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Sony WF-1000XM3 True Wireless Review: Imperfect but Good Enough

For a Beipiao ethnic group, the subway, noisy roads and absolutely quiet environment do not exist during commuting hours. Since you can”t change the environment, you can only change yourself. The first contact with noise reduction headphones is Bose’s QC30, collar design is very convenient to carry. Skin-friendly material, sometimes almost forget its existence. But in Beijing in the middle of summer, headphones around the neck become a serious burden, and it becomes sticky and greasy after going out for a while.

And then I got iPhone’s best partner, AirPods, which is easy to use, comfortable to wear and excellent for battery life. However, with the same sound quality as plain boiled water and no sense of noise reduction, the volume can only be turned up in the subway and noisy places, which is not conducive to hearing health. Just when I was worried, Sony Dafa launched a new generation of true wireless noise reduction headset WF-1000XM3. After trying it out in the offline physical store, I didn’t hesitate to start. After a period of use, I have some views on this headset, which is said to be “harder to grab than a coconut”. Today, we do not talk about parameters, do not look at the technology, purely from the personal experience, to see if this headset is that good.

It takes a little patience to connect for the first time.

Unpack the headset and the charging box separately. According to the instructions on the package, I put two headphones in the charging box to activate the headphones, then downloaded the Sony Headphone connect software, and finally removed the headphones from the box. At this point, we should have completed the initial connection in theory, but it is not that simple. The software kept indicating that the headset was not connected, and finally I had to manually look for the headset from the Bluetooth option. After several failed connections, the pair was finally successfully matched.

After successful pairing, you only need to open the lid and remove the headset to connect automatically. Compared with the AirPods magic one-click connection settings, Sony Dafa also needs a little more refueling ah! In addition, sometimes after the headset connection is successful, the software will appear “not connected” prompt, need to switch several times to succeed, I hope Sony can re-optimize the software.

Headphones are relatively small and the box is really big.

Next, let’s talk about the headset body. Sony’s WF-1000XM3 has a circle at the top, and the headphone box is made of skin-friendly material, which feels good to the touch. Although it is a little too large in size, I have no choice but to forgive it for the sake of providing an extra 18 hours of battery life for the headset. In order to adapt to different ear shapes and needs, Sony intimately comes with six pairs of earplugs of different sizes and materials, which you can wear according to your own actual situation.

Compared with the real wireless headphones currently on the market, the WF-1000XM3 is relatively small in shape. In wearing, Sony officials advise users to choose earplugs that fit the ear canal as much as possible to achieve better noise reduction. As far as the wearing feeling is concerned, although it is not as good as the shark fin of Bose, it is still more comfortable as a whole. There is no obvious feeling of squeeze, if the range of action is too large, there may be a sense of convulsion. But being a daily commuter partner is enough.

Noise reduction + connectivity has been improved

Next, let’s talk about sound quality and noise reduction, as well as connection stability. Music enthusiasts always say that “wireless headphones are just listening to sound”, but for the general public, Sony’s sound quality has always been guaranteed. This WF-1000XM3 still continues the strength of Sony Dafa, especially after opening the “bass enhancement”, for me this wooden ear, has been fully satisfied. The

Sony WF-1000XM3 has three modes: noise reduction, human voice and ambient sound. Automatic recognition can be set in the software, and the ear can guess the use of the scene according to the user’s behavior so as to automatically adjust the noise reduction mode needed. However, when I go out, I usually turn on the noise reduction, wrap myself in a quiet environment and taste the music quietly. The noise reduction effect is comparable to that of Bose, and the daily scenes such as offices and noisy streets perform very well. But in the roaring subway, WF-1000XM3 is obviously slightly inferior, and some sharp noises still penetrate the headphones and reach the cerebral cortex.

In terms of connection stability, Sony made a big deal this time, using the new HD noise reduction processor QN1e. From the “curative effect” point of view, after choosing “connectivity first”, I have hardly encountered the situation of disconnection. No matter on the crowded subway or in the crowded shopping malls, there is only a small sense of “jumping sound” occasionally, which is completely within an acceptable range. For a truly wireless headset, the performance has been far beyond imagination.


Unlike the previous true wireless headphones, Sony uses the asynchronous connection between the left and right headphones, and both headphones can be connected to the playback device separately. Compared with the old connection method, WF-1000XM3 has a significant improvement in stability and latency. If you are using in a more complex environment, it is recommended that you choose “connection first”; if your use scene is relatively single and quiet, you can choose “sound quality first”. However, because the headphones are linked to the left and right separately, you have to listen to them twice every time you take them out and wear them: they are turned on and connected, which makes people laugh or cry.

Sound quality is very metaphysical

Before talking about sound quality, let’s see what Sony advertises: “the cleverly designed structure has built-in 6mm drive unit so that mini-sized headphones show good sound quality with rich details, clarity and wide frequency range.” The DSEE HX Digital Sound Enhancement engine compensates for the loss of high-frequency signals and digital audio compression, resulting in high-quality sound effects close to Hi-Res. Having said so much, in fact, sound quality is a matter of opinion. I am usually used to turning on the “bass enhancement” mode, and the bass shock of “moving and hitting times” is still very good, so let’s go to the actual experience of the specific effect.

Summed up

Is worth buying? As far as I am concerned, these 1699 do not feel the regret of the flowers. In today’s large number of true wireless noise reduction headphones, there are only Sony WF-1000XM3 that can have stable connectivity, excellent sound quality and good noise reduction at the same time. Yes, it’s not so perfect, the tedious connection with the small Bug, the out-of-sync of the two headphones, the larger storage box, and so on. But it does not outweigh the shortcomings, it is also the best true wireless Bluetooth noise reduction headset on the market.

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