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Realme X50 review: the 120Hz refresh rate takes the using experience to the next level

Realme X50 

Realme X50: main specs


6.57-inch LCD screen

Screen resolution

2400 x 1080 pixels

Screen refresh rate

120Hz refresh rate


Qualcomm Snapdragon 765G

Rear cameras

● 64MP primary lens, 1/1.7 inch, f/1.8 aperture;

● 8MP ultra wide angle lens, f/2.3 aperture;

● 12MP telephoto lens, f/2.5 aperture;

● 2MP macro lens, f/2.4 aperture

Front camera

● 16MP main lens, Sony IMX 471;

● 8MP ultra wide angle lens




Support 30W fast charging

Operating system

Realme UI based on Android 10


Design and function

The packaging of the Realme X50 is still in bright yellow, but the machine is similar to peacock blue. The weight of the hand is not light, take a look on the scale to see more than 200 grams did not run. However, due to the glass fuselage, the overall feel of the phone is more round, and the weight will be alleviated to a certain extent in the grip feel.

Realme X50 

In the past 2019, 3D curved glass technology has been well played by various manufacturers, and this design is also used on the back of the Realme X50. Turning the phone in the light also has a glowing light band.

Slightly different is that its 3D glass fuselage does not extend directly to the glass, but separately makes the middle frame matte and frosted, while the upper and lower frames are concave.

Realme X50 

The design language on the back of the phone is very common. The vertical four-camera lens on the top left protrudes slightly, and the edge of the top lens maintains the small yellow circle embellished by Realme. On the right is a prompt for a AI array camera and a supplementary light.

Realme X50 

There is also a vertical bright side Realme logo in the lower left corner. Personally, this is indeed one of the more classic design languages in 2019.

Realme X50 

However, when you come to the front and light up the screen, you will find that after trying the real comprehensive screen and water drop screen, Realme can not escape the design of the digging screen, and it is still a double digging screen. In fact, there is no problem with digging holes, after all, aesthetic this kind of things vary, but careful observation will find that there are some uneven brightness around the digging part, that is, the so-called black overflow. What causes it? It turns out that its power button has its own fingerprint identification function, so this screen is probably made of LCD.

Realme X50 

Then Shuishui turned on the display settings of the phone and found that there was no DC dimming option. However, this 6.57in LCD screen has a refresh rate as high as 120Hz, and you can choose to display it with 120Hz or 60Hz refresh rate in the setting, which is interesting, after all, it is rare for mobile phone products to have a high refresh rate on LCD screens. Of course, the advantage of LCD is that it is relatively eye-friendly and the color is not so bright. The Realme X50 screen is relatively average in brightness, feeling a little dark at 50% brightness, and the color temperature is relatively red.

Realme X50 

Since it is a LCD screen, the screen share is naturally not comparable to that of AMOLED. The top and side borders are almost the same width, but the black edges at the bottom are relatively thick. Officials claim that it uses the fifth generation Corning gorilla glass, with a screen share of 90.48%. Fortunately, with the refresh rate of 120Hz, the house of IT is very smooth.

Realme X50 

In addition, in terms of the delicacy of the display content, the daily use of the resolution of 2400 × 1080 will not have obvious graininess, and the system provides eye protection mode and dark mode, especially the dark mode also allows most adaptive third-party App to also call the dark background. The OSIE ultra-clear vision effect can also be dynamically adjusted to enhance the contrast and saturation of the video, which is particularly important for the LCD screen.

Realme X50 

The two front lenses at the top of the screen have an aperture of 4.88mm and are equipped with a front ultra-wide angle. Among them is a Sony IMX471 wide-angle lens with 1600W pixels, a 79.3 °viewing angle and a fhand 2.0 aperture. The other is an 800W pixel ultra-wide-angle lens with a 105 °viewing angle. And these two shots support UIS video super anti-shake, portrait super night scene mode, AI portrait beauty and portrait video virtual features.

Realme X50 

In the middle of the top of the screen is a hidden handset, while the bottom of the phone also has a superlinear speaker that supports Dolby panoramic sound and Hi-Res Audio HD audio certification. In addition, because the X52 baseband of the Qualcomm Snapdragon 765G chip on the Realme X50 supports 5G dual modes, that is, it has both SA independent networking and NSA independent networking technology, so the domestic mainstream 5G network bands, including N1, N41, N78, N79, are fully covered. The Simcard also supports dual cards and dual standby, and both primary and secondary cards can use 5G data connection.

The Realme X50 also features Smart 5G technology, which can intelligently sense the surrounding signal environment and automatically switch “without induction” between 4G and 5G, ensuring that users maintain a smooth data connection experience at all times.

Realme X50 

Since the Snapdragon 765G game chip is used, the game space is also indispensable. The built-in game space of the Realme X50 is now quite mature in the interface. Not only does the home page have its own game cover, remaining power and network delay, but it can also be set or viewed separately for each game, such as custom cover, screenshot and cover, usage time and other functions.

After entering the game, network acceleration and blocking notification are automatically enabled, and when you play a full-screen game, you can call up the game assistant through the two corners at the top of the screen, and you can also see all kinds of game information visually, or quickly open mini-window applications, screenshots and other functions.

Camera and video performance

The Realme X50 uses Hawkeye zoom quadruple photography this time, including a camera matrix combination of 64 million main shot + 12 million pixel 2x telephoto lens + 119o ultra wide angle lens + 4cm super macro lens. Among them, the main photo uses a Samsung GW1 sensor of 1.7in, a large aperture of 1.8x, a 6p mirror set of 64 million pixels, and an equivalent focal length of 26mm. Through the QuadBayer pixel four-in-one technology, a single pixel can reach 1.6 μ m. Support for Super Night View 3.0 and tripod mode.

Realme X50 

The telephoto lens has a fhammer 2.5 aperture and an equivalent focal length of 54mm, which can achieve 2x lossless optical zoom, 5x hybrid optical zoom and up to 20x hybrid zoom. The ultra-wide-angle lens has a fhammer 2.3 aperture and 119 °ultra-wide angle, and the single pixel can reach 1.12 μ m.

The macro lens has a pixel area of 1.75 μ m, an aperture of 2.4m, and the nearest focusing distance 4cm.

Realme X50 

In terms of video recording, the Realme X50 supports recording 4K/30 frames and 1080P/60 frames, and both front and rear cameras support EIS video anti-shake, as well as real-time virtual video with depth of field, 119 °ultra-wide-angle video, super video anti-shake and so on. So what exactly is the performance of this group of four photos? let’s take a look at the sample taken by IT House.

Realme X50 

As it has been cloudy and rainy in Qingdao recently, the daytime samples are taken on cloudy or rainy days. In Qingdao in the rain, the Realme X50 shows the real bleak and withering. The color of the sky is very accurate, and the branches of the dead trees by the roadside are well organized and clearly separated. The road signs with lights are reflected in the green light of the road, and the architectural details in the distance are sharp and rich. The only deficiency is that the overall brightness is low, the color of the dark part is too dark, the outline of the highlighted text on the road sign is not clear enough, and some halos are caused by halo overflow.

Realme X50 

When you are near a viaduct with a large contrast between light and shade, the Realme X50 will automatically turn on the HDR effect, giving priority to ensuring the brightness and detail of the dark part, when the brightness of the sky part is significantly increased. The Realme X50 will also deal with the edges of the building to ensure that it is not overexposed, but there are still some problems with the glass part of the fence on the viaduct. In the details, there is no problem with the blessing of the 6400W subject photo, and the slippery texture of the road is restored to a better place.

Realme X50 

However, when I was shooting directly under the bridge, the AI optimization of the Realme X50 reasonably increased the brightness of the backlit surface, but handled the color of the sky in a strange way, with some places a little blue and some places red.

Realme X50 

In ultra-wide-angle mode, the horizontal picture of the picture is much wider, but the part of the sky is more red, and the picture is not transparent enough, it feels like a layer filter. The details of the picture have also been lost, such as the leaves on the side of the road have become empty.

Realme X50 

In addition, when shooting pictures with buildings as the main body, the Realme X50 will automatically optimize the details of the building through the AI algorithm, so it will look very clear, especially the texture of the brick wall, which can basically see the gaps and edges at a glance. Only a few times, the color of the roof will become darker, in reality will not appear this kind of gradual change feeling. The color of the sky is accurate again, and there will be no strange spots.

Realme X50 

At night, Realme in the case of 2 times zoom, the overall photometry of the picture is more accurate, but the effect of highlight suppression is not perfect, fortunately, the very dark environment in the distance can also have good details. There is no glare in the street lamp, but the overall picture purity and details are relatively general, the road surface and the part of the street lamp are smeared, and the noise on the building wall can be seen after magnification.

Realme X50 

In another group of dim light, the role of super night view can be brought into play. Not only the highlight of the nearby school plate is suppressed well, but also the distant reception room has not been exposed. The plate and road surface are optimized by AI, and the details and texture are clear as a whole. The only problem is that the brightness of the picture is not enough, and there is a lot of loss of dark details.

Finally, there is a very low light environment, and the help of the super night scene to the picture is still very obvious. The highlight suppression is excellent, the details are excellent, and the overall permeability and purity of the picture are also good. The deficiency is still that the overall brightness is on the low side, and the dark part has basically become pure black. We also hope that the Realme X50 can optimize the brightness optimization strategy of the night scene mode in the follow-up system updates.

Realme X50 

Configuration & performance

In order to emphasize the leapfrog experience this time, the overall configuration of the Realme X50 is very promising. It is equipped with a new generation of Qualcomm Snapdragon 765G game chip, 120Hz refresh rate screen, the highest 12GB+256GB storage combination, the storage specification is LPDDR4X + dual-channel UFS2.1. In addition, to ensure good thermal dissipation, the Realme X50 is equipped with an innovative quintuple ice-sealed cooling system, which includes graphite flake + copper tube + copper sheet, high thermal conductivity aluminum alloy responsible for overall thermal conductivity, thermal conductive gel + thermal conductive silicone pad + copper foil, large area of graphite sheet and small copper foil + graphite sheet for fixed-point optimization to maximize the gaming experience.

Realme X50 

In terms of running points, the test results of IT home are as follows: an AnTuTu scores 295165 points, GeekBench single core scores 2879 points, multi-core scores 6873 points, while from the running points of AndroBench, the proper level of UFS2.1. The Realme X50 provides a high-performance mode in battery settings, and when this mode is turned on, IT House has also tested three mainstream mobile games.

Among them, Arena of Valor has an average frame rate of 59 frames, a 30-minute game consumes 8% power, and the highest surface temperature of the fuselage is 33.9 degrees. Game for Peace currently only supports high-definition picture quality and high frame rate, with an average frame rate of 29 frames and a power consumption of 10 percent for 30-minute games. the highest surface temperature of the fuselage is 34.2 degrees.

Realme X50 

Battery & charging

Finally, let’s take a look at its battery life and charging performance. The battery capacity of the Realme X50 is 4200mAh.

This time, the Realme X50 is equipped with a 30W VOOC flash charge. in the charging test of IT House, 36% charge in 15 minutes and 64% charge in 30 minutes and 64% charge in 58 minutes. Compared with the previous models, the charging time was reduced to less than 60 minutes for the first time. The improvement is still quite obvious. In addition, the Realme X50 is also compatible with 20W old VOOC flash charging and 15W PD fast charging, making it more flexible in the selection of charging peripherals.

Realme X50 


Realme X50 as a trend of leapfrog experience, the design pursues beautiful color matching and excellent feel, configuration and performance through stacking to achieve leapfrog experience, such as 5G dual mode, VOOC flash charge, etc., especially in the LCD screen rare use of 120Hz high refresh rate, with Qualcomm Snapdragon 765G game chip and quintuple three-dimensional ice seal heat dissipation system, indeed add a lot of color to the daily use experience.

However, we should also see that the leapfrog experience is not equal to the ratio of performance to price. In Realme’s brand positioning, which focuses on high quality and low price, it must also be a trade-off for some hardware and functions. The overall quality of its LCD screen is not perfect, nor does it have dual speakers and an extremely lightweight body, so make sure it really suits you before you buy it.

The initial price of Realme X50 is as follows: 2499 yuan for 8GB+128GB version, 2699 yuan for 6GB+256GB version, 2999 yuan for 12GB+256GB version, and 3099 yuan for 12GB+256GB Master Edition.

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