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Samsung Galaxy A70s Evaluation: 64 million Pixel Tri-shot fully unleashes sincerity.


Samsung Galaxy A70s.

There is no doubt that the, Galaxy A series undertakes the task of “volume” in all Samsung”s product lines. With good industrial design and user experience, coupled with the quality of hardware that can meet the daily use of users, Samsung Galaxy A series products are becoming more and more competitive.

Recently, Samsung has brought us a brand new Samsung Galaxy A70s, which not only has a good screen quality and rear camera, but also has a more stylish design. Coupled with a large 4500mAh battery, it lays a solid foundation for a good experience.

Next, let’s take a look at this new A-series product and see if it can become a new choice for the majority of users.

An elegant design.

Nowadays, comprehensive screen design has become the mainstream, and a larger screen can also bring us a better look and feel. This time, the Samsung Galaxy A70s uses a 6.7inch Samsung SuperAMOLED screen with a screen ratio of 20 9, which looks slimmer and has a good grip. At the same time, thanks to the features of the AMOLED screen, the Samsung Galaxy A70s also supports on-screen fingerprint unlocking, which can be quickly unlocked simply by placing your finger in the unlocked area.


Samsung Galaxy A70s.

The Samsung Galaxy A70s also uses the current mainstream waterdrop screen design, with a 32 million-pixel front camera in the center of the body. The design makes the Samsung Galaxy A70s look more symmetrical, which is also in line with the aesthetic habits of the majority of users. At the same time, Samsung Galaxy A70s have rounded corners around the screen and narrowed the chin as much as possible to achieve a higher screen share.


Samsung Galaxy A70s has a prism luster on the back.

Samsung phones can always surprise us in terms of appearance design, as is the Samsung Galaxy A70s this time. Instead of using the current mainstream gradient, the phone uses an “inspired design”. Officials say the back of the Samsung Galaxy A70s uses digital patterns and layered colors to give the back a gorgeous prism luster and a futuristic holographic texture. This kind of design makes Samsung Galaxy A70s full of fashion, and also shows us Samsung’s attitude towards A-series products.


Samsung Galaxy A70s.

As for the rear three shots, it is our common vertical design, which can be said to be very common in the current mobile phone market.


Samsung Galaxy A70s.

As a device that needs to be held and played with, the touch of the phone is very important. To my surprise, the Samsung Galaxy A70s is very well controlled in terms of thickness and weight. Although it holds a large 4500mAh battery inside, Samsung still limits the thickness of the phone to 7.9mm and the weight to 187g, which is a pleasant surprise for a phone with a 6.7inch screen.


The thickness of Samsung Galaxy A70s is 7.9mm.

With its round body and light touch, the Samsung Galaxy A70s continues the young and fashionable style of the A series in appearance and design. As a mid-range model, the Samsung Galaxy A70s can be said to be in line with expectations.

How is the performance of the 64 million pixel triple shot?

Now using mobile phones to take pictures has become the mainstream, and many users have taken beautiful works through smartphones. To give users a better photo experience, the Samsung Galaxy A70s is equipped with 64 million-pixel triple shot, of which the 64 million-pixel main camera has a large aperture of Fhand 1.8, a 8 million-pixel ultra-wide-angle camera with an aperture of Fhand 2.2 and a 5 million-pixel depth-of-field lens to create a full-scene shooting experience.


The Samsung Galaxy A70s is equipped with a 64 million pixel rear camera.

In the course of daily use, we don’t have to worry that the photos taken by the 64 million-pixel camera are too large. Because in normal mode, the Samsung Galaxy A70s automatically performs four-in-one pixels, eventually showing us a high-quality 16 million-pixel photo, so even if you are a photographer, you don’t have to worry about the capacity of your phone.

In the shooting interface, the shooting interface of Samsung Galaxy A70s is not much different from that of other Samsung phones, providing functions such as virtual, video, slow motion, food and so on. At the same time, Samsung Galaxy A70s also has a popular intelligent scene optimization function, and the optimizer can automatically adjust the details and colors of photos according to different scenes, so that the look and feel of photos can be significantly improved.

As can be seen from the sample, the Samsung Galaxy A70s can capture more details during daily shooting. At the same time, the color restoration of the sample sheet is also more accurate. With the help of the pixel four-in-one mode, the Samsung Galaxy A70s can still give us a good look and feel even in a slightly dim environment.

Samsung Galaxy A70s sample sheet.

Samsung Galaxy A70s sample sheet.

Samsung Galaxy A70s sample sheet.

Samsung Galaxy A70s sample sheet.

Of course, thanks to that 8 million-pixel ultra-wide-angle lens, you can easily shoot magnificent scenes with the Samsung Galaxy A70s. A 123 °ultra-wide-angle lens can bring in more pictures and gain unexpected impact when shooting landscapes or buildings.

Samsung Galaxy A70s sample sheet (Ultra wide Angle).

Samsung Galaxy A70s sample sheet (Ultra wide Angle).

Samsung Galaxy A70s sample sheet.

Samsung Galaxy A70s sample sheet.

To its credit, the intelligent scene optimization function of Samsung Galaxy A70s can be optimized differently according to different scenarios. For example, when shooting good food, the mobile phone will automatically increase the saturation of the photos, making the food more appetizing. Of course, if you want to take a more artistic picture of food, you can also slide directly to “food mode” to take the picture you like.

Performance meets daily use.

As a mid-to-high-end product, the Samsung Galaxy A70s is equipped with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 675 processor, which can already meet daily needs in terms of performance, and there is no problem running some 3D games. Most importantly, the Snapdragon 675 has better power control, which also provides a guarantee for long-term flight.

We used AnTuTu and GeekBench to test the performance of Samsung Galaxy A70s. In the end, Samsung Galaxy A70s scored 206149 points in AnTuTu, including 88999 points for CPU and 33790 points for GPU. In addition, Samsung Galaxy A70s scored 2373 points for single core and 6673 points for multi-core in GeekBench, and its performance was satisfactory.

AnTuTu running score.

GeekBench score.

Of course, how it actually performs, naturally needs the actual scene to speak. According to the actual measurement, there is basically no stutter when using Samsung Galaxy A70s to run mainstream games. And Samsung also has a built-in game booster, which can be directly set up after opening the game, such as “navigation key lock”, “lock screen hang up”, “screenshot, screenshot” and other functions, to get a more immersive game experience.

Game booster.

Samsung Galaxy A70s built-in game booster.

As a phone with a 6.7inch screen, the battery life of Samsung Galaxy A70s is also a concern for users. Thanks to the low-power Snapdragon 675 processor and a large built-in 4500mAh battery, the Samsung Galaxy A70s has a satisfactory battery life.

There are always times when the battery of the mobile phone is low, and the Samsung Galaxy A70s also has 25W accelerated charging technology, which can quickly return to its best state when the battery is in emergency.

One UI.

The system is also the highlight of Samsung Galaxy A70s. With Samsung’s insight into the Chinese market, Samsung’s mobile phone system experience is not inferior to that of many domestic competitors. The Samsung Galaxy A70s still use Samsung’s latest One UI, to make rich improvements in U design and layout. To a certain extent, this also greatly improves the ease of use of mobile phones.


Samsung Pay.

To my surprise, Samsung Galaxy A70s has a built-in NFC module that supports Samsung Pay. In other words, your mobile phone is a wallet, we can directly use the mobile phone to swipe bus card, bank card and so on, to easily experience more convenient mobile payment.

Write at the end.

For a long time, Samsung A series phones are quite fashionable, while the brand new Samsung Galaxy A70s shows us Samsung’s sincerity through its eye-catching design and excellent feel. At the same time, factors such as large 4500mAh battery and 64 million pixel triple shot also make Samsung Galaxy A70s more competitive. Whether you are a photographer or a heavy mobile player, the Samsung Galaxy A70s is enough to be your new choice.

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