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Spring Festival Q & A: should I buy a real wireless Bluetooth headset? Let me tell you something.


Spring Festival Q & A: should I buy a real wireless Bluetooth headset? Let me tell you something.

As far as headphones are concerned, we won”t talk about the categories of headphones today. In the past 2019, we have seen many mobile phone manufacturers launch their own real wireless Bluetooth headsets, although the naming and design are different, but all hope to provide users with a better experience. So should I buy a real wireless Bluetooth headset? After all, the price of this kind of headphones is not very low, to buy it or to buy an ordinary wire headset has also become a tangled place for many users.

Today, the editor has just started Huawei Freebuds 3 a few days ago to talk to you about some of his current experience with this true wireless Bluetooth headset. At the same time, I also talk to you about whether you should buy a real wireless Bluetooth headset or not.

  Since the end of 2018, the Q & A program has planned to break away from the CNMO column matrix and prepare to extend to the direction of interactive products. Relying on the success of the CNMO content + strategy in 2018, we have more room to imagine in terms of content breadth and interactive form. In order to detonate this imagination, the CNMO Q & A program will be upgraded to the first exploration test field, allowing users’ voices to be imported through gearbest Weibo Wechat and gearbest forums, forming a user-led closed loop of content + interaction. The Q & A team will provide regular feedback on netizens’ questions in a more professional and interesting way.

How is the real wireless Bluetooth headset experience?

  We might as well talk about the real wireless Bluetooth headset, the new favorite of the headset world, from the inside to the outside. First of all, “true wireless” means that there is really no cable, which can be said to be a small surprise for users who often use wire headphones, at least eliminating the trouble of getting tangled up every time they use headphones. Even if the publicity is a variety of anti-winding wire headphones, in the actual use of the process will inevitably tie a knot, this is a disadvantage that wire headphones can not be eliminated.


The use of ordinary headphones.

This trouble does not exist for the real wireless Bluetooth headset, wear it on the ear when in use, and put it into the charging box when not in use, which can not only recharge, but also prevent loss, so it is naturally favored. Of course, headphones without wires sometimes inevitably think of kites that are disconnected and may be lost inadvertently, which must be a puzzle for many users when buying real wireless Bluetooth headphones. Of course, this is a problem that needs to be looked directly at, especially for some special users, the general real wireless Bluetooth headset may really fall off!


Huawei Freebuds 3.

However, take the author’s Huawei Freebuds 3 as an example, it is still very comfortable to wear, the lighter size can easily make you forget the fact that you are wearing headphones, and wearing it for a long time will not put too much pressure on the ear. At the same time, the author will also be an “active” person, who may be a child who shakes his head in the eyes of his parents, who often swings with him when listening to music. Huawei Freebuds 3 will not fall when dealing with some common scenes in daily life, such as shaking and body collision, so you can rest assured to use it. Of course, for users who want to buy a real wireless Bluetooth headset, it is recommended to go to the relevant experience store in advance to see if it is suitable for them, and finally decide whether to buy it or not.


Huawei Freebuds 3.

Secondly, the design of the real wireless Bluetooth headset will really brighten the eyes of many people and awaken Mary Sue in their hearts, especially with a beautiful or cartoon box, which is simply admiring. Combined with the design concept of the headset itself, in fact, wearing it on the ear can also attract the attention of many people. A good-looking real wireless Bluetooth headset can become a satisfying technology trend for you.

After talking about the outside, let’s talk about the inside of the real wireless Bluetooth headset. Also take Huawei Freebuds 3 as an example, which is equipped with Huawei’s self-developed Kirin A1 chip, which is a wearable chip that gives priority to Bluetooth and low-power Bluetooth dual-mode 5.1 certification in the world. It has a more stable and fast wireless connection and low-delay performance, which can bring better audio and picture synchronization effect, so that you can play games. Get a better experience. Whether the latency is low or not is an important criterion to measure the experience of a true wireless Bluetooth headset, just like the principle of one price per cent, the highest bidder is often better in this respect, so you might as well pay attention to it when you choose and buy it.

Huawei Freebuds 3.

When we use a wire headset, we never have to worry about its battery life, but when we use a true wireless Bluetooth headset, we have to consider it. Generally speaking, the battery life of a true wireless Bluetooth headset is calculated by calculating the total battery life of the headset itself and the charging box. after all, people do not put back the charging box when the headset is out of power, and people use their own spare time to listen to music more often. The combination of headset and charging box naturally becomes the best partner.

Huawei Freebuds 3.

Take Huawei Freebuds 3, for example, the headset itself is full of charged music for about 4 hours, not to mention that this can cope with people’s daily commuting scenes, but also allows you to enjoy a longer time of slow time. If used with a charging box, the music can be played for up to 20 hours, it can be said that a charge can basically take nearly a week. If you like listening to music for a long time, Huawei Freebuds 3 can also last for a whole day or more. And its charging speed is also very fast, 30 minutes can be full, and does not take too long, even 10 minutes of charging, can further extend the battery life.

Huawei Freebuds 3.

It is worth mentioning that at present, many true wireless Bluetooth headsets, including Huawei Freebuds 3, support the function of holding wireless charging, and you only need to put the charging box on the charging board to charge. If you are a phone that supports reverse wireless charging, such as the Huawei Mate30 series, you can charge your headphones directly with your phone without even connecting the power supply, which is also very easy to use.

For a headset, there must be some pursuit of sound quality. after all, many people buy headphones for its sound quality. Huawei Freebuds 3 has built-in high-precision, high-sensitivity 14mm large-size moving coil unit, with its own subwoofer, which makes you perform well when listening to music with rich bass details. In the process of daily use, the author prefers to use viper sound effects with KuGou music, a variety of sound effects can be chosen, and the final experience has its own characteristics, interested partners can also try.

Huawei Freebuds 3.

What is rare is that although Huawei Freebuds 3 is a semi-in-ear headset, it supports active noise reduction, and the noise reduction effect can be adjusted to match different user ear canal structures and wearing methods, and finally achieve the best noise reduction effect. I still remember that when it was first launched, it needed to be adjusted in the Smart Life APP, but now it can be adjusted directly in the settings of the connection interface, and it is more convenient to use. When noise reduction is turned on, the music effect will be significantly different. Huawei Freebuds 3 has enough ability to provide you with an immersive music scene.

Overall, the true wireless Bluetooth headset is a category worth choosing, especially now that a hundred flowers blossom, the product quality is gradually improving and the user experience is getting better and better. For users, choose one that suits them and what they like at the same time. As for the price, naturally, you should also consider your own financial affordability, and don’t put too much financial pressure on yourself because of buying a headset.

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