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Redmi 10000mAh and 20000mAh Power banks review


Simple appearance and easy to carry

portable power bank, as a portable product, appearance and weight naturally become two important indicators for users to choose and buy. Under the Redmi brand, the two portable power bank models adopt a unified and minimalist design style, with a plastic shell and a white color that best highlights the minimalist style. portable power bank shell uses a kind of frosted feel design, holding in the hand will not appear the problem that most plastic products are easy to slip off.

In terms of weight, the quick recharge version due to higher electricity, the overall volume and weight are higher than the standard version, the house small secret, the weight is about 446 g, less than one kilogram, for the large electricity portable power bank, it is a good result. The standard version is much lighter than the standard version, and it is much more convenient to go out and carry it than to quickly recharge the version.

Redmi Zaibao quick recharge version weighing

In the house secretary”s point of view, there is a clear positioning distinction between the standard version and the fast-filling version. The standard version is more suitable for carrying when traveling alone, and it is more portable. On the contrary, the quick-recharge version is more suitable for long-distance travel or for couples and families to travel.

How about the charging effect?

When it comes to the effect of charging, it can be said that Redmi is an artifact that is very suitable for college students to chat up on their way home from the holiday train. Take the quick-recharge plate as an example, double-output interface, single-port output maximum 9V/2A or 12V dial 1.5A, dual-port output maximum power is 5.1V/3.6A. Of course, it doesn’t matter.

What is important is that the dual-port output means that portable power bank can charge two devices at the same time, so whether it will happen on the road, the little sister (little brother) cell phone is out of power, and while you save the scene in time, your mobile phone can still maintain its charging state. Why not?

The standard version also has two outputs, both of which are 5V/2.4A. Both portable power bank models have two charging interfaces, USB-C and Micro USB, to charge portable power bank.

In terms of charging efficiency, the Redmi K20 Pro is used as the test model. Fast recharge version, charge for one hour, can be charged to 71%; standard version, charge for one hour, can be charged to 58%. The overall effect is satisfactory.

In addition, there is no obvious fever in the standard version when using portable power bank on the mobile phone for a long time, and the quick charging version is only slightly hotter than the standard version, which is still within the acceptable range.

What’s special feature?

Compared with ordinary portable power bank, both versions of Redmi portable power bank have a special small function, that is, the function key on the side. In general, by clicking the function button, you can activate the LED lamp group to query the amount of electricity left. Double-click operation can be used to activate the small current discharge function, which can be used to charge small products such as Bluetooth headsets and bracelets.

Bottom line

Generally speaking, in the secret eye of the house, these two portable power bank are good choices for the student party. First of all, the price is the most competitive place of the two portable power bank, in the same level of portable power bank products, is a more favorable choice. Secondly, in terms of weight, although it is not the lightest portable power bank, under normal circumstances, it is necessary to carry a bag to carry portable power bank. Under the precursor with the bag, the weight of these two portable power bank models is also within an acceptable range. Finally, a variety of charging modes, supplemented by sufficient electricity, coupled with double charging holes, and will not heat up when charging, it can be said that portable power bank’s products are worth choosing at present.


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