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Vivo S5 review: a fashionable and Beautiful work created with the concept of “Geometry”

There are many uncertain factors about the beauty and ugliness of the appearance design of mobile phone products. after all, there are a thousand hamlets in the hearts of a thousand people, and everyone will have different standards for what beauty is. However, as far as the current design trend is concerned, the products of the major manufacturers have made great efforts in aesthetic design, and everyone hopes that their products can be loved at first sight by users, rather than peeling off layer after layer of decoration to find out that this is a good product. “Beauty” is to be presented in the most intuitive way.

Vivo S5.

For vivo, perhaps many people are familiar with vivo because of a slogan that “illuminates your beauty”. The five simple words profoundly demonstrate the profound ability of vivo products in selfie. In fact, apart from taking selfies, vivo also has unique creativity in product aesthetic design, especially the vivo S5 unveiled tonight. All kinds of finishing touches brighten our eyes. Maybe this is the aesthetic craftsmanship we have been looking for. Let”s take a look at it.

The beauty of diamond geometry

When it comes to geometry, many people may have a headache. When they were students, they almost couldn’t help themselves. Fortunately, graduation put them out of their misery. Geometry may have this effect, but when we learn to control it, we will find that the original geometry is also full of beauty. Take some of the photography masterpieces that we often see, whether the building itself is full of geometric beauty or the geometric composition method used by photographers, can bring us good works.

Vivo S5.

The vivo S5 released this time is a product designed with a geometric concept. Its back is arranged in an innovative way with a geometric diamond camera, and the upper and lower diagonal angles are placed on the central axis, and the diamond face and the line of the central axis form a simple symmetrical beauty between dots and lines. This design not only improves the recognition of the vivo S5, but also makes it popular, so it is not too much to describe it as “starting with appearance”.

Diamond geometric Design of vivo S5.

This time vivo S5 has launched three colors of Icelandic love song, Phantom Blue and Phantom Black. We got the Icelandic love song, which is also the main color of this year. Its back uses the combination of nano-sputtering coating, gravure gravure offset printing and UV transfer raster texture, thus creating a fresh and flexible visual effect. If it is from the actual feelings of users to describe this unique design, then it is “fantasy”, it not only has the purity of Iceland, but also has a kind of sweetness like lovers in love, which makes people envy.

Vivo S5.

Multiple back craftsmanship coupled with the unique geometric diamond design, with both visual beauty and texture. Of course, the mobile phone is used to hold and use, naturally can not be separated from the touch of this key element. The back of the vivo S5 is designed with a 3D curved surface, which fits perfectly with the palm when you hold it, and there is no grip, while the middle frame uses aluminum alloy sandblasting technology, which creates an advanced frosted texture through anodizing effect, and Yingying can’t put it down with a grip. At the same time, in the top middle frame, the vivo S5 retains the 3.5mm headphone hole and uses a more convenient Type-C charging interface, so you can experience the comfort of the combination of the two.

Vivo S5.

As a product endorsed by Cai Xukun, with its strong idol strength, a considerable part of the audience of vivo S5 will be female users, of course, do not rule out male users. From this point of view, the vivo S5 carries a 6.44in AMOLED screen with a 20:9 ratio, with a screen ratio of 91.38 per cent. The slender body and the full screen feel much less than 6.44 inches, giving users a better sense of grip, even with one hand.

Of course, the ultra-high screen ratio of vivo S5 is inseparable from the design of punching screen, and it is particularly noteworthy that the aperture size of vivo S5 is only 2.98mm, which is currently the smallest punching screen in the industry. The technical problems behind it are self-evident, but the visual effects it brings are also immeasurable. In the case of bright screen, this hole can be perfectly integrated with the phone’s status bar, allowing you to ignore its existence in the process of using S5. Vivo S5 has also become more holistic and visually aesthetic. And the camera can also perform facial recognition, making the user’s unlocking experience better.

Vivo S5.

As the pioneer of screen fingerprint, vivo has been deeply cultivated in the field of screen fingerprint for many years, and its product design is more mature. Vivo S5 is equipped with vivo’s latest screen fingerprint technology, which not only integrates the precipitation of previous generations of technology, but also further expands the sensing area of the latest super-light sensitive AMOLED, fingerprint, further improves the dynamic range, and makes a new breakthrough in unlocking speed. Of course, it also has a variety of built-in unlocking dynamic effects, so that you can change at will, the actual unlocking effect is very cool. At the same time, vivo S5 also supports low brightness anti-screen flashing function, which can better protect users’ eyes and make them healthier to use.

Screen fingerprint unlock.

Vivo S5.

It’s beautiful no matter how you shoot it

Vivo started as a selfie manufacturer, its products have condensed the most cutting-edge fashion selfie color, and a new generation of vivo S5, can let you “illuminate a more beautiful yourself.” As the second-generation flagship of the vivo S series, the vivo S5 is equipped with a 32 million-pixel high-definition front camera and supports five-fold super-textured beauty, beauty discrimination, portrait, style, photo pose guidance and other functions, so that users can completely bid farewell to the post-revision of the selfie and achieve it in one step.

Vivo S5.

Take the super-textured beauty, for example, including the five functions of coruscating skin, textured skin, vitality and makeup, wisdom and beauty, and fine facial features, which can be exclusively optimized for the five regions of the face. Vivo S5 can adjust the skin color of the selfie through the three dimensions of hue, saturation and brightness, intelligently adjust the skin color under different light to the most realistic state, even in some complex environments, it can also make your selfie skin color very pleasant.

Vivo S5 selfie sample.

Sometimes when it comes to the so-and-so star, people will immediately think that she has a high-end face, which highlights her temperament. In fact, vivo S5 also allows you to shoot your own high-end face. The smart beauty feature can be adjusted by locating 103 key points in the outline of a face, whether it is a slightly fat or too thin face, and users can choose their own face shape in the camera interface according to their own style. With the anti-distortion algorithm, the degree of perspective deformation of human face and background is further reduced, so as to achieve a better selfie effect.

Vivo S5 selfie sample.

Vivo S5 selfie can also be aimed at male and female users to distinguish beauty, so that there will not be the embarrassment of unified beauty, men will be more handsome, women will be more beautiful! In addition, there are also built-in natural, fresh and film portrait styles, and different portrait styles correspond to different matching five-fold super-textured beauty solutions, making your selfie more personalized. And for many users can not pose pose selfie situation, vivo S5 also supports photo posture function, can guide pose, has supported 144kinds (35 selfies), but also customized for Cai Xukun fans 4 star pose, to make you take photos more idolized, very sweet.

From the sample sheets of the above group of little sisters, vivo S5’s beauty ability is quite excellent, the skin is more textured, the details of hair are clearly visible, and the beauty effect is natural, on the edge of excessive portrait and background, it is also very natural, there is no obvious sense of separation, people and scenery are integrated, and the integrity is stronger, which really realizes the beauty of “illuminating you”.

Vivo S5.

In terms of rear position, vivo S5 uses a four-shot design of 48 million pixel main photo + 8 million pixel ultra-wide angle + 5 million pixel depth of field + 2 million pixel macro lens to achieve full-scene shooting. Whether it is recording the details of the subject or recording a wide world, a vivo S5 can be done. Let’s take a look at its actual photo performance.

Vivo S5 camera sample sheet.

Vivo S5 sample sheet.

Vivo S5 sample sheet.

Vivo S5 sample sheet.

Vivo S5 sample sheet.

Judging from this set of sample photos, the photo performance of vivo S5 is commendable. In indoor complex light scenes, it can achieve highlight but exposure, and there are details in the dark, recording the most real environment. In the outdoor sunny scene, it can also be filmed brilliantly, restoring the scenery seen by the naked eye to the maximum extent. When shooting delicious food, the algorithm will be optimized to make the food look more appetizing. Take strawberries as an example, do you want to eat it in one bite?

Vivo S5 Ultra wide Angle sample sheet.

Vivo S5 Ultra wide Angle sample sheet.

Thanks to a 8 million-pixel ultra-wide-angle lens, the vivo S5 achieves ultra-wide-angle shooting with a 120-degree field of view, which has a very shocking effect when recording some special scenes in life. As can be seen from the above two samples, when shooting tall buildings, the ultra-wide-angle mode can make the effect more magnificent, while with the anti-distortion algorithm, the distortion effect of the edge of the photo will also be reduced, making the sample more ornamental as a whole.

Vivo S5 sample sheet.

Vivo S5 sample sheet.

Vivo S5 sample sheet.

Vivo S5’s 5 million-pixel depth-of-field lens can detect object depth information, combined with chip-level depth real-time processing, can achieve professional background virtual, making the subject of photography more prominent. From the above group of decent photos, vivo S5 not only achieved the natural beauty effect, but also performed well in the virtual aspect, the portrait edge is too natural, will not paste a piece, the whole also has a more aesthetic feeling. In the future, take a picture of your partner with vivo S5, and maybe she won’t be able to pick out any questions about you anymore.

Vivo S5 macro sample sheet.

It is worth mentioning that the vivo S5 is also equipped with a 2 million-pixel macro lens, which supports 4cm macro shooting, through which we can experience the micro world and see the beauty we have never seen before. The most common stamens, recorded by the macro lens, show a different elegant demeanor. although they are not real stamens, it is difficult to tell the true from the false.

On the whole, the vivo S5 can take satisfactory samples with either the front selfie or the rear selfie. Especially with the blessing of various algorithms and multi-shots, it can save users the time of revising the picture after shooting, so that you can shoot a higher rate of film and perform well.

Vivo S5.

AI can be seen everywhere

Up to now, AI has become the smart brain of smartphones, which can be seen everywhere on vivo S5. The vivo S5 is equipped with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 712 processor with a main frequency of up to 2.3 GHz, and the artificial intelligence engine AI Engine, brings a good AI performance. Vivo S5 supports AI editing, and automatically selects the main characters and essence clips in the video through the system photo album to generate wonderful video clips, making it easy for users to share moments quickly.

In addition, vivo S5 also has a small Jovi phone secretary, which can help users answer the phone, perform multiple conversations, intelligently identify continuous questions, complete basic conversations according to semantics, and form text summaries, which can make your work and life more efficient, even in complex situations. Jovi voice can help you perform a variety of operations, both considerate and make your life more convenient.


Jovi can also intelligently recognize maps, as long as you are curious, can be identified by it, and give you a desired answer. Even if your child comes across a problem that you can’t do, you can try it with Jovi. It can also give you a satisfactory answer. Of course, when it comes to Jovi search, we have to talk about the children’s model. Vivo S5 supports children’s mode. When turned on, it can not only simplify the operation, but also set its own APP and learning and growth content for children, and adjust the screen display effect to reduce screen damage to children’s eyes.

Children’s model.

In addition, for the game scenarios that you often encounter, vivo S5 also carries the Multi-Turbo technology exclusively developed by vivo, which brings the most immersive game experience to users through AI Turbo, Center Turbo, Game Turbo, Cooling Turbo and Art++ Turbo. With the brand new game space and 4D game shock 2.0 3D surround sound, your experience can be improved in an all-round way. The brand-new game box 7 is comprehensively optimized from the dimensions of game anti-disturbance, performance, game operability, game experience perception, key game special optimization and so on, so as to provide more intimate services for game users.

At the same time, the vivo S5 carries a large 4100mAh battery and supports 22.5W flash charging, which can be recharged 54% in 30 minutes, has a longer battery life, faster charging, and a better gaming experience.

Write at the end

As a brand-new product of vivo S series, vivo S5 gives people a refreshing feeling with the brand-new diamond geometric design, coupled with the brand-new color matching of Icelandic love songs, fully demonstrates the beauty of the design. Maybe beauty doesn’t need to be so complicated. Simple dots, lines and noodles can create the beauty of simplicity, and what users need may be the simplicity that abandons the troubles of life.

Vivo S5.

Under the simple and beautiful design, we have also witnessed the excellent photography ability shown by vivo S5. Whether it is a selfie that illuminates your beauty, or a rear photo that can meet the needs of shooting the whole scene, vivo S5 can find the right solution for users. Especially for some female users who love selfies, vivo S5, with its 32 million-pixel selfie lens and five-fold super-textured beauty solution, allows you to make a blockbuster every selfie, eliminating the trouble of picture revision.

Vivo S5 brings the appearance of the S series to a whole new level, and photography opens a new page. As for the future, users have the most say, we might as well give it a try.

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