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OnePlus 7 Pro Camara Test Review

One plus 7 Pro

Taxi waiting area


There is heaven and earth in the heart, where is there no beauty? Standing on the side of the road, facing the white line that divides the “space” into two, a sense of spatial crisscross suddenly appears, “TAXI” appears more and more bright. The name of a taxi also carries the fond memories of generations of people. In front of the zebra crossing, people who wait and go straight seem to be in two spaces, orderly and orderly. Under the lens of one plus 7 Pro, the light and shade and the resolution of the photo make the whole picture full of meaning, magnifying every detail, witnessing the changes and the story of what happened here.

Two pigeons on the lawn

“Too beautiful” floret

When I passed the park, I couldn”t help but stop and watch because of the dense and vibrant green plants. The two pigeons on the lawn walked together, sometimes playing and sometimes staying, which was envied by people after watching Haosheng. In the face of smart pigeons and a lawn full of visual tension, one plus 7 Pro freeze the beauty of the moment with its dual OIS optical anti-shake and extremely fast focusing ability. When putting a beautiful flower into the photo box, the powerful background virtual ability of one plus 7 Pro makes it the protagonist of the picture, just to fall in love at this moment.

Gourmet food under one plus 7 Pro camera

Gourmet food under one plus 7 Pro camera

It is said that a city blindly, food contains the details of a city. In addition to visiting well-known scenic spots, eating is an essential part of going to a city. Although I was hungry when I got off the plane, I still had to eat delicately. The delicacies recorded by one plus 7 Pro are colorful, pure white ingredients, attractive red, collocation of ingredients and harmony of colors, whether it is the food itself or a lovely sample sheet. The delicacy comes not only from the table, but also from the color of each ingredient in the one plus 7 Pro lens.

Cultural relics under one plus 7 Pro lens

Cultural relics under one plus 7 Pro lens

If you want to appreciate the history of a city, you must visit the museum. When the light is cast on cultural relics full of historical flavor, it seems that we can go back to those days. Perhaps these cultural relics are accustomed to grandeur, experienced fraught wars, and witnessed the change of dynasties. Preserving it until now is the best gift of history to us. When we enlarge the details of cultural relics, little traces tell the history of the past. All this recorded in the one plus 7 Pro lens, the historical flavor and the details of cultural relics are exquisite, virtual and real, worthy of aftertaste.

Soaring into the sky, Taipei 101 Building

Special landform under one plus 7 Pro camera

Special landform under one plus 7 Pro camera

We found some special landforms after continuous sea water erosion and wind erosion at the seaside. Sand grains, grouper, sea water and green plants form a rare beauty, and the layered geomorphological features are like being in the northwest desert, but the company of the sea makes us “dream broken in the northwest”. When we enlarge these details in front of us, the polished round stone has a more texture, and the thinnest place is like a piece of paper, which can be broken, making people feel sorry for each other. One plus 7 Pro works together with Sony’s 48 million-pixel ultra-clear three-shot combination, together with the image algorithm of the UltraShot ultra-clear image quality engine, to improve the quality of the picture, even if you enlarge it, you can see more details.

Sea and sky in one color

Sea and sky in one color

Sea, mountain and sky

To Taiwan, the seaside is still a walk, in such a grand scene, but also the best test of a mobile phone’s photo-taking ability. The blue sea and the blue sky form a magical scene with the same color as water and sky, just like a fairyland on earth. At the junction of the sea and the sky, a thin line runs through the whole picture, which is the best witness of the clear distinction between the two and the integration of the two. Such a scene has also become a place for the ultra-wide-angle ability of one plus 7 Pro. One plus 7 Pro has a super wide angle of up to 117 °, so you don’t have to step back and shoot a large field of vision. The beautiful scenery that lingers and forgets to return can be “packed and taken away” between raising hands. Many refueling after using one plus 7 Pro of ultra-wide-angle photography, just like the use of 90Hz fluid screen can never go back to the feeling. The powerful ultra-wide-angle capacity has become the secret of one plus 7 Pro containing all things.

Color wharf

The ship under the camera of one plus 7 Pro

Standing on the shore, looking at the colorful wharf, the boats docked quietly at the dock, as if the children returning home were lying in their mother’s arms, so quiet but so lively. This scene, recorded in the one plus 7 Pro camera, most truly recreates the life of fishermen, which may seem boring to ordinary people, but in their own eyes, every day is a new day, as if the colorful wharf makes every day full of color.

The stillness of the night

The Night in Taipei

The Night in Taipei

The Night in Taipei

As night falls, the night in Taipei is colorful. Between silence and hustle and bustle, everyone begins a day of nightlife. It is said that recording the beauty of the night is the most difficult, whether it is the control of the light or the rendering of the night. One plus 7 Pro uses Super Night scene 2.0 mode, which automatically recognizes night scenes. With the newly upgraded Night scene HDR algorithm, after a few seconds of shooting, the night is full of texture under the lens of one plus 7 Pro. Maybe those who have never liked night will fall in love with this “damn night” at this moment.

Night view of Taipei 101 building

Night view of Taipei 101 building

As a landmark of Taipei, the Taipei 101 building is luxurious against the background of night, with gorgeous lights, towering altitude and undispersed flow of people, which is so eye-catching under the record of one plus 7 Pro super night scene. And when we go to see Taipei 101 from different angles and at different times, we can all get surprises. This is every builder’s gift to us, and it is also the best record of one plus 7 Pro for condensing cutting-edge technology. May not be able to record every trace of fireworks, but can record, is the most beautiful.


Travel all over the country, the great rivers and mountains of the motherland, witness the changes of history, feel the most authentic humanistic feelings. Recording Taipei with one plus seven Pro is an intersection of science and technology, humanities and history, which gives us the ability to record beautiful things beyond our eyes. Through one plus 7 Pro, whether day, night, indoor or outdoor, you can make the best of science and technology and keep the beauty around you with moving photos!

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