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Samsung Note10+ review: it may be the only competitor of iPhone XI


So does this mean that there is no point in the existence of high-end flagships? I don”t think so. Every year, major manufacturers launch the latest flagship products, and these flagship phones have top performance and outstanding design, which can be said to symbolize the highest standard of the brand.

Anyone in the mobile phone circle knows that every autumn is the season for brands to launch new flagships. For Samsung, the brand-new Samsung Galaxy Note10 series products are also with us at this moment. Samsung Galaxy Note series products have opened the era of large screen smart phones, the new Samsung Note10 series, but also through a number of innovations, the experience of large screen phones to the extreme.

“Grasp the whole screen with one hand”

Thanks to the accumulation and precipitation in the field of AMOLED, Samsung’s screen has always been at the top. The Samsung Note10+ we have is still equipped with our own extrasensory full-view screen, which creates a very high screen share by compressing the space on the forehead and chin. And when we light up the Samsung Note10+ screen, the visual impact of the 6.8inch screen is enough to make people feel immersed, and this large screen also makes the most of the colorful features of the AMOLED, so that you can’t put it down after you pick up the phone.


Many of Samsung’s flagship phones use “hole digging screen design”, although Samsung’s One UI minimizes the impact of digging holes, but from a visual point of view, the design of digging holes in the upper right corner always makes people feel uncomfortable when lighting up the screen. In order to reduce the visual outburst, Samsung Note10+ changed the position of digging holes from the side of the screen to the center of the screen to make the whole machine look more symmetrical and reduce the outburst as much as possible. In addition, perhaps in order to reduce the impact of the opening on the whole machine, the Samsung Note10 series are equipped with a single front camera and a circular hole in the center to maximize the integrity of the screen.


Placing the front camera in the center of the top of the fuselage is also a big test for the structural design of the forehead. Samsung Note10+ ‘s handset is so cleverly designed that if you don’t look closely, you will think that the phone uses screen sound technology. But when we look closely at the top glass, we can still see a very narrow gap, which is the handset of Samsung Note10+.


The sensor of Samsung Note10+ is located in the “white spot” position

In addition, Samsung Note10+ also moves distance sensors, light sensors, etc., to the bottom of the screen to make the entire screen look more complete. As a result, this approach has undoubtedly been a great success. The top black edge of the Samsung Note10+ is only 1mm visually, and the built-in sensors will not affect daily use. Of course, if you look carefully during the call, you can still see a flashing white dot next to the camera, which is the location of the sensor.

After the unremitting efforts of many manufacturers in the industry, it is not particularly difficult to make the top of the phone as narrow as possible, and it is not particularly difficult to make the bottom of the fuselage narrow enough to see a manufacturer’s pursuit of design. Although Samsung did not specify on its website how high the screen share of Samsung Note10+ is, the design with narrow borders on all sides still shows a sense of “refinement”, and when you actually hand Samsung Note10+, you will definitely fall in love with the feeling of “holding the whole screen with one hand”.

Frivolity is the truth

Founder’s styling has always been the quintessence of Samsung Note series mobile phones, after many generations of product change, Samsung Note series has formed an inherent design language. This time Samsung Note10+ still adheres to this concept, and founder’s body is supplemented by flat sections on the upper and lower sides, making the phone look much more mature.


After actually getting started with the Samsung Note10+, the most attractive thing must be its frivolous fuselage. As a flagship phone with a 6.8inch screen, Samsung Note10+ weighs only 198g. In the past two years, due to manufacturers’ extreme pursuit of screen share, smartphones have also experienced a wave of “fat gain”. Because of the built-in mechanical structure, the “weight” of many smartphones has exceeded 200g one after another, and there is always a “heavy” feeling when they are used every day.


Although the heavy feel is reminiscent of words such as “solid workmanship” and “stacking”, if the weight of the fuselage is too high, it can be said to be unfriendly to the user experience. Fortunately, the Samsung Note10+ does not bring this feeling of bad use, and when you hold it in your hand, you may even think that it is not a real phone, because a phone of the same size basically does not have such a light grip, and even if you hold it in your hand for a long time, you will not feel tired.


The overall design of Samsung Note10+ is also light and thin. The phone uses the classic hyperboloid glass design, two curved glass sandwiched between a thin layer of aluminum alloy frame, looks very round, but also greatly improves the grip of the whole machine. Coupled with a higher density of internal batteries and a newly designed lightweight heat dissipation system, the Samsung Note10+ not only maintains a thin body, but also lags behind other flagship phones in terms of stacking materials.


As for color matching, Samsung Note10+ is also impressive. In addition to the classic “McQueen Black” and “Missy White”, the color matching of the Monet Color in my hand is even more bold. In the light, the backplane can show a colorful rainbow texture, full of a sense of the future.

S Pen continues to upgrade

As an important symbol of Samsung Note series, S Pen has brought users an excellent experience. , S Pen has also evolved further on Samsung Note10+. S Pen in Samsung Note10 not only supports writing, but also can achieve more games through spaced operation.


In the previous generation of Samsung Note9, we could directly use S Pen to take pictures or PPT to turn pages, but this year Samsung Note10’s S Pen has added a motion sensor that can control the phone by simply moving the hand. For example, in the process of taking pictures, we can switch the shooting mode by waving the S Pen up and down, or we can adjust the focal length of the camera by waving the camera Pen clockwise or counterclockwise.

Use S Pen to adjust the focal length

Use S Pen to switch photo mode

For people who like to write or draw, Samsung Note10+ ‘s S Pen is still very easy to use. The classic message screen writing feature allows us to sprinkle our ideas on this 6.8-inch screen at any time, and then save the screen content to Samsung notes without worrying about losing content even if we forget the screenshot. After writing down the content, Samsung Note10+ will also automatically help us identify text content that can be copied and pasted, making it easy to share handwritten content with friends.

Use S Pen to draw

Of course, S Pen, which has such a rich game, has also improved a lot. The S Pen supports 4096 pressure sensation and 10 hours of standby time, and there will be no problem even if it is used alone for a long time.

Flagship photo experience

The combination of multiple cameras has become standard for smartphones, and this time Samsung Note10+ has adopted the latest four-camera solution. In addition to the original 12 million-pixel wide-angle + 12 million-pixel telephoto + 16 million-pixel ultra-wide-angle lens, a brand new ToF lens has been added. Of course, the main camera on Samsung’s Note10+ also supports a variable aperture, which has become a classic for Samsung’s flagship phones.


Samsung Note10+ ‘s photo performance is still amazing. Fast focus allows people not to miss a scene, coupled with the blessing of intelligent HDR, but also greatly increases the dynamic range of photos, even in some complex lighting scenes, Samsung Note10+ photo performance is also satisfactory.







Most of Samsung’s flagship phones use a combination of wide-angle and telephoto to achieve virtual background, and this Samsung Note10+ is no exception. The Samsung Note10+ also provides special virtual effects such as zoom, color point, rotation and so on, and with the help of the fourth ToF lens, the whole virtual effect looks very natural and there is no rollover.


This ultra-wide-angle lens in Samsung Note10+ is very suitable for taking landscape photos, and a wide field of vision will always bring unexpected results. As for the 10 million pixel front lens, it is not much different from the Samsung S10 series. Even if you take pictures with multiple people, you don’t have to worry about the perspective.



In my opinion, the biggest upgrade of Samsung Note10+ is in video recording. We should know that video has gradually become the mainstream, especially in the face of the upcoming 5G era, more and more consumers will show themselves through video. This time Samsung Note10+ adds the function of “real-time virtual video”, which can also add real-time depth of field when shooting video, and Samsung also provides special filters such as “scatter circle”, “color spot” and “glitch” to add more possibilities for mobile photography.

“Real-time virtual video” function

The “real-time virtual video” function has a number of special filters

Overall, Samsung Note10+ wants to provide consumers with a WYSIWYG experience. Through the actual shooting, its imaging quality is still at the top. Relying on strong hardware strength, Samsung Note10+ can bring higher film production rate to consumers, which can also make more consumers fall in love with mobile photography.

Strong performance, elegant system experience

As Samsung’s blockbuster flagship product in the second half of 2019, Samsung Note10+ is naturally in the lead in terms of performance. Since what we got is an international version of Samsung Note10+, it does not carry the familiar Snapdragon 855, but uses Samsung’s own Exynos 9825 processor. According to the actual measurement, Samsung Note10+ scored 432920 points in Anbunny V8, 3633 points in single core and 10035 points in GeekBench, and the performance was satisfactory.

Samsung Note10+ running score

For such a mobile phone, it is easy to play games. We measured the “Honor of Kings”, “Game for Peace” and other mainstream games, Samsung Note10+ did not appear stutter phenomenon, and the fever is also controlled in a more reasonable range, the whole machine does not appear the phenomenon of overheating.

In addition, the international version of Samsung Note10+ we have also performed very well in terms of battery life. 4300mAh’s large battery can last a whole day, and supporting up to 45W fast charging and wireless charging can also help us quickly return to state. However, Samsung does not have a standard 45W charging head, which is somewhat surprising.


On the software side, Samsung Note10+ still runs One UI based on Android 9.0. The crisp interface adds a lot to the flagship, and icon in the same design language looks neat, so One UI is one of the reasons why many three-star fans buy Samsung phones.

In addition, Samsung also designed the Bixby button and the power button together, when we press the switch for a long time, we can activate the Bixby, and complete a number of actions that need to be performed by voice.


Every autumn is a critical time for major manufacturers to show their strength, and Samsung must also be full of confidence in this phone when it competes with other manufacturers through the new Note10 series. Indeed, whether it is the front extrasensory full-view screen, the weight of no more than 200g, or the powerful rear four, are the unique selling points of the Samsung Note10+.

Of course, this product with no obvious shortcomings will also be tested by the market this autumn, when iPhone XI, Huawei Mate 30 series and other products will become rivals of Samsung Note10 series. Who will win in the end may also need our wallets to speak

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