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Samsung W20 5G review: the inheritance and opening room of the heart cares about the world shows the connotation of luxury

Time flies, time flies, Samsung W205G quietly arrived, announcing the official arrival of the era of folding screen phones. Slim waist, avant-garde design and exquisite craftsmanship once again sublimate the inner genes of Samsung W series luxury. Recently, Samsung W205G came to our company. Next, let”s take a closer look at this new species and see what its actual experience is.

Opening and closing has a bright future.

When it comes to the Samsung W series, many people’s first impression is synonymous with high-end. This time, Samsung W205G breaks through itself and interprets the future with a new attitude. Folding screen is a new mobile phone form last year, and the opening and closing room shows the luxury brought by state-of-the-art technology. Close the phone, 4.6-inch touchable external display, ergonomic design, comfortable one-handed grip. Expand the phone, 7.3in dynamic AMOLED screen, clear and wide picture eye-catching.

In order to make the 7.3in screen easier to fold, Samsung W205G also uses a new screen technology, using organic polymer polyimide film material with strong comprehensive performance, which is precisely glued to the folding screen, so that the module thickness of the screen is 50% lower than that of the Samsung Galaxy traditional display screen.

For Samsung W205G, the use of polyimide film can be said to have both advantages and disadvantages. Due to the limited strength of the plastic film, it is easy to see the crease in the center of the fuselage after many times of folding, but it will not affect the look and feel of the screen. When watching video or playing games on the horizontal screen, the broad screen vision can also make people forget the existence of creases.

Unlike other folding screen phones on the market, the Samsung W205G uses an inner fold, which can effectively protect the screen. With the design of the hinge, the whole machine becomes more suitable after folding, and the thickness of the fuselage is controlled within an acceptable range.

Generally speaking, Samsung W205G inherits innovative ideas and relies on the foresight of science and technology to realize the wide-screen connotation of small, medium and large, easy and portable operation of the outer screen, and efficient and intuitive office on the inner screen. The double-sided glass fuselage not only has an excellent grip feel, but also ensures the strength of the folded machine.

5G keeps pace with the times.

With the advent of the 5G tide, users’ habits of using mobile phones for storage, entertainment and work have been subverted to a great extent. In view of this, the major manufacturers have launched their own 5G new phones. Samsung, as an established mobile phone, will not be absent. Samsung W205G supports China Telecom and China Unicom NSA 5G network, which is currently the most extensive 5G technology in the world.

As a 5G phone, the Samsung W205G is equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 Plus mobile platform and is manufactured with 7 nm technology. The storage combination of 12GB and 512GB has efficient running speed and large storage space, and the small body has strong performance.

From the actual test, Samsung W205G download speed reached 852 Mbps, upload speed reached 93.7Mbps. It is worth noting that the fluctuation range of the two network speed test curves is small, and the middle curve is stable, which shows that the network speed is quite stable on the whole. In order to avoid accidental events, the download rate of multiple speed tests is higher than that of 800Mbps.

Samsung W205G network is not only fast, but also very stable. Such a 5G network experience is undoubtedly very rare. Running data is only one aspect, what is the actual experience? We are still in the same place, casually open a network video, after starting to play, the author began to drag the progress bar at will, sometimes without waiting to complete the buffer, the performance is quite good. Similarly, in the performance of downloading APP, Samsung W205G is also commendable, and it takes only a few seconds to download APP for a few GB. If you download an ordinary application, it can be completed in a few seconds.

The speed of 5G is faster, but the power consumption of mobile phones is also increasing rapidly. in order to solve this user’s pain point, Samsung W205G is equipped with a large 4235mAh battery, and Samsung W205G not only uses the standard original charger to charge itself, but also supports charging other devices.

In addition, its built-in intelligent performance enhancer, by learning and identifying your usage habits, and applying the automatic controller system according to different scenarios, can quickly switch applications, achieve reasonable standby effect, improve mobile phone performance, and prolong mobile phone use time.

The combination of six cameras is strong.

Folding screen as a new form of mobile phone, many problems need to be reconsidered, camera arrangement is a good example. Samsung W205G has found a balance between use and aesthetics, with a rear three-camera super-vision shooting system, a super-large viewfinder with dual internal front cameras and 4K ultra-high-definition external front selfie cameras, and a combination of multiple cameras. it can fully meet the daily shooting needs of different styles and different themes.

Normal shooting.

2x zoom.

Ultra-wide-angle shooting.

The combination of 16 million pixel mixed focus ultra wide angle lens, full dual core rapid focus 12 million pixel wide angle lens and 12 million pixel telephoto lens can satisfy your imagination of multi-view and multi-thinking shooting with suitable movement and movement. The super-large field of vision can not only get a panoramic view of more scenery, but also bring more abundant photo scenes for users.

Judging from the above sample photos, the Samsung W205G can be photographed in different environments. When there is plenty of light during the day, the picture is transparent and the color pleases the eyeball, whether it is the sky or architectural details, can be perfect performance, and the main edge details are clearly visible. In the indoor environment, both the degree of detail and the degree of color reduction are very ideal, in the complex light source, the machine can also control the accuracy of white balance. In the low light environment at night, sufficient light input makes the overall brightness of the picture perform very well, the noise control is also very good, the light source is not over-exposed, the dark details are clearly visible, and the sense of smear is also significantly reduced.

In terms of the virtual background of the portrait, the Samsung W205G is even more playable. This time Samsung has added special effects such as rotation, scaling, color dots and so on in real-time visualization. One of the most interesting should be the “color spot”, only the subject is color, the surrounding scenery has all become black and white, and presents the virtual effect of the background, which adds a little bit of artistic conception to the photo.

Flat panel wide screen operation is efficient.

Nowadays, there are several folding screen solutions, and the Samsung W205G uses the “inner folding” solution to ensure that the fragile flexible screen will not be harmed. Moreover, its opening form is more in line with people’s habits, and there is almost no learning cost to get started. When the phone is closed, the 4.6-inch screen can be operated with one hand, making it easy to do what you need to do every day. When we run a App on a small screen, we can also turn on the phone directly so that the application can be rendered directly on the big screen for continuous switching.

In practice, when we use video APP, these App are fully optimized for this super-boundary folding screen of Samsung W205G, which can be played full screen only by horizontal screen. In terms of games, in games such as Chicken eating or King Honor, your screen vision will be wider than that of ordinary players.

When the screen expands, the 7.3-inch screen can cope with a variety of usage scenarios, and the Samsung W205G also introduces multitasking to take full advantage of the folding screen. Swipe on the far right side of the screen to exhale the multitasking menu. We can select a App, on the desktop and then select another App, from the menu for multitasking.

It is worth mentioning that the Samsung W205G is also equipped with ultra-clear stereo speakers tuned by AKG, providing a balanced hearing experience that reduces sound loss while allowing bass to be reproduced.

Summary of the full text:

In the past 2019, Samsung has brought us a new form of mobile phones, which has undoubtedly led the new direction of the industry in the mobile phone market with serious homogenization. Although the folding screen mobile phone more or less has some difficulties to overcome, but as the technology continues to mature, these will become harmless. In addition, in the first year of 5G, Samsung W205G goes hand in hand with the times, allowing you to have a high-speed, low-latency Internet experience, rapid download speed and smooth multitasking.

If you want to get a new mobile Internet experience through the big screen, or if you like to pursue individuality, try this new Samsung W205G, which I think is likely to be your next phone.

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