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ROG Game phone 2 Review: 120Hz refresh rate screen-enhanced hardcore flagship

This afternoon, ROG Game Mobile 2 was officially released. While inheriting the characteristics of the previous generation, in order to better enhance the game experience, Qualcomm”s latest Snapdragon 855 Plus, and the top 120Hz refresh rate screen in the mobile phone industry are very outstanding in the fluency performance of the game. As the first Snapdragon 855 Plus gaming phone, how does ROG gaming phone 2 perform? Let’s find out together.

“120Hz screen to create a smooth immersive game experience.”

Nowadays, the screen refresh rate of mobile phones is mostly 60Hz, and the refresh rate of the mainstream flagship models in the mobile phone market is maintained at 60Hz. Although it can meet the needs of daily applications, the defects in games, especially those with higher demand for mobile phones, have gradually emerged.

Especially in shooting games, there is no doubt that it is a first-come-first-served win. ROG Game phone 2 not only has the refresh rate of 120Hz, but also has enough performance to keep the game at a high frame number of stable output. What’s more, the high frame rate game version of Tencent Tour Game is the first to adapt. 

It is reported that the ROG game phone 2 uses the world’s fastest 240Hz touch IC, through the layer optimization of the hardware and software system to achieve the best 49ms end-to-end touch delay, allowing players to give full play to their due strength in operation.

In addition to the smooth experience, ROG Game phone 2 can also bring the best enjoyment to players visually. In addition to pursuing the essence of e-sports, ROG Game Mobile 2 also has a deep 10bit color. At the same time, the mobile phone not only supports HDR movies and games, but also has the dynamic contrast enhancement technology of SDR to HDR image enhancement and contrast enhancement.

Nowadays, many people’s lives are imperceptibly changed by mobile phones, and once their tools can only contact you and me to become the carrier of pan-entertainment. With the continuous improvement of the performance of smart phones, the picture quality of mobile games has been almost the same as that of PC. The most important thing is the portability of mobile phones, which can be taken out anytime and anywhere to play a game to relax.

ROG game phone 2 in order to meet the needs of gamers to the greatest extent, the launch of Qualcomm’s latest Snapdragon 855 Plus processor, a new generation of 7nm process, the core changed to 1: 3: 4 Kryo485 CPU configuration, greatly improve the overall computing and drawing performance.

With such a strong hardware blessing, we might as well run a point and intuitively feel the performance of ROG game phone 2.

ROG game mobile phone 2 scored 402421 points on Anbunny software, while Master Lu scored 451577. In terms of running points, ROG Game phone 2 can be said to be one of the most powerful Android phones at present. On

Geekbench software, the single-core running score was 3613 and the multi-core running score was 11351. In addition, the ROG game phone 2 is also equipped with standard LPDDR4X memory and UFS3.0 body storage, even if the player opens multiple App in the background during the game does not affect the actual performance.

So, how is 120Hz doing? What is the uniqueness of ROG Game Mobile 2 in terms of game experience? Next we will enter the “actual combat”, links, together to experience a different kind of game experience.

“Unprecedented Mobile Game experience”

First of all, we take the current hot “chicken eating” mobile game “Game for Peace” to test, and set the game to “HDR HD-ultra-high frame number-anti-aliasing on-shadow on-smooth adaptive off”. During the game, whether in the wild, underwater or indoor, the performance of ROG game phone 2 is remarkable, the fluency is very good, the details of the game are intact and not distorted, and the texture of vegetation is relatively clear. There is no picture distortion. Even if you drive a car, turn on the scope and other scenes, there will be no stutter.

It is worth mentioning that ROG Game phone 2 inherits the well-received “shoulder key” design of the previous generation, further enhancing the game experience on the original basis. The new generation of AirTriggers double-shoulder keys have faster touch feedback, and the hardware architecture is optimized to make the vibrating motor produce feedback and bring a more realistic touch button feeling. Moreover, with the addition of three new algorithms, the operations such as “sticking point”, “vibration reality” and “sliding control” can be achieved. & nbsp;

Turn on the AirTriggers shoulder key, which can be used to drag red and blue circles in the screen to cover different skills. The left key position corresponds to the blue circle, the right key bit corresponds to the red circle, and the key position can be set freely. In the actual experience, take “Game for Peace” as an example, as long as you keep your fingers close to the sensing frame, you can achieve the operation of firing a series of shots, and the vibration feedback is lifelike.

Under the high voltage of the game scene, the fever problem of high-performance mobile phones has always been a pain point for users, affecting the sense of grip, and frequency reduction is a serious headache. ROG game phone 2 in order to solve this problem, continue the previous generation of heat dissipation design and improvement, using a larger area of 3D Vapor chamber vacuum cavity temperature plate, with a very cold fan 2 can achieve the ultimate game performance of “never lower frequency”. Moreover, the design of this extremely cold fan is quite user-friendly, with Type-C and 3.5mm headphone ports, solving the trouble of charging wires and headphone wires around the hand.

After playing “Game for Peace” for 30 minutes, the highest temperature on the back of ROG game phone 2 reached 45.5 degrees Celsius and the lowest temperature was nearly 37 degrees Celsius. Although the temperature is not the highest compared to many phones, it is also beginning to affect the gaming experience.

However, when connected to the ultra-cold fan 2, the temperature has a significant change, for the high temperature is less than 40 degrees Celsius, the lowest temperature has dropped to about 30 degrees Celsius. It is obvious that I can feel the cool breeze blowing slowly, just like a trace of coolness in the hot summer.

We mentioned the 120Hz screen above, so let’s try it with the racing mobile game “QQ Speed”. First of all, we will enable 120Hz in the mobile phone design (download QQ Speed from the mobile app store, which defaults to 120Hz high frame rate).

Speed confrontation is one of the important features of QQ Speed’s mobile games, which means that players have strict requirements for mobile phones, such as chirality, sensitivity and responsiveness. And ROG game phone 2 can well meet the needs of these users, ultra-high screen refresh rate in addition to bringing visual impact, for ordinary players, the sense of arbitrary screen control, can greatly enhance the actual game experience; for QQ Speed’s “professional” players, ultra-high sensitivity and chirality let them enjoy the pleasure of speed and passion.

60Hz “QQ Speed” experience

120Hz “QQ Speed” experience

120Hz refresh rate in many small details can bring you an unprecedented experience upgrade, drift feel, every brake, every sharp bend, can obviously feel the car body movement more smoothly. In the game screen of 60Hz, obvious shadows and stutters will appear on the tracks on both sides of the game. It is especially obvious when accelerating and drifting around the corner. After turning on the ultra-high frame rate of 120Hz, the picture became smooth in an instant.

In addition to the optimization of the game itself, the ROG game phone 2 also has a built-in intelligence control center that can customize the performance of a single game, including optimized acceleration, CPU frequency, screen refresh rate, image anti-aliasing, and so on.

After the X mode is turned on, the LOGO on the back of the ROG game phone 2 will also enter the X mode lighting effect, allowing users to adjust static, breathing, strobe, color cycle and so on.

Having said so much, how can there not be a hot “Honor of Kings”? this time, the cooperation between ROG game phone 2 and “Honor of Kings” has brought a special game lighting effect. When matching success, failure, victory, first kill, double kill, three kill, four kill, five kill. When seven consecutive killings and other events are triggered, the mobile phone will have a special lighting effect on, the more outstanding the lighting color is more brilliant.

In addition, the dazzling intelligent protection case of ROG Game phone 2 is also the official exclusive IP customization of Tencent Games, with theme wallpaper to give users a more immersive game experience.

ROG game phone 2 in order to give users the most extreme game experience, 4 antenna Wi-Fi, storm network acceleration, 4 microphone noise reduction technology, front double speakers and so on will not be described one by one. If you have the opportunity, you must try ROG game phone 2 yourself, its immersive game experience is now unmatched by mobile phones on the market.

“Outstanding grip of the best size to protect gamers.”

Today, ROG has become the belief of many gamers, not only outstanding performance, design is also well received. Especially on ROG game phone 2, it solves the pain point of holding hands when parents play heavy mobile games. Although the 6000mAh oversized battery is used, it does not affect the feel.

When I saw ROG Game phone 2 at first glance, it felt like deja vu, but if you look at it carefully, you will find that it is very different. While inheriting the characteristics of the previous generation, the ROG game phone 2 strives for excellence in details and has a more technological sense of edge and corner design, which makes it different in today’s mobile phone market.

As a game phone, ROG game phone 2 pays great attention to the player’s sense of grip. In order to achieve a balance between the large screen and the feel of the operation, after a large number of user research, the final use of 6.59 inches, 19.5 FHD (2340×1080) AMOLED screen, the screen display effect is undoubtedly the top, and can give players comfortable large screen and enough operating space.

Front 2.5D glass with back 3D curved glass, while creating visual impact, provides players with a round grip, even if held for a long time will not feel pain in the hand.

The back of the phone can be said to be the soul of the design of ROG Game phone 2. The big LOGO is in the center of the back, the perfect combination of synchronous lighting effect with AURA RGB, and the exclusive design of heat dissipation grid, which is full of the sense of science and technology in the future.

In other aspects, there is only a noise reduction microphone hole at the top of the ROG game phone 2 body, while the 3.5mm headphone port is retained at the bottom, using the Type-C interface. The Side Mount customization interface on the left is still in place and can be connected to many extension devices of ROG Game phone 2.

“6000mAh super battery passionate mobile games uninterrupted”

Under the high pressure of the game, battery life has been tested, and the larger the battery capacity, the longer the game life. In order to give users a continuous immersive gaming experience, the ROG Game phone 2 is equipped with an oversized 6000mAh battery rarely seen on the market and supports 30W fast charging, which is enough to make you soft when you play the game.

In actual use, under the condition of full power, we will conduct a 5-hour comprehensive power consumption test for commonly used mobile phone applications and basic functions, each of which is half an hour. (comprehensive test items: games, network videos, local videos, local music, photos, e-books, web pages, Weibo, WeChat, phone calls)

5 hours of comprehensive power consumption results, of which network video power consumption is 7%, local video power consumption is 5%, local music power consumption is 5%, photography power consumption is 2%, e-book power consumption is 2%, web page power consumption is 6%, game power consumption is 7%, Weibo power consumption is 4%, WeChat power consumption is 6%, The phone consumes 3% power. In terms of charging, the ROG game phone 2 takes 48 minutes to charge from 0% to 50%.


The ROG Game Mobile 2 is undoubtedly a “hardcore” flagship in pursuit of the ultimate mobile game experience. The performance of the first Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 Plus is impeccable, so it is difficult to find a rival in the mobile phone market. 120Hz refresh rate of the AMOLED screen, compared with the mainstream 60Hz refresh rate of mobile phones, greatly improve the fluency of the game.

In this highly homogenized mobile phone market, ROG Game Mobile 2 has broken the rules with a highly technological design language of the future. In addition, the blessing of AirTriggers shoulder keys and 6000mAh high-capacity batteries brings players the strongest mobile game experience on the surface.

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