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Record the “doting” given to me by Xiaomi Xiaobai’s intelligent cat’s eyes.

Ridiculously speaking, all kinds of magical ideas always pop up in my head, such as the idea of this article. After I shared the idea of “counting the doting of smart cat”s eyes” with my friends, they all felt that “cat’s eyes” and “doting” didn’t match very well. But in the end, I still choose to stick to my own idea, because “doting” is my truest feeling.

Xiaobai intelligent cat’s eye M1.

There is no absolute truth in all things in the world, as long as you can make sense, then it is right. For me, doting is also a way of guarding. Imagine who can guard you silently behind you, inform you of the danger and consider your safety at any time. All the things that can be given in this way must have love in their hearts. And love itself also contains “favor”, so, security guardianship and doting is not against, but will make people feel more warm. Take this opportunity, I also want to give me this doting Xiaobai smart cat’s eye M1 to say some truth: thank you very much for protecting me silently behind, this “doting” makes me feel warm when I live alone. In the future, I will walk with the wind and rain of “you”, you protect the world and I protect you.

Let’s talk about the first impression of “Xiaobai Smart Cat Eye M1”.

The trailer for the New year movie “doting” caught my attention, and the whole film shares the process of harvesting love, discovering love and re-learning love among people of different ages in the companionship and protection of pets. However, what impressed me most was the phrase “New year with the person I love most” appeared at the end of the trailer, which suddenly touched the bottom of my heart and touched my heartstrings.

Interestingly, after watching the movie trailer, I thought of “Xiaobai Smart Cat’s Eye M1”. This is not only because it protects my safety, but also because it is accompanied day and night. Thinking of what I often say, “everything has a spirit”, Xiaobai Smart Cat Eye M1 is like the cats and dogs that accompany us in our lives. Even though they may feel that they do not understand the ways of the world, they will stick to their responsibilities and remain absolutely loyal. In my opinion, doting is a deeper level of guardianship.

Xiaobai intelligent cat’s eye M1.

The product package of Xiaobai Intelligent Cat Eye M1 contains cat’s eye display screen, cat’s eye camera, power cable, display bracket, cable cover, cable gland, screw kit (containing various sizes of screws, can be adapted to different thickness anti-theft doors), and instructions for use. It can be noticed that Xiaobai is also equipped with charging sockets and SD card slots on both sides of the display screen. Its humanized structural design can be widely adapted to most of the anti-theft doors in the market. From the product configuration point of view, very complete and very intimate, and the installation is also very aspects, plus points!

Xiaobai intelligent cat’s eye M1.

The basic configuration of “Xiaobai”

For a woman like me who lives alone, the unfamiliar living environment will make sense of security extremely low. I really need a window where I can clearly understand my surroundings. Xiaobai Smart Cat Eye M1 has a 5-inch touchable screen, which lights up automatically when someone presses the doorbell, making it easy for us to see the situation outside the door, confirming that we are opening the door and reducing the risk. It should be noted that the screen automatic lighting function of “Xiaobai” is initially set to off and needs to be turned on by itself.

Xiaobai intelligent cat’s eye M1.

In addition, Xiaobai is also equipped with a 1080p, 2 million pixel high-definition and wide-angle camera, which is clear and realistic. And Xiaobai’s camera also has WDR wide dynamic, distortion correction technology, which can highly restore the scene outside the door. For such products, most users will also pay attention to the issue of “battery life”. It is understood that “Xiaobai” uses a low-power design, is free to switch standard / power-saving modes, and has a built-in 5000mAh high-capacity lithium battery. In the case of full power, it can be used for up to 210 days, it should be noted that the battery life time will vary depending on the ambient temperature, trigger times and setting mode. When the power is too low, users who have been bound with “MijiaAPP” will receive a low power notification to ensure that they can be charged in time and will not affect their normal use. When we need to recharge, we just need to exit the screen from the base card slot and remove the access power supply.


Actual shooting effect of Xiaobai intelligent cat’s eye M1 high-definition and wide-angle camera.

However, the most prominent intelligent attribute of “Xiaobai” is the AI face recognition function, which uses Xiaomi face recognition algorithm to identify strange visitors’ age, gender and other information. The key is that we can identify our family and friends through MijiaAPP for later identification. However, the actual recognition effect may be affected by the real environment, resulting in differences.

Video call effect picture.

The benefits of accessing MijiaAPP can be seen everywhere.

The first convenience of Xiaobai’s access to Mijia is to check the non-uniqueness of the window. When we are at home, we can view it through the cat’s eye screen inside the door. When we are away from home, we can also check the real-time situation through our mobile phone, no matter who is visiting, we can see it at a glance. However, the real-time viewing function of “Xiaobai” cannot be carried out independently when the power-saving mode is turned on. If you want to ensure that you can view it at any time, you should turn off the power-saving mode.

Real-time viewing interface.

The “housekeeping assistant” option is marked next to the “real-time video” option in the mobile interface. This function can immediately push messages to show details in the event of special circumstances or changes in front of the door. Xiaobai smart cat’s eye M1 is usually in sleep power-saving mode. Once someone stays in front of the door for a long time, it will trigger the PIR human body infrared sensor built in by the cat’s eye, and the cat’s eye will immediately shoot a short video and push the alarm message to the mobile phone. If users find suspicious people on the mobile phone, they can also initiate remote calls to inquire directly in MijiaAPP. Among them, the length of stay detection can be set by yourself.

Stay detection function APP interface.

Even in the dark night, “Xiaobai” can see all kinds of hidden things in the outside world. The infrared night vision function it supports can automatically adjust the mode according to the degree of change of the surrounding light. The two infrared night vision lights built into the cat’s eye can ensure the clarity of the night shot. In the MijiaAPP device interface, click “Cat’s Eye Settings”-“Night Vision function Settings”, and you can decide whether to turn on this function or not. The system defaults to automatic switching mode.


The effect before and after the switch of night vision function.

The most surprising thing is that “rookies” can be linked with Mijia smart devices, such as Xiao AI students, we can make custom settings, when someone outside the door visits, let Xiao AI automatically broadcast the words set to convey wishes. Looking at “Xiaobai” from another point of view, it can also become a camera. The product provides two storage methods, including free cloud storage for one year, with a storage period of 7 days, which can be seen at any time. After the free use period, you can recharge and purchase on your own on MijiaAPP. In addition, it can also support local MicroSD card for video storage.

Function setting interface.

All in all, these are the benefits of “rookie” access to MijiaAPP. Can not say much, can not be said to be very novel, but these functions are really used in practice, each function is closely related to our lives, and even gives me a sense of indispensable. In terms of intelligent access, this product has been very successful, and its success lies in its “humanization”. Especially for people who travel alone, a warm heart is enough to conquer everything.

Mijia access method.

Step 1.Scan the manual QR code to download MijiaAPP or download it in the mobile app store;

Step 2.: Add Devic.

Method 1: open MijiaAPP, and click “+” in the upper right corner, quickly add it by scanning the QR code on the back of Xiaobai intelligent cat’s eye M1 display screen, and then bind the device according to the instructions of APP.

Method 2: open MijiaAPP, and click “+” in the upper right corner, add it by scanning nearby devices (limited to Android mobile phone users) or manually entering “Xiaobai Smart Cat’s Eye M1” in the search bar, and then bind the device according to APP instructions.


Xiaobai intelligent cat’s eye M1.

Step 3.Enter the correct Wi-Fi password according to the mobile phone instructions, and click “next”.

Step 4.Scan the QR code that appears on the phone in front of the cat’s eye camera and hear the tone of “QR code scanned successfully”. Click “next” to wait patiently until the connection is successful.

Write at the end.

Through this period of time to get along with the “rookie” students day and day, I found that my whole heart and soul sense of security has been promoted. Here, I would like to express my sincere thanks to “Xiaobai”. From then on, I will no longer be afraid of the unknown things in the outside world, because there is a rookie smart cat’s eye M1 watching over me all the time. It was like being alone in the dark, and suddenly a light came down, which brought me warmth and made me feel that I was not an island. In fact, there has always been a “ta” watching over you silently, and you are the one who is loved deeply. The appearance of “Xiaobai” warms me every day. Thank you for meeting me. Finally, I want to say that it feels good to be cared about by others. I seem to hear “Xiaobai” say to me from the bottom of my heart, “if you feel at ease to be yourself, I will give you all my love.”

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