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Samsung Galaxy A80 review: selfie also requires a sense of ritual

Pop-up + rotation camera design

As its new A-Series phone, the Samsung A80 is a mid-range model, but it is very bold in design. On the front is a 6.7-inch Super AMOLED full screen with a resolution of 2400 “1080, while the screen ratio reaches 20:9. The fuselage is slim, but not frivolous. After all, compared with the S series, the A80 lifting machinery module accounts for a large part of the counterweight.

Samsung Galaxy A80

For many mobile phones with up-and-down lenses, a hidden handset is a must. But this time the Samsung A80 has achieved the same width on the left and right sides, which is not easy. To achieve this effect, Samsung directly abandoned the traditional handset and adopted the screen sound technology, which is simply a sound technology that vibrates the screen into a handset. In practical experience, the volume and clarity are fine, but the whole phone vibrates during the call, and it feels wonderful.

Samsung Galaxy A80

Next, let’s take a look at the magical mechanical structure of the A80. Overall, the A80 lifts up and down in a similar way to the OPPO Find X, raising a large area of the back containing the camera module when taking a selfie. This is very different from the “camera local rise” adopted by vivo, Xiaomi and other manufacturers.

Samsung Galaxy A80

After turning on the front lens, the entire module on the back will rise, and then the lens module will flip separately to complete the whole operation. Because the A80 uses the way of lifting + rotation, the speed may be slightly slower than other lifting lenses, but there is no problem with daily use. We can not measure the service life, but if you put the phone flat on the table after the lens is raised, it will not be able to “roll over” by itself, which should be paid attention to in use. In addition, we are concerned about the ash accumulation, which is not serious. You can rest assured.

Samsung Galaxy A80

The Samsung A80 uses 3D glass design on the back, a process that is already perfect for Samsung. The round glass backplane extends all the way to the frame and the transition is very natural. This improvement in the handle also counteracts the “thick” feeling brought by the 220g weight to some extent. Although the weight can not be compared with the S-Series, but the overall sense of refinement can still see the demeanor of Samsung.

Samsung Galaxy A80

In terms of appearance, the Samsung Galaxy A80 does play a very good card in terms of differentiation. This lift + rotation design was first used in the A-series mid-end machine, which is also to be expected. Samsung Note series continues to use the “hole digging” screen design, so it seems that the A series has taken on more responsibility for “exploration” and “trial and error” than its flagship.

Samsung Galaxy A80 performance

As a mid-range model, the Samsung A80 is equipped with a Snapdragon 730G processor, which is a CPU, based on Kryo470 architecture and based on 8nm process. This “G” represents a further improvement. Snapdragon 730G integrates Adreno618GPU, graphics processing performance 25% higher than Snapdragon 710, and graphics rendering speed is 15% higher than Snapdragon 730. For Samsung, this is definitely more than enough.

In order to test the specific performance of the new chip, we also used an AnTuTu to measure it. Samsung A80 has a total score of 244792, with a CPU score of 88718, a GPU score of 73531 and a UX score of 38413, which is already very good in the mid-range models.

In fact, for the current mid-range mobile phones, there is almost no need to worry about performance. Basically, large-scale games can be Handle. For international brands, it may lag slightly behind local brands in localization cooperation and optimization, but after the actual measurement of the game, Samsung A80 can meet the demand for this positioning phone. We tested the large-scale 3D game “perfect World”, and the A80 has no problem in picture rendering, the number of game frames and the fluency of operation.

For a large-screen mobile phone, battery life is of course the most concern. This time Samsung has equipped the A80 with a 3700mAh battery and supports 25W fast charging. Such charging power may lag behind in the face of a large number of domestic brands. However, from the actual experience, the charging speed of the A80 is acceptable and can meet our daily fragmented charging habits.

Samsung Galaxy A80 camera

Samsung mobile phone has always been an “industry benchmark” in taking pictures, and people have always been very confident about the photo effect of Samsung mobile phones. In terms of hardware, the Samsung A80 uses three shots, each of which is a 48 million-pixel main shot + 123 °ultra-wide-angle lens + ToF depth-of-field lens. Due to the use of the flip design, so the rear lens is also the front lens, saving a lot of cost.


normal mode

wide-angle mode

With the addition of a wide-angle lens, the benefits are obvious. In the face of large scenes, be able to accommodate more scenes. If you are also a “style collector” who likes to climb high and overlook, then A80 should not let you down in this respect.

In the face of large scenes, wide-angle mode can also make objects more upright. The steel Phoenix in the picture is in harmony with the blue sky in the background, and there is a lot of tension in the picture as a whole.

In the face of complex indoor lighting scenes, the Samsung A80 can restore the details of the object very well, and the white balance is also very good.

If you want to take more artistic photos, try the “real-time virtual” feature. It can imitate the virtual effect of the large aperture background of the SLR camera.

When shooting characters, the virtual portrait can shield the cluttered background. Judging from the picture, the matting details of the hair and the edges of the clothes are good, and the overall virtual effect is more natural.

Bottom line

On the whole, the Samsung Galaxy A80 continues the usual craftsmanship level of Samsung, and its performance in all aspects is also very outstanding. Of course, I think many consumers who are fascinated by it should take a fancy to the cool flip lens. In the highly homogenized mobile phone market, Samsung’s A-Series continues to break through itself and has become a testing ground for new technologies. The A80 is an excellent mid-range model, and if you want to be the subject of attention every time you take a selfie, then this A80 is a good choice. Admittedly, domestic phones with the same price have higher configurations and more choices, but such a cool lens is the only one.

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