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OnePlus 7 perfromance review: Snapdragon 855 and UFS 3.0

OnePlus 7 teardown

From functional phones to smart phones, mobile phone manufacturers give mobile phones more and more multi-functions. after using these functions, users will have a preference for some functions. at the same time, mobile phone manufacturers and application developers upgrade accordingly according to user preferences. Of course, the upgrade of these functions will occupy the internal space of the mobile phone, how to choose between each function and space, which tests the design ability of various mobile phone manufacturers.

OnePlus 7 Pro internal structure

As a result, smartphones have a larger body size, a larger phone screen, more cameras and a larger battery capacity, while the phone uses a smaller SIM card, eliminating the TF card expansion design and the 3.5mm headphone interface. So when the interior of the phone becomes more expensive, the internal structure design becomes more sophisticated, and the external interface becomes less and less.

OnePlus 7 Pro internal structure

While canceling the TF card, with the progress of technology and the reduction of cost, more flash memory can be integrated inside the phone. At present, the mainstream memory standard specifications are mainly divided into eMMC and UFS,. EMMC (Embedded Multi Media Card) is formulated by the MMC Association, which is mainly aimed at the embedded memory standard specifications of products such as mobile phones or tablet computers.

 The full name of UFS flash memory is Universal Flash Storage, a general flash standard released in 2011 by the global leader in the development of microelectronics industry standards, the solid State Technology Association (JEDEC). At present, most of the flagship models of mainstream mobile phone manufacturers use UFS 2.1standard flash memory, while all OnePlus 7 standard UFS 3.0flash memory, OnePlus once again leads the industry in this respect.

UFS 3.0 flash memory

OnePlus 7 hardware test

“All martial arts in the world are invincible, but only fast will not be broken.” this is a line from the evil god of Fire Cloud in the movie Kung Fu. Mobile phones abandon flash memory cards not only because of internal structure problems, but also because of speed. Flash memory cards also limit the development of smartphones. And the use of UFS flash memory of OnePlus 7 also rely on a “fast” word to enter the world.

Here the editor can make a very vivid analogy. Flash memory cards are like mechanical hard drives in computers, while UFS 3.0flash memory can be compared to solid state drives. When you switch from a mechanical hard drive to a solid-state hard drive, the computer that uses the mechanical hard drive is like a slow car pulled by an old scalper, while the computer with solid-state hard drive is a car that can reach 180 mph.

AndroBench running minute speed comparison (triple speed)

Although most cars on the market can reach speeds of up to 180 mph, Carola and Ferrari can be treated as two species. Mobile flash memory, from UFS 2.0 to 2.1 to 3.0, has also brought an earth-shaking increase in speed.

Speak with data

The measured data from AndroBench are enough to reflect the improvement in speed compared with UFS 2.1 and Magi UFS 3.0. We can see that using OnePlus 7 of UFS 3.0, the continuous reading speed of the mobile phone with UFS 2.1 is 850.09 MB/s, when the continuous reading speed reaches 1459.52 MB; in terms of continuous writing, UFS 3.0 can reach 390.42 MB Universe, and random read achieves 147.59 MB and 185.02 MB of continuous writes, and the random read and write speed of UFS 2.1 is 185.02 MB, and the random read and write speed is 128.26MB/s.

AndroBench measured data

In addition to AndroBench, Anbunny and Master Lu can also test the reading speed of mobile phone flash memory. The OnePlus 7 of the standard UFS 3.0in the whole system achieves 10605 points in read and write performance on an AnTuTu, and Lu Masters” flash performance score is 41839 points, of which the read and write speed can reach 1542M amp s, and the write speed is 359M/s. The storage performance of the mobile phone with UFS 2.1is 9161 points for reading and writing, and the score for Master Lu’s flash memory is 22947 points, in which the reading speed is 568m amp s and the writing speed is 154M/s. It can be said that at the data level, UFS 3.0 easily crushes UFS 2.1.

Master Lu Benchmark score

AnTuTu Storage performance score

In terms of system fluency, UFS 3.0 makes OnePlus 7 smoother. In Master Lu’s experience evaluation, OnePlus 7 scored a high score of 154.84, while the mobile phone using UFS 2.1scored only 128.17 in this category, which can be said to be among the best in the industry in terms of system fluency.

Master Lu experience Evaluation

So, what’s the use of fast speed?

For users, the perception of faster mobile phones is very implicit, but for mobile phones, the upgrade of flash speed in some ways will bring a significant improvement.

Chicken eating is a game that has swept the world in the past two years. I’m sure you’ve heard of it even if you haven’t played it. On the PC side, the read speeds of mechanical hard drives and solid state drives bring two very different experiences to the game. When using a mechanical hard drive to play a game, when others have parachuted to the ground to collect equipment, you may still be stuck on the plane, and when you land alone and unarmed, you will naturally land in a box in front of other players who have already taken the gun. The use of solid state drives will not have such a problem, so that you can quickly load into the game, can be one step ahead of others, happily eat chicken.

Speed comparison of Honor of Kings decompressing resource package (triple speed)

The same is true on mobile phones, where UFS 3. 0 brings faster reading speeds and reduces the waiting time for users. When you Honor of Kings, the other nine people’s loading state is still 65%, you have already loaded. When you and your friends download the same game, you have already installed to enter the game login interface, and friends have not yet been able to decompress it. Through the actual comparison, we can see that in terms of games, the improvement of UFS 3.0 in the user experience is perceptible and very obvious.

Other advantages of OnePlus 7

In terms of game loading, OnePlus 7 is already one step ahead, and in other ways, the product also has many bright spots. The OnePlus 7 system is equipped with RAM Boost function, which can make the game App start faster, bid farewell to load waiting time, and through learning, the more, RAM Boost you use, the more you will understand you. OnePlus 7 also has Fnatic e-sports mode, which can block all notifications (except low power, alarm clock, countdown) and incoming calls for you when turned on. And will enhance the network and background control to ensure that the game runs at a high speed. And OnePlus 7 is also equipped with a linear motor, no matter eating chicken or racing car, after turning on the vibration, it will open the door to a new world for you. Under the quadruple blessing of UFS 3.0, RAM Boost, linear motor and Fnatic e-sports mode, OnePlus 7 minutes is transformed into a game console, which allows you to have a better gaming experience while being one step faster in the game.

UFS 3.0+RAM Boost+ linear motor + Fnatic e-sports mode

In addition to games, the improvement brought by UFS 3.0 can also be felt in audio-visual entertainment. Whether you drag a 4K video or load a large number of photos, you will feel that the image of OnePlus 7 loads faster, and the video loads and drags more smoothly. Equipped with dual stereo speakers, OnePlus 7 with Dolby panoramic Sound will also provide you with more details when watching the video, bringing you an immersive movie experience.

OnePlus 7 equipped with dual stereo speakers

Bottom line

From flash memory card to UFS 2.1 to UFS 3.0, mobile phone manufacturers put a lot of effort into research and optimization in these areas that users can not intuitively perceive for the sake of the actual user experience. After actual use, you will find that, in addition to Qualcomm Snapdragon 855, these invisible hardware configurations have become a watershed between flagship products and ordinary products, and the undervalued flagship OnePlus 7 can be called the best of 3000 yuan with these characteristics.

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