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Sony WH-1000MX3 Noise-Cancelling Headphone hands-on review: it’s very simple to block noise

So, when you want to calm down, rest, and work, you need a pair of noise reduction headphones to help you. Throughout the current noise reduction headphone products on the market, if you want to maximize the sound quality + noise reduction effect, you still have to look at Sony”s WH series. As the housekeeper of the Sony family, the latest Sony WH-1000MX3 noise reduction headphones can be described as a star. Since its release, it has become the first choice for many people when choosing noise reduction headphones. So what’s the actual experience of this headset? let me tell you slowly.

The appearance is good, but the texture needs to be improved

Why choose this WH-1000MX3? The first reason is to take a fancy to its all-ear design, which is not only more comfortable to wear, but also plays a role in keeping warm in the cold wind in Beijing. In fact, Sony’s headphones are always online in terms of appearance, and WH-1000MX3 is no exception. I believe many people start with its appearance.

Packing box, or consistent Sony style, all the information for you marked out, do not miss a selling point. The one I have in my hand is a “platinum and silver” color match, which is a very warm color match for men and women. After all, it is the same style of Dili Reba in the advertisement. The body of the box still has some weight, and it is said that there are a lot of accessories inside.

As a headset with a price of 2599 yuan, I felt that Sony was very conscientious when I saw the gallbladder bag and various accessories that came with Sony. Due to the foldable design of the headphones, it can be easily put into the bag with the complimentary receiving bag. It is not only easy to receive, but also can protect headphones well. The storage bag is made of knitted material, and there is a net pocket on the back, which can be used to hold items such as data cables.

Sony WH-1000MX3 gave away an audio cable, an airplane adapter, and a USB Type-C charging cord. The only drawback is that this charging cord is really a little short, and it hasn’t been used much since it was taken apart. As a wireless Bluetooth headset, Sony also takes into account a variety of usage scenarios. This plane changeover plug, for example, allows you to rest in the roar of a noisy engine.

The headphone body is basically made of plastic, which may be for the sake of wearability, and the weight of the headphone body is only 251g. With soft lining and earbags, the overall feel is still very comfortable. But the disadvantage is that the headphones feel a little cheap, and the 2599 price is not so “obvious”.

Above the left and right ears, printed with Sony’s “faith” Logo, below is a mysterious hole. It should be to balance the internal and external ear pressure, as well as the noise reduction microphone. Although there is no imitation leather design, but the feel is still good, the golden Logo is the finishing touch of the whole.

Below the left ear, there is a power button, a 3.5mm headphone port, and a NC/AMBIENT button, which can control WH-1000XM3 to automatically detect current ambient noise to automatically adjust to the best noise reduction level. There is only the Type-C charging port below the headset on the right.

As a ear-wrapped headset, it is a big problem whether the ear can be included as a whole. After the test of colleagues around, almost everyone can wear 1000XM3 very well, without the embarrassment that the ears are too big to fit in. It seems that Sony has also done a lot of experiments. The earmuff pads on both sides are made of soft polyurethane foam to soften the skin. But if you like to sweat very much, it may shorten its useful life.

The right panel of the headset still integrates a lot of fast operations, such as: adjust the volume up and down, switch songs from left to right, double-click to play / pause music or answer the phone, long press the touchpad to activate voice assistant, override activation quick reminder and so on. For those users who want to immerse themselves in the music world in winter, this is simply not too convenient.

Excellent sound quality and noise reduction function

Next, let’s talk about the part of comparative metaphysics, sound quality and noise reduction. Sony officials say WH-1000XM3 headphones use QN1 noise reduction processors and have strong noise reduction capabilities. After practical experience, we can basically achieve the effect of “instant silence” in a relatively quiet environment in the office. And in noisy environments, such as subways and roads, it can also eliminate most of the regular noise.

Of course, these feelings are under the premise of not playing music. If you play a more dynamic music in WH-1000XM3 noise reduction mode, it can be said that all the people and things around you are instantly “Rain Girl without melons”. This isolated experience can give you a moment of peace and quiet for people who often need to take public transport.

Sony WH-1000XM3 also supports the Sony Headphones app, which makes it easier to control when the headset is connected to the phone. In addition to regular volume, song cutting, and noise reduction controls, you can also use the front lens of your phone to test your ear shape or set surround sound effects.

On the whole, the interface of this software is not very complex, but there are many integrated functions. Some of the basic ones that are not commonly used are all here. If there is something you don’t understand, just read the instructions honestly. At the bottom of the first page of APP, the noise reduction optimizer option is amazing. It can emphasize the noise reduction effect according to your ear shape and ambient atmospheric pressure to minimize ear discomfort.

In terms of sound quality, forgive me for not using any high-end headphones and no high pursuit of sound quality. Enthusiasts describe Bluetooth headphones as “Bluetooth is just a sound, a sound under 10,000 yuan.” Of course, for the general public, Sony’s sound quality is absolutely reliable. Especially after turning on the “bass enhancement” mode, the feeling of “moving and playing” is so good!


Is it worth buying?

Before buying noise reduction headphones, it’s best to calm down and clarify your usage scene and ask yourself a few questions: whether the environment is noisy, whether you need to travel frequently, and whether you can accept headphones. After careful consideration, if all are checked, then I think Sony WH-1000XM3 is a good choice for you.

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