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Sony Xperia 1 review: a mobile phone closest to the “One Sony” strategy

Sony Xperia 1

In fact, Sony has also proposed a corresponding solution. When the “uncle” has not yet retired, Sony put forward the “One Sony” strategy, which is to strengthen the cooperation among Sony departments, gather Sony”s technology and content resources in various fields, and enhance the competitiveness of Sony’s products. But having said that, when Sony launches new phones every year, the presence of other departments does not seem to be high, which leads to a lack of consumer interest in these Sony phones.

But when Sony Xperia 1 appeared, my attitude towards Sony began to change. The phone has the blessing of a number of technologies from the TV department and the imaging department, and these two departments have also brought core functions to this flagship phone, allowing people to see the dawn of “One Sony”.

Perhaps starting with Sony Xperia 1, Sony mobile phones will become a new choice for more people.

Excellent screen display effect

What is the most important part of a mobile phone? Needless to say, it must be the screen. After all, we have to face it every day, good screen display effect, will naturally improve the look and feel of the phone. Sony Xperia 1 features a distinctive 21:9 screen, the world’s first 4K HDR OLED screen. This design with fish screen not only makes the whole phone in sharp contrast with other products on the market, but also brings us a strong visual impact when watching video.


But just a high-quality screen is far from enough, after all, a good screen is not equal to a good look and feel. To get the best visual experience, this screen must have all kinds of adjustments. As we all know, the picture quality of Sony TV has always been the leading level in the industry, in which Sony’s X1 image processing chip can be said to play an important role. This time Sony added a mobile X1 Mobile image processing chip to Xperia 1, which is like shrinking Sony’s TV to the size of a mobile phone, and its picture quality is naturally expected.

This time, “Master Mode” has been added to the screen of Sony Xperia 1. If you are a movie enthusiast, this “master mode” is designed for you. Because when watching a movie in this mode, the color is closer to the visual effect expected by the creator, if we have the right source, we will get a true color picture when watching on Sony Xperia 1. Especially when I opened the built-in “Spider-Man: hero Expedition” trailer, the perfect color made me watch the trailer over and over again.

It can be said that Sony has turned the Xperia 1 into a handheld “flagship TV”, which I think will capture a lot of people who pursue the ultimate picture quality.

In addition to the part of watching movies that gives the most value, the 21:9 screen also has many advantages in displaying application content.

Many people may think that this 21:9 screen can greatly increase the visual impact when playing games, but I personally think the biggest advantage of this screen is that it can display more content on the same screen. Most of us now use mobile phones in vertical mode, and a screen that stretches vertically to 21:9 allows us to see more.

Split screen function

In addition, Sony Xperia 1 also provides us with split screen function. Thanks to the 21:9 screen ratio, we can display two apps on the same screen, such as browsing Weibo while watching a movie, which has greatly improved the usefulness.

However, the 21:9 screen also brings us some drawbacks. If you often watch 16:9 videos, you have to put up with the left and right black edges on Xperia 1, and the black edge of the 21:9 ratio is wider than other full-screen phones. Whether you can accept it or not depends on your personal needs.

Outstanding photography experience

As we all know, Sony’s camera has always been in an industry-leading position, and many manufacturers always throw “equipped with Sony XXX camera” as a slogan when they hold a press conference. But Sony phones have always performed poorly in terms of imaging, making it hard to believe that this is the photographic level of Sony phones.

It has been reported on the Internet that the reason why Sony mobile phone photography is not good is that Sony Pictures team has not optimized the phone so that users can not use Sony mobile phone to take better pictures. However, starting with Sony Xperia 1, this situation may have a new change, because this time Sony has even brought the BIONZ X chip that SLR cameras can use to the phone, where we can see most of the features from Sony Micro order, and the trance will also make people feel like “spent more than 6, 000 yuan on a micro order, and it happens to be able to make a phone call.”

“Eye-controlled focus” can even recognize the eyes of the statue

First, let’s take a look at Sony Xperia 1’s eye-controlled focus. In the past, when we were shooting portraits, we still needed manual or automatic focus to shoot, but after using Sony Xperia 1, we can complete the focus operation at any time, even when the character is moving, we can also focus on the character through the “eye control focus” function. This feature has previously appeared on Sony Microorder, and now Sony phones can also have this feature, it is not difficult to see the importance that Sony attaches to this phone.

For those who like to shoot video, Sony Xperia 1 is a product specially prepared for them. Audio lovers must have heard of “Hi-Res”, while Sony Xperia 1 has “CineAlta” certification in the film field, which means that the phone has the ability to record and edit film-grade pictures, and we can make blockbusters with our phones.

Have “CineAlta” certified video recording function

As for the hardware quality of the camera, the performance of Sony Xperia 1 is also satisfactory. The phone features three rear cameras with 12 million pixels and a focus of 16mm, 26mm and 52mm. We can use ultra-wide-angle 16mm focal length to shoot great scenery, use 26mm focal length to record daily life, and use 52mm focal length to shoot portraits, it can be said that Sony Xperia 1 can already satisfy us to shoot a variety of different scenes.

16mm focal section

26mm focal section

52mm focal section

Sony Xperia 1 sample sheet

Sony Xperia 1 sample sheet

Sony Xperia 1 sample sheet

Sony Xperia 1 sample sheet

By the way, Sony Xperia 1’s main camera and telephoto lens also support optical anti-shake, which gives us a better photo experience. The only thing that has any impact on the user experience is that Sony Xperia 1’s zoom ability is not good enough, and when switching to an ultra-wide-angle 16mm focal lens, the phone always stutters, hoping that Sony can correct the problem in subsequent software updates.

It can be seen that Sony has integrated most of the image team’s cool techs into Xperia 1, and the trifocal lens, eye tracking and movie-level recording capabilities show us Sony’s strong capabilities and industry accumulation, so that Sony Xperia 1 cameras are no longer short.

Flagship level performance and appearance 

In addition to its powerful photo shooting ability and excellent screen look and feel, Sony Xperia 1 also performs well in terms of performance. As a new flagship, Sony Xperia 1 is equipped with the top Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 mobile platform, this chip has been used by many manufacturers, and its performance has been recognized by many consumers. From the point of view of running scores, Sony Xperia 1 achieved a single core score of 3344 points and a multi-core score of 10563 points in the GeekBench, which shows that its performance is enough to satisfy most users.

Sony Xperia 1 benchmark score

But Sony’s Xperia 1 may not be that competitive for battery life. The phone is equipped with only one 3200mAh battery, plus the 4K HDR screen itself is a big power user, so it can only last for one day. In addition, Sony Xperia 1 also removed the wireless charging function, which is also a bit of a pity.

The UI design of Sony Xperia 1 still follows the native

Sony Xperia 1 still uses a native Android-like interface, while the bottom layer upgrades to the latest Android 9.0. Although we can hardly feel stutter in the course of daily use, it is really difficult to call Sony Xperia 1’s system “easy to use” because of the lack of various functions. Of course, if you are a tumultuous person, you can also make this phone easier to use through a variety of third-party App or plug-ins, if you are willing to pay the cost of time, then this phone must be a good choice.


Although the Sony Xperia 1 is a 21:9 screen phone, but the overall weight is still well controlled, and there is no top-heavy feeling in hand, people have to marvel at Sony’s industrial design. Of course, side fingerprint recognition, which has been well received by users, has also made a comeback in Sony Xperia 1. But for some reason, Sony did not combine the power key with the fingerprint identification module this time, so it is hard to avoid some trouble when locking the screen. And with the physical photo button on the side, the side does look a little complicated.

As for the overall design, Sony Xperia 1 also returns to the classic look we are familiar with. Founder’s fuselage and round frame design can be said to be minimalist to the extreme. And the back of the 3D curved glass, but also with the round metal frame to form a perfect transition, that kind of round grip feel, people want to play for a long time.


After using a piece of Sony Xperia 1, I have a whole new understanding of it. Because the phone has the triple lens and BINOZ X chip provided by the camera department, as well as the screen and X1 chip adjusted by the TV department, it is the flagship phone closest to the “One Sony” strategy. If you are interested in Sony’s cool techs and want to experience all the technology of the Sony family, I’m sure the Sony Xperia 1 will not let you down.

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