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OnePlus 7 Pro disassembly analysis: internal and external repair sets a new flagship mobile phone benchmark

As the flagship of the new generation, while inheriting the advantages of the previous generation, the process design is more Excelsior, and the comprehensive performance is also improved. With the first-class configuration, excellent design and smooth system of today”s Android phones, the one plus 7 Pro is impeccable, so what about the internal workmanship details? Today, let’s take one plus seven Pro apart and take a look at this flagship “inner” world.

First, we put one plus 7 Pro on a heating platform that has been preheated to 80 °. About two minutes, feel that the phone is a little hot, remove the phone and take out the SIM card slot, because the Cato and the motherboard interspersed, forget to remove the Cato forcibly peel off the motherboard and hurt the motherboard occurs from time to time.

Then, we use the crowbar and the disassembly piece to cut the glue on the back cover, because the one plus 7 Pro uses the front screen fingerprint to unlock, so there is no need to consider the layout of the rear fingerprint. In addition, there is a lot of one plus 7 Pro on the glue this time, and the battery cover is very tight. Because of the use of glass material, it is very easy to crack and damage, and you need to disassemble it slowly.

It should be noted that the back cover and the motherboard are connected by wires, so be careful when removing them. Remove the back of the phone, the entire internal layout of one plus 7 Pro comes into view, it is still a classic three-stage design, with motherboards, batteries and secondary boards arranged in turn. The main and secondary boards are covered by a cover plate, the integration is very strong, the overall integration is still very high.

In addition to the thermal coating and foam filling on the back cover, there are metal contacts in the camera position, corresponding to the camera position on the motherboard. The whole back cover is light and thin, with good processing and texture.

The protective cover on the one plus 7 Pro motherboard has a lot of screws. Take out the protective cover and you can see the one plus 7 Pro motherboard, the rear three cameras and the front camera with the lifting structure. It is not difficult to see that this time the one plus 7 Pro has a very neat internal stack, whether it is the layout of the elevator motor, the design of the lift module, or the stack of the camera to maximize space utilization.

If you want to remove the motherboard, first start with the cable, pry up the battery cable, and then pry it up. Then remove the rear camera cable.

After disconnecting the cable, we took out the rear camera. The one plus 7 plus nbspterPro uses a rear-facing three-photo design, including a 48 million-pixel IMX586 ultra-clear main camera, a 16 million-pixel 117 °wide-angle camera and a 8 million-pixel camera. The 48 million-pixel main shot uses a fhammer 1.6 large aperture and a 1amp 2-inch outsole sensor, which supports OIS optical anti-shake and brings a better imaging effect.

After taking out the rear camera, you can separate the motherboard. You can see that the one plus 7 Pro motherboard is actually not big. Due to the use of a lift front camera, the motherboard is made into an irregular shape. Even on this irregular motherboard, the components are arranged neatly, and the traditional metal shielding layer in the industry is also indispensable. And in order to dissipate heat, one plus also placed thermal conductive silicone grease for it. Among them, the laminated package is the famous Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 mobile platform.

After taking out the motherboard, let’s take a look at the one plus 7 Pro front lift camera, which is very mechanical. The front of one plus 7 Pro uses a 16 million-pixel lifting camera, and the whole lifting process is only 0.53 seconds. According to officials, it has a design life of 300000 times, and even if it rises and falls 50 times a day, it will last as long as 15 years. In addition, the front shot of one plus 7 Pro has a fall recovery protection mechanism, and when the gravity acceleration sensor inside the phone senses that the phone is falling, it will quickly retract the front camera.

The motherboard is over, let’s take a look at the secondary board, the degree of integration is very high.

Haptic vibration motor, the vibration is quite powerful, the touch is more delicate and real. Double stereo speakers, richer sound details and more immersive stereo field. The combination of the two makes you more immersive and experience more enjoyable.

Next, we disassemble the screen fingerprint identification module, and one plus 7 Pro uses the latest screen fingerprint module to upgrade the algorithm, unlocking animation and other details. It is reported that it finally achieves a very fast unlocking speed of 0.21 seconds. At the same time, it still supports one-click quick start and unlock payment functions, including WeChat and Alipay. Achieve the industry benchmark in both generality and security.

Finally, we disassemble the battery, there are no complicated steps, disconnect the cable and take it out easily. One plus 7 Pro is equipped with 4000mAh battery, which can charge 48% in 20 minutes with 30W Warp flash charge (5V/6A). At the same time, users can still achieve flash charge when playing games or other operations, which is obviously more in line with the normal usage habits than other products on the market.

At this point, the phone is completely disassembled, and then we install the phone. At the end of the installation, it is found that after disassembly, the buckle of the mobile phone screen is still very tight, the phone can be turned on and used normally, and the camera function is intact.


From the point of view of disassembly, the internal workmanship of one plus 7 Pro is very good, and it is not easy to work so hard on details that users cannot see, and its complexity can be called the leader of domestic mobile phones, especially in the ingenious design of rear cameras and front cameras, which has opened up a new world in the interior of mobile phones with an inch of land. The real internal and external repair of one plus 7 Pro is now the top flagship and sets a new benchmark for flagship mobile phones.

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