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Realme Buds Air experience review: cut off the last cable of “wireless headset”

Functional exclusivity and uniqueness make headphones eventually become part of their own closed-loop ecology, which is why major mobile phone products are happy to join the “headset war”. This is particularly true in the “real wireless headphones” category, and now a new contestant has joined it.

Realme officially launched a true wireless headset product in Beijing on January 7-realme Buds Air, has many bright spots, such as customized R1 chip, open cover flash connection, wireless charging, long battery life and so on. Literally speaking, how does realme”s first real wireless headset feel to use?

Just wearing headphones feels good.

Perhaps due to the popularity of real wireless headphones, today’s headphones pay more attention to the comfort of wearing them than in the past. This kind of “comfort” is somewhat similar to the “feel” on the mobile phone, which is the result of the balance of many factors, such as appearance, design, weight, material, fuselage lines and so on.


Realme Buds Air.

Instead of continuing the previous ear-in and silicone ear cap design, the realme Buds Air has turned to a semi-ear design that is very popular on the market. Compared with in-ear, earmuff and press-ear headphone designs, this design can reduce the sense of stuffiness and foreign body caused by wearing headphones, and there is no annoying stethoscope effect when I hit the headphones. In addition, because of the half-in-ear design, I can vaguely hear the surrounding ambient sound when I wear headphones, such as the sound of car sirens, the words of colleagues, etc., sacrificing a little bit of noise reduction effect in exchange for better safety, is it not worth it?


Realme Buds Air.

In terms of color matching, this headset is available in yellow, black and white, and the one I have on my hand is a white version, but personally, I may prefer yellow because it is more like the brand color of realme. The white realme Buds Air body, with its bright design and sleek curves, makes the headset not only smooth to the touch, but also not strangely uncomfortable to wear.

Of course, in addition to headset design, material and other factors, weight is also a factor that must be considered for real wireless headphones, whether you are a designer or a consumer. Unlike other types of headphones, the weight of real wireless headphones is “undisguised” on the ear. Realme Buds Air weighs 4.16g on a single headset, which is already quite light in terms of weight.

Having said so much, how does it feel to wear it?

Generally speaking, the wearing feeling of realme Buds Air is very good, although it does not realize the “no feeling” that everyone has been pursuing, but the pressure on the ear is not great. The pressure of headphones is mainly concentrated under the outer ear, but fortunately, it is not obvious, and there is no obvious discomfort in wearing it for a long time. One thing that surprises me is that because of my small ear canal, I often feel a pain when wearing real wireless headphones, which doesn’t happen on realme Buds Air.

Customize more functions of the chip.

After talking about the appearance part, it’s time to talk about functionality. As I mentioned at the beginning, the headphones launched by mobile phone manufacturers not only have faster connection speed when adapting to their phones, but also have many exclusive features, realme Buds Air is no exception.


Realme Buds Air.

Realme Buds Air has the function of opening the cover and flashing, that is, opening the realme Buds Air hatch, the headset can be recognized by the mobile phone, and it can be easily matched with one button in as little as 2.1s. However, it may be due to the initial firmware version, when the headset adapts, there is no corresponding adaptation animation and pop-up window on the phone, and the user still needs to manually open the Bluetooth interface to connect. However, after the first connection is completed, the reconnection is very fast, just open the lid.


Realme Buds Air connected.

It is worth noting that after the headset is connected, the Bluetooth interface of the realme phone will display the power of the headset and the “high-quality audio switch”. In addition, there is an intelligent touch area on the surface of the, realme Buds Air, and you can complete the corresponding operation through different touch methods. The position of the touch operation area on the upper side of the headset noise reduction hole, the operation feedback is quite accurate, if you can further optimize and add some new features, such as increasing / lowering the phone volume, it will undoubtedly make this headset more functional.

The current touch mode of realme Buds Air is as follows.

1) double-click: answer the phone; play / pause music.

2) three strikes: switch to the next song.

3) long press one side: hang up / refuse to answer the phone; wake up Breeno voice assistant.

4) long press both sides: activate / exit e-sports mode.

Incidentally, e-sports mode is a very immersive mode on realme Buds Air, which can be activated by pressing both sides of the headset at the same time. When the activation is successful, the ear will make a roar similar to that of the engine. This mode relies on the customized “R1 chip”, which can reduce the headphone latency to 119.3ms and synchronize the sound with the game and video pictures. In addition, when the mode is turned off, the headset emits a short piece of music to represent that e-sports mode has been turned off.

From my personal point of view, after e-sports mode is turned on, there is no obvious difference in feeling or out of sync between sound and painting when playing games and watching movies. In fact, latency is already difficult to detect in 140ms, and 119.3ms latency undoubtedly makes the user experience more stable.

Enjoy music calls and reduce noise.

In any case, the, realme Buds Air is a headset, at least the sound quality must be guaranteed. This phone uses LPC advanced multi-layer composite diaphragm, with 12mm large-size sound unit. In addition, realme also enhanced the DBB bass of the headphone to make the sound performance more layered.


High quality audio switch.

However, when using this headset, it is recommended to turn on the “high quality audio switch” mentioned earlier, which is also one of the features of realme Buds Air. After this function is turned on, the overall listening sense of, realme Buds Air is still good, and it will be more transparent and refreshing than before, and the performance of human voice and musical instruments is also more meticulous. Therefore, for this headset, the minimum sense of hearing can be guaranteed. However, in addition to listening to music, talking is also a hot application of headphones.

The radio effect of realme Buds Air is quite good, in the flyovers and roadsides with large traffic flow, it can also ensure the basic call, and the clarity of the call can also be guaranteed, which can fully meet the daily use.

Wireless charging ultra-long standby.

Since the advent of true wireless headphones, many people wear it almost all the time, accompanied by users through crowds, stations, companies, shopping malls and other places, during which uninterrupted music and calls. All of them test the battery life of headphones. So how is realme Buds Air’s endurance performance? According to officials, the headset can listen to music for up to three hours after a single charge, but this is official data, so I tried it myself, and the specific power consumption curve is as follows.


Realme Buds Air power consumption curve.

Realme Buds Air used 100% of the battery at 22:10 on Jan. 4, and finally used up all the power of the headphones at 1:31 on Jan. 5. the whole journey took 201 minutes, or 3 hours and 21 minutes, which is longer than the official battery life of the headphones. Although the longer battery life provides a good guarantee for the use of the headset, the Bluetooth interface only shows integer power when charging, and there is no more detailed power display, if the authorities can optimize it later. It will undoubtedly make consumers feel more at ease to use it.


Realme Buds Air power display.

Does longer battery life mean longer charging time? The answer is obviously no. I put the realme Buds Air with 0% charge into the battery compartment for charging, which is 28 minutes in the evening, or exactly 21:00 in the evening, when the battery compartment is fully charged, which is equivalent to less than 30 minutes when the headphones are put into the battery compartment to be fully charged.


Realme Buds Air supports wireless charging.

The battery compartment itself has two charging methods, one is Type-C wired charging, the other is wireless charging. In addition to the conventional charging method, it can also be charged on a wireless charging board or a device that supports wireless reverse charging. It is worth noting that in this price point of true wireless headphones, there is basically no wireless charging function, from this point of view, realme Buds Air is “very over-the-top”.

Write at the end.

As realme’s first true wireless headset, realme Buds Air has achieved its due level in appearance, design, sound quality, battery life and so on. Although there is a lack of animation on the adaptation and pop-up windows, this is not a hard wound of this headset, and we have also seen that realme does pertinently do some functions with an exclusive nature. So, for realme’s true wireless headset products, realme Buds Air is off to a good start.

Is this headset worth buying?

If you are using a realme phone and need a real wireless headset, then realme Buds Air is a good choice at this stage.

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