooting objects with a sense of lines, it can also bring a very shocking effect, can bring a kind of infinite extension effect.


Ultra-wide-angle sample sheet.

Similarly, when shooting works of art, slightly lower the phone, you can also get the effect of spreading your wings. In fact, there are still many applications of ultra-wide-angle lens, such as long legs that girls love, which can also be realized through it.

Next, let”s take a look at this periscope lens with 60x zoom. It not only has 13 million pixels, but also supports 5x optical zoom and an equivalent full-frame SLR medium-long focal 135mm. Through the sample, we can see that this lens is like a “telescope”. In the distant building, after a 60x zoom, the details of the building are still clearly discernible, and you can even see the ceiling inside the house.

Similarly, when we aim the camera in the other direction, whether it is 2x, 5x, or 60x super zoom, the sign text beyond our sight is still very clear. Compared with the traditional zoom method, the periscope lens can bring better picture quality and richer details.

Then there is the lens created for the portrait, which has the equivalent focal length of 50mm and is a professional lens for shooting portraits. In terms of hardware, there are also 1ram 2.8-inch photosensitive elements, 32 million pixels, F2.0 aperture, 6P lenses and other configurations, which can be described as very professional and strong. The advantage of the 50mm lens is that it can restore the effect seen by the human eye to the maximum extent, which is perfect for shooting portraits.

In addition, through the strong AI recognition and hierarchical processing algorithm, we can achieve a more natural portrait + background virtual effect. As can be seen from the sample sheet, the edge matting of the characters is very accurate, and the handling of hair is also very excellent. The face of the character is clear and bright, and the background is also virtual and natural. Such a portrait photo is almost comparable to the results of the later stage of professional PS.

Even in a backlit scene, the X30 Pro recognizes the outline of the character perfectly. Through the matting on the edge of the hair and the blurring of the background, it perfectly presents an excellent portrait photo. It can be seen that even if the distance is very close, the details of the character’s face are still very clear, beauty does not mean to “grind to the end”, true beauty is the most important.


Sample night view sheet.

Finally, let’s take a look at the night view. We are no stranger to hand-held super night scenes. Mobile phones use long exposure and multi-frame synthesis algorithms to improve the brightness of the picture and retain more details.


Sample night view sheet.

For night scene shooting, the light is insufficient and complex, so how to choose between “brightness” and “detail” is the most important problem. It can be seen that the vivo X30 Pro does not blindly pursue high brightness in the night scene, but as far as possible to restore the perception of the human eye, brighten part of the brightness, while suppressing the noise of the sky, making the picture more pure and natural as a whole.


Sample night view sheet.

Even in scenes with large light and shade contrast, the X30 Pro can still control the brightness of the picture very well, making the light and shade contrast in a very good degree. There is no glare overflow in the highlight area of the picture, and the dark area is not too bright and noisy. The overall effect is very natural, as much as possible to restore the perception of the human eye at that time.

Overall, as a camera model, the X30 Pro can be said to have fulfilled its mission perfectly. Whether it is the blessing of 50mm professional portrait lens or the addition of periscope lens, vivo can reflect the innovation and persistence of mobile photography everywhere. Although the X30 series was released at the end of 2019, we can see the development trend of smartphone photography in 2020.

More powerful zoom, more comprehensive focus coverage, more intelligent automatic processing, and a simpler photo experience, isn’t this the portable photo artifact that all users are looking forward to?

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