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OnePlus 7 camera using experience: the best camera to record life


Why is the mobile phone the best tool to record your life? The reason is that smartphones are easier to operate. We do not need to understand the complex parameters, just pick up a good picture of the hand mechanism, we can get an excellent picture. It can be said that a mobile phone that allows users to take good photos can make people love it more, and we can therefore retain unforgettable memories.


Some people may say, “if you want to take a good picture, you must need an expensive flagship mobile phone,” but Yiga tells us: in fact, good products are sometimes not that expensive. For example, the one plus 7 released this year is a very good choice. Take it with you when you travel to record the scenery, so you don”t have to worry about not taking good pictures anymore.

Flagship hardware performance

If you want to take great pictures, tough hardware is essential. One plus 7 carries the same 48 million pixel IMX586 sensor as one plus 7 Pro. This sensor has been used by many manufacturers, and its strength has also been recognized by many users. In addition, bright spots such as Fmax 1.7 large aperture and support for OIS optical anti-shake can be said to lay a solid foundation for a good photo performance of one plus seven.


Of course, some people regret that one plus seven is not equipped with a rear camera. However, good photo performance does not depend on the number of cameras, only excellent imaging quality can make us easily take good pictures. With a 5 million-pixel sub-camera, one-plus-seven allows us to easily take photos with a virtual background, and a new camera algorithm makes the one-plus-seven software and hardware more perfect.

The actual shooting effect is surprising

This year, one plus released two new flagships, of which one plus 7 Pro can be said to be quite dazzling. Selling points such as “Ultra wide Angle Lens”, “DxO score 118” and “equipped with UltraShot Intelligent algorithm” make one plus 7 Pro more attractive. However, after using one plus 7 for a period of time, I was still pleasantly surprised, because this flagship phone, which sells for 2999 yuan, is not inferior to other flagship phones in the actual shooting process.


With the support of Sony IMX586 module, one plus 7 can easily take an accurate picture of color restoration, and the color of the photo taken with it is closer to what the human eye can see, highlighting the authenticity. For example, the color of the clouds in this sky is basically the same as the actual performance, and the hierarchical sense of the clouds can be restored at the same time. Of course, if you think this photo looks a little “plain” and not enough to please the eyeball, you can also use the one plus 7 built-in filter to create a more diverse way of playing.



In the daily shooting process, one plus 7 OIS optical anti-shake helped me a lot. Especially when I shoot with one hand, the OIS optical anti-shake function greatly improves the film rate. At the moment of pressing the shutter, even if there is a slight vibration in the hand, there will be no picture paste.




Of course, when we take pictures, we will inevitably encounter extreme scenes, and it is even more common for us to take pictures against the light. Fortunately, one plus 7 has a powerful image quality engine, which automatically determines whether we are in a backlight environment and automatically turns on the HDR function. When I go out for a walk, I like to overlook the traffic on the overpass and empty myself from the perspective of a bystander. In Beijing after the beginning of summer, the sun waved goodbye to us at 7 o’clock. When the afterglow of the setting sun shines on the road, it can better show people’s thoughts of going home.

Backlight HDR photo

Backlight HDR

The one plus 7 camera interface is very simple

Anyone familiar with one plus knows that “simple, efficient and reliable” is the classic slogan, of a hydrogenated OS system, and the one plus 7 photo interface also follows a simple design concept. Why is the mobile phone the best tool to record your life? The reason is that the operation of the mobile phone is very convenient. When we use our mobile phone to take pictures, most of the time we pick up the phone and press the shutter directly, and the simple photo interface of one plus seven is obviously our best choice.

A pair of eyes recording the night

For a mobile phone with a price of 3000 yuan, it is normal to take good pictures during the day, but when there is not enough light at night, different phones will show obvious differences.

One plus seven night view sample sheet

Oneplus seven night view sample sheet

One plus seven night view sample sheet

Thanks to the built-in OIS optical anti-shake function, one plus 7 also has a high image quality when taking pictures at night, and one plus 7 can perfectly record the bright night scene, even if there is a slight wobble in the hand when pressing the shutter. For example, in the above picture of the buildings in Sanlitun SOHO, when the shutter is pressed in normal mode, the brightness of the sample is not much different from that seen by human eyes, and the whole sample is not overexposed by some high-brightness light boxes.

One plus seven night view sample sheet

One plus seven night view sample sheet

With the help of Fhand 1.7 aperture lens and pixel four-in-one technology, you can take a good picture with one plus seven, even if you don’t turn on the night view mode. After enlarging the sample, the texture on the surface of the building is still clearly visible, the details are still intact, and there is no obvious noise.

Oneplus seven night view sample sheet: normal mode

Oneplus seven night view sample sheet: night view mode

If you want to shoot a brighter picture in an extreme environment, you might as well use night scene mode. In one plus 6T, one plus introduces the “super city night view” function for the first time, while one plus 7 also has an upgraded night scene algorithm. When the night scene mode is turned on, the UltraShot ultra-clear image quality engine algorithm will help the camera restore the most authentic colors, coupled with the newly upgraded HDR function, you can get a clear night scene photo.

On the whole, one plus seven random shots should be the most appropriate. You can get a good picture when you take a picture in normal mode at night. Fhand 1.7 aperture and pixel four-in-one mode can bring more light in, and the noise control of the whole photo is very good, which is in line with the photo performance of the flagship phone.


Photographer Chase Jarvis once famously said, “the best camera is the one you have.” For us, smartphones are the best recording tool. Thanks to the powerful IMX586 and OIS optical anti-shake blessing, one plus 7 can ensure that we can take a different picture every time we press the shutter. Coupled with the newly upgraded software algorithm, it greatly improves the look and feel of the photo. If you want to have a mobile phone that can take wonderful pictures, I think one plus seven must be a good choice.

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