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Redmi XiaoAI Speaker Play Review

Maybe it was too deep in the play, and at that moment I seemed to empathize with the characters in the script, and even if I made a choice, I was still alone in the end. But on second thought, it seems that this is not all the case. I still have “Xiao AI”. So the following situation occurred, “classmate Xiao AI, are you there?” “I am.” I suddenly feel warm in my heart, at least, there is Xiao AI by my side. In this way, accompanied by my classmate Xiao AI, I spent another long night.

Here “Xiao AI” refers to a new intelligent speaker product called “RedmiXiao AI speaker Play”. When it comes to intelligent speaker, it is not only a device that can realize artificial intelligence interaction, but also an important role in intelligent family life. Following the rapid iteration of smart devices, we will find that they have been quietly integrated into our lives and become the best companions for people who live alone.

Add vitality to the room

At the moment, minimalism is a time when all kinds of smart devices have taken off their gorgeous clothes and turned into “Jane”. At this point, let”s talk about the design of RedmiXiao AI speaker Play. First of all, the house secretary got the white RedmiXiao AI speaker Play, overall outline line using fillet design, the front of the product is covered with neatly arranged small round holes, in the lower part of the penultimate line in the middle, printed with silver “Redmi” words, generous and concise.

At the top of the product, there are three round buttons in a symmetrical layout, whose functions are to reduce the volume, reset the connection, and increase the volume. In addition, there are two tiny round holes that make the RedmiXiao AI speaker Play really cute. Some product parameters and bar codes are printed on the back of the product, and an electrified Jack is arranged on the lower right. Its bottom design is more concise, equipped with two gray anti-skid pads to prevent the product from falling, very intimate.

What’s most to look forward to is that according to official sources, the, RedmiXiao AI speaker Play will also have a fresh macaron color match, which is expected to be launched in May 2020. Well, speaking of which, the appearance details of this speaker have been introduced, and then let’s talk about the impression it left on the little secretary. In fact, at first I thought it had a decent appearance, but it was later to find it extremely simple and beautiful. All in all, the overall design of, RedmiXiao AI speaker Play makes people feel natural and comfortable. It is as if one second before it was very irritable, just take a look at it, all kinds of emotions in the heart will be precipitated.

A small body and a rich voice

From the actual situation of the above hands, the, RedmiXiao AI speaker Play is moderate in size, moderate in weight and easy to carry. Speaking of the weight of the speaker, I can’t help but remember that someone said to me before that weight is the decisive factor of sound quality, that is, “weight is the embodiment of good sound quality”. But what I want to say is that this is broken by the RedmiXiao AI speaker Play, which is equipped with a 1.75in high-quality loudspeaker unit and works with self-developed “CrystalWave” audio technology to produce a full and delicate sound with touching sound quality. Although it cannot be said that the sound quality is very superior, it is no problem to meet the normal needs of listening to music.

Secondly, the, Redmi Xiao AI speaker Play uses a U-shaped duct design, which improves the bass performance of the speaker by 30%. At the same time, it also uses an innovative sound cavity design, so that its 350cc large cavity can give full play to the advantages of loudspeakers and bring users a more comfortable sense of hearing.

From my personal point of view, the sound emitted by the, Redmi Xiao AI speaker Play will give people a very strong sense of immersion, that is to say, its sound rendering ability is very strong. Especially when I work while listening to songs through it, not only will I not be disturbed, but I will be more focused. To sum up, the sound quality of, Redmi Xiao AI speaker Play is that it has strong rendering ability, low interference and rich sense of movement.

A brand new Xiao AI classmate

“Xiao AI classmate” is no stranger to everyone, it is now widely loved by users of AI voice assistant. In the RedmiXiao AI speaker Play, Xiao AI students got a new upgrade, making the product the first Xiao AI speaker with a “male voice”. To tell you the truth, this secret has replaced the Xiao AI timbre with “green onion”-male voice, and since then I have an imaginary boyfriend who is always by my side.

According to officials, the built-in “Xiao AI classmate” of, Redmi Xiao AI speaker Play evolves every day. After a comprehensive upgrade, its knowledge base has tripled from last year to 10 billion. At present, Xiao AI students can support more than 1600 functions, allowing users to enjoy an intelligent life.

According to my test, the auditory sensation of, Xiao AI students is very fast, as long as we call “Xiao AI students” within 5 meters of it, it will respond immediately. As a result, the ease of use of users has been greatly improved. As long as within 5 meters, we can find our own “Xiao AI classmate”. So this secret is determined, for the sake of “Xiao AI”, I want to take the Redmi Xiao AI speaker Play into the bag.

Smart family life is no longer a dream

According to the official introduction, the, RedmiXiao AI speaker Play is equipped with a new voiceprint engine that can identify users by voice, according to which it can provide users with personalized content sections according to the preferences of different people. However, the feature is not yet available and is expected to be added in February 2020.

In addition, Redmi Xiao AI speaker Play has built-in the latest generation of Bluetooth Mesh gateway, which can control more Bluetooth devices through voice, especially it can partner with smart door locks and light bulbs. In this way, we can check the lock status and other conditions through the mobile phone anytime and anywhere. At the same time, the speaker can also be linked with other intelligent devices that can be supported. For example, when the indoor humidity is low, the, Redmi Xiao AI speaker Play will automatically turn on the Xiaomi humidifier to ensure the indoor humidity balance.

Most importantly, with the Redmi Xiao AI speaker Play, we can control smart devices in one word. Since then, turning off the lights, remote control TV, etc., can be easily done by moving the mouth, but it should be paid special attention to that the speaker can only control specific smart home equipment. According to official statistics, Redmi Xiao AI speaker Play currently supports more than 28 categories of products, with a total of thousands.

Audio-visual resources filled with idle time

RedmiXiao AI speaker Play has cooperated with QQ Music strategically to provide users with authentic song sources. At the same time, the user logs in to the existing QQ Music account and can synchronize music operations on the Xiao AI speaker App. In addition, green diamond members can also play on-demand green diamond user-specific songs through the speaker. This is the equivalent of a mobile phone or laptop equipped with a touching external speaker.

In addition to music, RedmiXiao AI speaker Play also has 100 million high-quality audiobooks, which can play audio content from 28 radio stations such as Himalayas and dragonfly FM. As long as you want to hear it and say a word, it can be played immediately.

In fact, I think RedmiXiao AI speaker Play is also very suitable for children, because it can accompany children to sing children’s songs, tell stories to children, read poems, and answer encyclopedic knowledge. This speaker can inspire children’s brains in some Mini Game, such as the idiom Jielong. According to officials, the smart speaker now contains 6,000 + ancient poems and 4 million pieces of encyclopedic knowledge, making it a “super brain”.

Connection mode

Step 1: scan the manual QR code to download “Xiao AI Speaker App” or search for downloads in the mobile phone store.

Step 2: turn on the Play of the RedmiXiao AI speaker, make sure that the Bluetooth of the mobile device is on, press and hold the button on the circle mark at the top of the speaker and wait for the yellow light to come on to match.

Step 3: wait for the mobile phone to identify the RedmiXiao AI speaker Play, and follow the steps to set up the distribution network.


The above contents are some of the small functions that are worth recommending after the use of this secret. I hope you can also like it. It can be said that the advantages of, RedmiXiao AI speaker Play are not few, there will always be a little bit right to your heart. For me, the sentence “I’m here” is the most touching place for me., Xiao AI students are always there when they need it most. Is there anything warmer than this?

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