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Use Huawei tablet M6 to play games + watch movies to experience a different sense of pleasure

Business? fashion? I want both!

As a tablet computer, Huawei tablet M6 chooses a metal-integrated fuselage design. The structure of all parts of the fuselage is integrated, there are no extra seams; the screen and frame are too round, the whole fuselage looks particularly simple and capable; champagne gold color matching has both a sense of fashion and business features. The one we have is the 10.8-inch Huawei tablet M6. Unlike the intuitive feeling of its large screen, it is surprisingly thin and has no obvious pressure on the hand. Compared with other brand products of the same size, Huawei tablet M6 10.8 inch has more advantages in volume and weight.

The 10.8-inch screen of Huawei”s tablet M6 is a 2560 ‘1600 2K HD screen with a ratio of 1615 to 10, which is very suitable for our daily work and video and audio use of games. At the same time, it is also equipped with Huawei’s “sharp screen” display enhancement technology, so that full-color, clear and beautiful pictures can be obtained no matter when playing videos or games. In addition, the home button of Huawei tablet M6 is mainly reflected in touch, which can carry out different operations through long and short touch and sliding up and down, which is more durable and can achieve more functions than the traditional home button.

Huawei flat M6 fuselage back, still implement the overall concise design language, in addition to the skyline and camera, the most prominent is the center of the logo. The volume button and power button, as well as the Type-C interface and SIM card slot are placed on the left. In addition, we also see the magnetic connector with the keyboard on the bottom frame. Later, we will explain in detail how the Huawei tablet M6 works with a keyboard and M-Pen lite stylus.

Performance? Continue your voyage? Be strong!

The Huawei tablet M6 is equipped with Huawei’s most advanced Kirin 980 processor, which is a complete improvement over the previous generation. It is believed that there is no need to introduce too much about this chip. several of Huawei’s flagship products this year all use Kirin 980 processors, but this is the first time that Huawei’s tablet M6 has been used on tablet computers. This also ensures that tablets can perform well in terms of application startup speed, opening more applications, and data loading.

Considering that friends who like to pursue dramas on tablet computers have higher requirements for the immersion experience and battery life of tablet computers, this time Huawei tablet M6 uses a customized version of large-amplitude four-dimensional sound loudspeaker. When you open Dolby audition and watch movies on iqiyi client, you can intuitively feel a more solid low frequency and a more shocking sense of immersion. In terms of battery life, the battery capacity of the Huawei tablet M6 has been greatly improved compared with the previous generation, with a battery capacity of 7500mAh (8.4in 6100mAh). It can be played continuously for 11 hours when the battery is full, and longer battery life if it is only for daily use. At the same time, the Huawei tablet M6 also supports 18W fast charging. So with Huawei tablet M6, no matter how long the journey, you will have no worries. Recharge at any time and last for a long time.

Work? Life? an able man is always busy!

The Huawei tablet M6 features a flagship Kirin 980processor and supports the revolutionary GPU Turbo 3.0technology, which allows users to have a lighter and more convenient and smooth experience while playing games. Through the actual testing of several popular games, the Huawei tablet M6 has no visible frame drop and no obvious fever under the condition of high rendering screen or large data on the same screen. Thus it can be seen that Huawei tablet M6 has a better performance in game performance processing.

After talking about the game, let’s talk about how Huawei’s tablet M6, as an entertainment and office tablet, has changed our work application. We all know that dual-app on-screen display is already a standard feature on tablets, but have you ever tried dual windows for the same application? The “parallel horizon” function supported by Huawei tablet M6 can display the content of the same application in two windows at the same time. For example, when browsing Weibo, we click on a separate Weibo content and place it on the right side of the double screen, while the left side can still browse other Weibo, so that we can browse information while watching videos in Weibo at the same time. And this function also supports many applications, including Wechat, Toutiao, Kuaishou, gearbest, Zhihu and so on.

Another productivity-boosting feature of Huawei’s tablet M6 is the computer mode, in which we can see a desktop-like mode of operation, and you can use the tablet as a PC. Support multiple applications, through touch mobile drag, you can complete the daily word processing, sending e-mail and other requirements. Although it’s only a small change in functionality, it’s a real step forward for tablets. The computer model supported by Huawei tablet M6, which turns single-threaded processing into multi-threading, can increase production efficiency exponentially.

Of course, in addition to the computer mode, the magnetic keyboard can also be used in tablet mode, text input, brightness adjustment, screenshots and other functions can be completed directly through the keyboard, while also supporting the connection of Bluetooth mouse. Let the tablet instantly have a familiar experience like using a laptop. Another highly recommended accessory is the M-Pen lite stylus, which allows you to write and record your whims at any time, or even directly depict the idea directly, making it easier to work and get into the state anytime, anywhere. It is undoubtedly a great boon for heavy business users. From now on, they don’t have to carry heavy notebooks and easily handle any work anytime and anywhere.

Huawei tablet M6 can also operate the tablet directly through intelligent voice control, and intelligent voice assistant Xiaoyi allows you to liberate your hands and operate as soon as you open your mouth. When you can’t free your hands, in the smart voice mode of the tablet, just say “Xiaoyi, Xiaoyi” and you can directly ask it to help you find all kinds of information, play videos, open apps, and so on. With a smart voice dock, Huawei’s tablet M6 (10.8 inch) can also automatically enter smart voice mode and become a home intelligent voice assistant, playing children’s songs and playing a piece of music for themselves, which can be done in just one sentence. And surprisingly, the smart voice function of M6 can also support Huawei HiLink smart home control protocol, which means that users can easily control all kinds of smart home devices that support HiLink through M6, and there are more and more scenarios that can be used. .

Write at the end.

Generally speaking, people are more and more detailed about the subdivision of tools, and more tools are needed in different work scenarios, so tablets have a position that can not be replaced. Huawei tablet M6 adds functions such as parallel horizon, computer mode and intelligent voice to the tablet, which allows us to see that tablets gradually help us in more scenes. It is easier and faster to deal with operations that only computers can do. Therefore, an excellent tablet computer should not only have excellent “player” and “handheld” functions, but also provide us with more convenience at work. Huawei tablet M6 can achieve “both work and play”. With it, I believe it will also let you better balance the two.

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