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ThinkBook 14s review: makes young people comfortable with both work and life



I vaguely remember my first laptop in college. I was confused at that time, and what the salesman said was respected by me like the golden rule. in my eyes, they were knowledgeable and would certainly give me the most appropriate recommendation in terms of laptops. So from that time on, I bought a very heavy notebook. Although it is easy to use, there is one thing that bothers me the most. I really don”t want to “run around” with it. The weight bearing for no reason will make the two flesh that I have worked so hard to raise dissipate in an instant.

In terms of fuselage weight, the ThinkBook 14s has this good performance, if you don’t believe it, let’s weigh it first.

ThinkBook 14s weight

As shown in the picture, the ThinkBook 14s weighs 1.488kg, which is a little lighter and more handy than the official weight.

If you do not have a good understanding of this weight, we can make an analogy. We all know what a bottle of 500ml mineral water feels like. The weight of ThinkBook 14s is about the weight of three bottles of mineral water. Putting it in a bag does not have a strong sense of weight.

ThinkBook 14s thickness

If it is only light, it may not give me a good reason to fall in love with it. In terms of thickness, it also shows full strength, its whole machine thickness is about 16.5mm, it will not be as thick as a brick in a bag. The moment you took it out, it was as if you had taken a fashion magazine, so frivolous, how could you not love it?


It can be said that contemporary young people are too tired, a little older, older and younger, and there is also work pressure in the middle, while those who are younger need to work hard for their own careers. If they do not work hard, they may fall behind. In the young people running, how to make a notebook not to become his burden, but to become a good assistant? The answer is portable, it is impossible for desktops to take away, notebooks can only be portable to help you complete the work over and over again, no matter how difficult it is, you can take it easy.

ThinkBook 14s

Portable nature is inseparable from the frivolity we mentioned earlier, it is frivolity that makes it portable, and small is its essence. Since ancient times, there has been a saying that “small and fine”, small things tend to appear delicate, notebooks are no exception. The ThinkBook 14s is only 14 inches in size, but it can complete a series of transactions, and you can find your own inspiration with each slide.

ThinkBook 14s

Most importantly, it allows you to take it out and deal with the work in any situation, sit down and put it on your lap, and still put it on a small table. This is the benefit that it brings to young people, while bringing efficiency improvement, it will not become a burden to young people, but can make your efficiency and inspiration burst out. At the same time, the addition of fingerprint unlocking ability to further enhance its practicality, gently press, halo flicker, boot and unlock instant completion, do not waste a second.

ThinkBook 14s fingerprint unlock

Future-proof design

We call it “enduring to see”. Naturally, it doesn’t mean that you can’t look bad, but even if you look at it over and over again and others come to see it, it can withstand the aesthetics of thousands of people. Especially when you take it out of your bag, it will show your young character and make you the prettiest boy on the scene.

ThinkBook 14s

ThinkBook 14s takes the traditional architecture “shoulder eaves” as the design inspiration, creating a unique wedge-shaped corner design, familiar with the ancient style so that you can burst into surprise when you see it, isn’t this a blend of young fashion and ancient rhyme? And the ThinkBook 14s takes the user experience as the core, creates the unique metal aesthetics, the aluminum shell brings the light use experience, and the finishing touch pen magnesium element adds to make it more sturdy.

ThinkBook 14s

The front of the fuselage is undoubtedly the most beautiful place, the ThinkBook 14s screen frame is only 4.9mm, achieving a comprehensive screen display effect, whether it is work or audio-visual entertainment, can bring a stronger sense of immersion. And the screen has a 178-degree viewing angle, which allows you to see the contents of the screen from a larger angle, which provides users with a high-quality experience in a complex environment. Of course, it can also be used for you in more complex scenes, you can fold the screen to 180 degrees, maybe you will get different results when you look at the screen from another angle, and if you look at things from another angle, you will get different results, which is exactly the philosophical thinking brought to us by ThinkBook 14s.

Long battery life

The most worrying thing about smartphones is the discount on the battery life of feature phones, which also plays a vital role in a laptop. If the battery life is very poor, it is likely to put you in an awkward situation, such as using it to work when you are on a business trip, but it is out of power when you are not ready for work. What should you do? So the ThinkBook 14s is carefully designed in terms of battery life, which can bring you enough surprises.

ThinkBook 14s battery life

The ThinkBook 14s has a battery capacity of 45hr and a battery life of about 12 hours. if you use it to work, you don’t have to recharge during the whole working day, and you don’t have to carry a charger to go to work every day. If you use it to watch videos, besides the effect of immersion, battery life will also become a bright spot, and it’s no problem to watch a few more TV episodes.

In addition, the ThinkBook 14s is also equipped with a 65W charger, which can charge 80% in an hour when the phone is off, and charge a battery in your spare time, making you more relaxed in the rest of your work. At this speed, even people who often lose things can recharge their computers when they get up in the morning and start a beautiful day.


The ability of “generalist” is a must for contemporary young people, and if a laptop abandons the most basic user experience in pursuit of frivolous design, it will be a bit of a sacrifice. Especially for the computer interface, if not, some users may not be commonly used, they can only catch blindness when using it, and some users can only use it frequently and can only be equipped with a separate dock to improve the scene usage ability of the notebook.

Rich interfaces for ThinkBook 14s

ThinkBook 14s meets the needs of users as much as possible in this respect, and the rich interfaces cover all aspects of the usage scenario. It is equipped with a charging port for users to recharge, a HDMI interface to meet users’ video needs, a USB 3.1 and two USB 3.1 Gen1, and a 3.5mm headphone hole, providing both a high-performance experience and a rich usage scenario.

And for young people who like to explore, we can expand again based on these interfaces, and there may be more unexpected ways to play.

ThinkBook 14s keyboard

The quality of young people is six– performance.

If the above points are the external factors that a notebook needs to highlight, then the sixth point we want to talk about now is the inside. we can’t see its performance at a glance, but in the continuous running-in, feel the silent experience of the moisturizer brought by high performance.

When it comes to performance, the first thing to talk about is naturally CPU and GPU. In terms of CPU, ThinkBook 14s provides users with a variety of configurations to choose from, and of course, the price varies slightly under different configurations. This is the Intel i7mur8565U processor, which is a high-performance processor with a main frequency of 1.8GHz, a maximum of 4.6GHz and a three-level cache of 6m, which can be processed smoothly for a variety of large tasks.


In the aspect of GPU, ThinkBook 14s uses AMD Radeon 540X independent graphics card, which can bring users more powerful image and video processing capabilities. It can be seen that ThinkBook 14s brings users innate strong image and video processing capabilities and is good at games by combining AMD Radeon 540X with i7mur8565U.


AS SSD Benchmark test

ThinkBook 14s is equipped with 8GB’s DDR4 memory and SSD solid-state disk up to 512GB. After testing, its reading speed has reached 1460.16MB, allowing each user to burst out more efficient and robust creativity on it. With such a solid-state hard drive, ThinkBook 14s is like a “runaway wild horse” to bring the fastest user experience.


It is worth mentioning that the ThinkBook 14s has built-in the official PC manager, the software can support users to update the computer driver, declare customer service, can make the experience more rich and perfect. Coupled with the accompanying ThinkPlus exclusive service, even if you encounter an accident in the process of using the machine, it can be easily solved.

Lenovo PC manager

Bottom line

Generally speaking, ThinkBook 14s, as a lightweight book focusing on youth and fashion, not only brings high appearance, but also provides a high-performance experience for young users. Especially in the appearance, whether it is the aluminum alloy fuselage or the degree of opening and closing as high as 180 degrees, there are obvious young symbols. When young people hold it in their hands, it can not only bring good appearance, but also become a new productivity tool, leading to more efficient work and life. As a group of young people commuting to and from major cities, ThinkBook 14s can become a very effective tool in their rucksacks.

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