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Versatile Huawei AI speakers make your life smarter

With the continuous development and progress of the times, people”s pursuit of life is constantly changing, from good food and clothing to free science and technology, a qualitative leap has taken place. Most of the

People who live in landmark buildings in metropolises are successful people who live a carefree life. There is a stable income, a happy family, but it does not stop the pace of struggle, it is not without the pursuit. Comfort is unlimited, and the development of science and technology has accelerated the development of intelligent life.

Born with the trend, smart home appeared, completely subverting people’s way of life throughout history. You don’t have to start, you can satisfy some of your wishes and realize what you want by moving your mouth. It feels easier than rich families to use maids and servants in the past.


Huawei AI speaker

Mentioned AI smart speaker, friends who like to play with digital, many wealthy families, will be no stranger. A wake-up call, you can open it, whether you want to listen to music or ask about the weather or listen to the news, are imminent, there is no stagnation. The Huawei AI speaker, launched in October last year, is Huawei’s first home smart speaker, so it has attracted a lot of attention in the industry. 399 yuan for similar products, it is really not expensive, it is relatively close to the people. The appearance subverts the thin cylinder and corrugated four cuboids of the competitors before, but is similar to the war drum-shaped structure with the right height and fat size, which can be called the golden proportion design, giving people the feeling of simplicity, softness and warmth.

Is also reasonable, with 2.25-inch 10W full-frequency speakers and two passive bass radiators. Not only that, Huawei also joined hands with high-end professional audio brand Dana (Dynaudio) to tune, yes, the sound performance of the product is more perfect.


Do not think that, like some mobile phone manufacturers, Huawei AI smart speakers are also a stack of high-end hardware, just to sell a good gimmick, then you are wrong. This speaker is Huawei through a strategic cooperation with Tencent Music Entertainment, officially teaming up with KuGou Music and Love to listen to the excellent platform, thus increasing the music library to 10 million levels. In this way, as long as it is not too partial to the song, you can call on it. I prefer the popular and traditional ones. I really haven’t encountered any stuck ones. I’m really addicted to listening to songs after using them.

At the same time, Huawei AI speakers have also launched many skills needed by families, such as parenting education, fun games, knowledge classes and life assistants, which perfectly solve many problems in our lives and make our lives full of intelligence. For example, you like book reviews and headlines. He likes to listen to music, old people like to listen to news and operas, and so on. There is a Huawei AI speaker that is all done, abundant and frugal, as one pleases. 

Of course, these are just some basic functions of Huawei AI speakers. Call for “Xiaoyi Xiaoyi”, and the little sister will immediately appear and serve you 24 hours a day. Get up in the morning to set the alarm for you, the day’s work schedule is ready, the weather is windy or rainy, online translation, encyclopedia knowledge explanation, etc., as long as you bring it up, it can be solved perfectly, more considerate than your paid secretary.

Don’t be busy applauding, these are not the best, voice control is not just to listen to you and do something easy. As the most important feature of Huawei AI smart speakers, it is fully competent to be the commander of the home smart devices you have in my home. Save the tedious APP control of the phone, and use your mouth to provide you with intelligent services in different scenarios according to your actual needs.


Huawei AI speaker

Is based on the Huawei HiLink smart home open and interconnected platform. Huawei AI speakers allow electronic devices connected to the platform to communicate with each other in “official language”, thus achieving full information transmission and sharing functions.

At present, Huawei HiLink smart home open and interconnected platform has been married with more than 150 smart brands, involving more than 400 smart terminal products. Smart home devices that support voice control of Huawei AI speakers include air conditioners, lighting, curtains, air purifiers, fans, sockets, plugs, water heaters, clothes hangers, security, humidifiers, floor sweeping robots and so on. According to incomplete statistics, AI Internet services have been provided for about 400 million users, including you and me, of course. 

Through a day’s experience, I feel that I can really get twice the result with half the effort, and with ease, Xiaoyi is really cute.

Finally, if you are using Huawei AI smart speaker for the first time, like me, you should download Huawei AI speaker APP on your phone. Huawei or Glory phones can be searched and downloaded directly at Huawei App Mall, and if it is a competitor-branded phone, don’t worry, just scan the QR code at the bottom of the chassis to download APP. 

Download and install APP, and power on the speakers at the same time, and under the same WIFI network, you can simply and easily complete the pairing according to the prompts. When the APP prompt finds the speaker, you just need to follow the prompt to configure the speaker and you can start using it. Starting with Huawei AI smart speakers, let’s start a seven-day smart life.

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