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Vivo X30 Pro Review: 60x Super Zoom “closes” the distance between you and Beauty

When the time comes to 2019, the smartphone industry has also ushered in another breakthrough in the field of photography, that is periscope zoom technology. Although the periscope lens is not first created by vivo, this vivo X30 Pro, uses a very mature lens combination to show us the charm of mobile phone + full-focus photography. Not only that, the vivo X30 series is the first 5G dual-mode phone under vivo. With the addition of Samsung”s Exynos 980processor, it has become a model at the forefront of the times.

In fact, in the field of photography, vivo continues to surprise us. From “soft light double photography, illuminate your beauty” to “backlight clearer”, these are the products of the combination of technology and user needs. This vivo X30 series further excavates the application scene of mobile phone photography, using the full-focus four-camera system to bring users an unprecedented mobile phone photography experience.

Appearance design: soft and beautiful atmosphere, showing craft aesthetics.

X series as the facade of vivo, I have never worried about design. The only headache I need is “which color to buy”. On the front of the fuselage, the vivo X30 Pro uses a full-screen digging screen, which can be said to be a must for today’s flagship models. On this 6.44in, 20:9 screen, the hole diameter is only 2.98mm, once again breaking the industrial limit of the industry.

For the light and elegant X series, lift and droplet design are obviously not suitable for it. The hole-digging screen can not only ensure the screen share, but also make room for the interior of the fuselage to accommodate larger batteries and camera modules. Of course, the advantages of this screen don’t stop there. The brightness of conventional 800nit and local highest 1200nit enables the phone to display clearly, bright and accurate colors under various light conditions.

To save Phubber’s health, the X30 Pro screen also uses E3 material, which can effectively reduce harmful blue light radiation by 42% without changing the color of the screen. Whether you like watching news videos on the subway or browsing Douyin Wechat while lying in bed, you can maximize the protection of your eyes from blue light. In addition, due to the rounded edge of the screen design, with hidden handsets and sensors, the screen share of the X30 Pro has been further improved.

Although the digging screen is used, the X30 Pro still supports the dual unlocking scheme of screen fingerprint and facial recognition. Not only the sensor detection area has increased by 30% and the SNR has increased by 41%, but also the fingerprint entry and unlocking speed has been improved. According to the actual experience, no matter what posture you like and whether you have water stains on your hands, the unlocking speed is very fast. After generations of technology changes, vivo seems to be far ahead in the field of screen fingerprinting.

The color matching of the back of the fuselage is also one of the key points this time. When it comes to cross-border cooperation and design color blending, vivo is definitely the first echelon in domestic brands. Both vivo Logo Phone and X27 impressions of summer are as exquisite and dazzling as works of art. This time the X30 series has three colors: obsidian, Secret Silver and Gossip Cloud. The name is very poetic and looks like a dream.

That is to say, the secret silver in my hand, although there is a word “silver” in its name, when it meets different light, it can burst out different beauty and characteristics. Although the X30 also uses a gradual color design, but there is only one color, and a wide range of halo effect, excessive nature of light and shadow, it is difficult to detect at a glance. But in the light, it will boldly publicize, giving people a sense of contrast.

In order to match the arc design of the fuselage, the frame is also carefully polished and cut. If you are careful, you will find that the frame is round, smooth, polished, and the keys with metal texture are particularly exquisite. It is in these small details of the intention, let us see the design strength of vivo. We have seen too many designs of hyperboloid glass + metal frames, but I believe you will fall in love with the details and feel of the X30 Pro.

Photo: full focus four shots, master image strength.

In view of the fact that this photo shoot is the focus of the X30 Pro, we will introduce it one by one. The first is this 13 million-pixel 5x periscope telephoto lens, which has an equivalent full-frame SLR medium-long 135mm focal length, which can achieve an inverse 60x super zoom. What is more commendable is that the vivo stacked horizontally, and the addition of the telephoto lens did not increase the thickness of the fuselage.

60x super zoom.

In order to achieve the goal of seeing farther and more clearly, vivo added the overscore algorithm (super-resolution) to the X30 Pro this time. It can adaptively obtain the complementary information between multiple frames based on multiple low-resolution images, fuse to get an enlarged image with rich details, and continuously frame the information in the time domain into the rich information in the spatial domain. To put it simply, even if it is magnified many times, the details of the picture will not be lost.

The second shot is a 50mm portrait lens, which is what we often call a standard portrait lens. It has a 2.8-inch sensor, 32 million pixels, F2.0 aperture, 6p lens, is a very strong presence.

In fact, people’s recognition of their appearance is actually a very subjective behavior. And due to the effect of lens distortion, the face of 50mm is closest to the focus that can be seen with the naked eye. The portrait captured in this focal section is the most real and beautiful.

When shooting characters, how to maintain continuous and effective focus is the most important thing that mobile phones need to strengthen. This time the X30 Pro adds the design of human eye focus, which can accurately capture the eyes of real-time moving characters through a refresh rate of 30 frames per second. In the actual experience, even if there are pedestrians “messing in”, or the characters are constantly moving, they can immediately refocus.

Another 112 °ultra-wide-angle lens is actually an old friend of ours. Placing a wide-angle lens on a mobile phone is also the first in the industry for vivo. Especially in the face of large scenes, the shock experience brought by ultra-wide angle is incomparable.

Also, the X30 Pro supports 2.5cm super macro. With the effect of knowing a little, everyone’s imagination and observation can be brought into full play. The flowers and plants on the side of the road, even the veins and veins are photographed clearly. The strength of such an extreme focus distance can be seen.

To preserve more details, the X30 Pro also has a 64 million-pixel main photo. With it, it can not only retain more details in the picture, but also enhance the photosensitivity and further improve the quality of the picture. The combination of these four shots can be said to cover all the scenes that users need at present. The image strength of the full focus, do you think this is the end?

With the support of tough hardware, the vivo X30 Pro has also made new breakthroughs in software optimization and play. First of all, there is a multi-level AI reconstruction portrait photography algorithm, which can separate the characters and background in the picture, carry out operations similar to PS masks, and deal with them separately. It’s like carrying a professional cartographer with you to make portrait photography more natural and beautiful.

Another “supermoon mode” further confirms the name “PS” and shows the advantages of multi-focus coordination. In the shooting, through the cooperation of multiple shots, the images of different shots are fused in the same picture to achieve a better picture effect. Telephoto lens to shoot the moon, night view mode to help, through the fusion output, a picture of the moon comparable to the photographic blockbuster will be released.

5G: dual mode 5G, The Smiling、Proud Wanderer traveled all over the world.

As a model launched at the end of 2019, the vivo X30 Pro is also a dual-mode 5G phone. It is equipped with a dual-mode 5G chip, Exynos 980, jointly developed by vivo and Samsung. The Exynos 980 is the industry’s first terminal product that uses the A77 architecture CPU, is also a chip that integrates 5G modem, and supports NSA/SA dual networking mode. The discussion about dual-mode 5G will not stop for a while, and vivo is also in line with the trend of the times, we all have what we need in the future.

As a dual-mode 5G chip, the Exynos 980 has more than this advantage. Exynos 980 is the industry’s first A77 architecture platform, Cortex-A77 main frequency 2.2Ghz, Cortex-A55 1.8Ghz. In the theoretical environment, the data communication of the highest 2.55Gbps can be realized, and the download rate can reach up to 3.55Gbps per second under the condition of 4G-5G double connection. And how does it perform in real life? we also tested it in practice.

After testing, under the 5G network of China Unicom, the downstream speed of X30 Pro can reach about 710Mbps, and the uplink speed can also reach 123Mbps. In addition, the vivo X30 Pro also optimizes the antenna layout and software algorithm, using SA double-transmitter design technology, antenna decoupling technology and side distributed antenna technology.

Through a detailed analysis of the user’s grip posture, combined with the advantages and disadvantages of the performance after the grip to layout the antenna breakpoints, optimize the layout of the 5G terminal antenna, so that the mobile phone always maintain a good link. In addition, the X30 Pro is equipped with the highest 8GB LPDDR4X storage, as well as the highest 256GB storage space, with a large 4350mAh battery and 33W fast charging, which can definitely meet the power consumption requirements of the 5G era!

As for the performance of this processor, after the AnTuTu running score test, the total score of Exynos 980is 331701, of which the CPU score is 118633 and the GPU score is 88536. It can be said that the performance can fully meet your daily needs. This dual-mode 5G core is really worthy of the name.

System: a new design to build a bridge between users and mobile phones.

  On the system side, the X30 Pro runs the Funtouch OS 10 system, and the brand-new design language and style really refreshes me. This time Funtouch OS 10 uses “efficient” and “natural” as key words to bring the design concept of Original Design. A simpler combination of lines and colors outlines a simple, efficient but beautiful new UI.

More user-friendly design concepts, such as a time-matched breath screen clock, a more realistic physical engine, and a more personal notification display, make you feel a unique private customized experience everywhere. Finally, there are several very interesting and practical features. Custom font function, when users write 100Chinese characters on the X30 Pro screen, personalized font packages can be automatically generated for users through the AI character-making platform, and can be applied globally in mobile phones.

The other is application sharing. Through Wi-Fi P2P direct connection technology and virtual screen technology, you can quickly share the applications in your phone with a nearby vivo phone, so that two phones can watch videos or run the same application together. Friends together can be compared to three live broadcasts, sisters watch TV shows together, and they no longer have to huddle in front of a small screen. Not only that, we are familiar with zero-sense water-cooled cooling 2.0, full-function NFC are also there, worthy of the X series in charge of the flower.

At the end of the year and the beginning of the year, with 2020 approaching, there will be some pressure to release the vivo X30 Pro at this time. In the face of undisclosed moves by competitors next year, the advent of new technologies, and the further popularity of 5G, the mobile phone industry is changing rapidly. The emergence of the X30 series is more like vivo’s strategy of “responding to changes without change”. Think about it carefully, 60x super zoom, dual mode 5G, hole digging full screen, 50mm professional portrait, super score algorithm. Wait. These seem to show us the direction of the smartphone industry in 2020, while X30 stands on the stage as a pioneer.

“I’ll just stand here and don’t move. If there’s anything I can do, I’ll do it.”

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