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The OnePlus 7T not only has a 90Hz screen has an excellent feel


OnePlus 7T.

However, in addition to the 90Hz screen, the OnePlus 7T series of mobile phones are also very good in terms of feel. According to the official introduction of OnePlus, OnePlus “has always been the ultimate pursuit of the combination of every straight line and curve and the texture of the material.” This time OnePlus 7T uses a better fourth-generation AG glass process, bringing glacier silver and interglacial blue two kinds of glittering texture, not only can bring a comfortable look and feel, but also not easy to touch fingerprints.

In addition, the 8mm thick OnePlus 7T, with 3.2mm “s metal frame and the 20:9 screen, not only looks lighter, but also enables a larger display size to achieve a narrower body, which is also very comfortable to hold. The back of the fuselage is designed with simple lines, which appears to be very “spiritual”. With the carefully polished back cover Radian, it can fit with the palm and bring an indefatigable handheld experience.

In other aspects, 7T rear 48 million-pixel three-camera, support 117 °ultra-wide angle and 2.5cm macro shooting; equipped with Snapdragon 855 Plus mobile platform, coupled with 8GB large storage, can bring a smooth use experience; equipped with 3800mAh battery, support Warp flash charge 30T, long-lasting battery.

[Reference price] from 2999 yuan.
[Purchase address] gearbest Mall.

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