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Moto P50 Review: Does this smartphone worth buying?

Recently, another new phone for positioning fashionable business has been put on sale, which is the moto P50. We have seen a lot of firsts in it. It is the first moto phone with a full screen of “hole digging” and the first model with a 21:9 screen, while it also has a 48 million AI HD dual camera, which is a combination of technology and fashion. So what are the highlights of this good-looking moto P50? let”s learn about it together.

Slender and exquisite, showing the beauty of inheritance

First of all, let’s take a look at the appearance. Nowadays, comprehensive screen is the absolute trend of smartphone development, but limited by technology and industrial design, many mobile phones can not really achieve 100% full screen. This time the moto P50 uses the mainstream “hole digging” design, although the difficulty and cost are higher, but the appearance is significantly improved. The 6.34in full screen on the front of the


Moto P50 places the front lens in the upper left corner of the screen by digging holes, officially known as CoD display (camera on display) technology. But taking up more space, with hidden handset and sensor, create a more shocking comprehensive screen effect. In daily use, it can not only display more content, but also ensure functionality, which is really killing two birds with one stone.


This screen uses a ratio of 21:9, which is slimmer and slimmer than other phones as a whole. For users with small hands, it greatly increases the grip of one hand and the feel of operation. In addition, the screen has a resolution of 2520 x 1080, a 95% wide color gamut, and the DCI-P3 Hollywood movie color standard. Whether you use it on a daily basis or watch videos, you can bring a better experience.


After looking at the amazing front, let’s take a look at the back. If the front is amazing, then the back of the moto P50 can only be described with elegance. Round four-curved glass, extending from the back to the frame, perfectly connects with the metal frame. With a warm and moist feel, there will be no sense of fragmentation at all. Coupled with the slim proportion of the fuselage, the feel has been raised to a higher level. The


Moto P50 has two colors: “Amber Coffee” and “Blue Gold Blue”. We got the blue gold version this time. Although it is simply blue, the moto P50 uses an original single-layer gradual color nano-optical coating process on the back of the industry, which enables the glass to create a streamer texture in the sunlight, with an orderly depth and full texture, adding a bit of science and technology to the fuselage. The upper left corner integrates dual photography and flash, and in the middle is the classic “fingerprint Logo” two-in-one design, which is the finishing touch of the whole machine.


On the whole, the moto P50 continues the family’s elegant gene in terms of design. But with the addition of brand-new CoD display technology, it has more amazing visual effects. The slender 21:9 fuselage, together with 3D curved glass, creates an excellent feel. The design that takes into account both fashion and practicality can be described as a perfect expansion and extension of the essence of moto.

21:9 full screen, audio-visual social both without delay

In addition to bringing a more elegant sense of grip, the 21:9 screen used by the moto P50 is an entertainment artifact for audio and video lovers. The picture ratio of mainstream movies is 21R9, which means you can watch the complete picture without cutting on your mobile phone. For those business people who often travel on business, they can enjoy such an amazing audio-visual experience by taking out their mobile phones on the plane and on the train.

 Of course, moto does not waste this slender screen, split-screen operation allows you to watch video while browsing the web or WeChat chat. Multi-task is carried out together, both work and entertainment are not delayed. This screen can also broaden your horizons when taking pictures. Especially in the face of a group photo of many people, the group photo of a large party will not leave one person behind!

48 million AI four photos, capture the beauty of life

Nowadays, mobile phone has become an indispensable important equipment in people’s life, whether in life or work, taking pictures is an indispensable activity for us. This time, the moto P50 uses a rear 48 million AI dual camera, which can achieve a very large pixel of 1.6 μ m through Tetracell technology, and can take better photos with a very large aperture of fhand 1.7 and OIS optical anti-shake technology.

Although the weather is not beautiful, it can be seen that the moto P50 clearly photographed the details of the buildings in the distance. Both the nearby buildings and the architectural details in the distance are clearly visible. Even in the face of cloudy and rainy days, the picture is still very bright and clear.

When faced with a big scene, the moto P50 performs praiseworthy. The details of the glass and steel structures are clearly visible. The white balance of the picture is very accurate, and there is no dimming or overexposure.

In addition, the moto P50 also supports portrait mode, which can simulate the virtual effect of a large aperture background of a SLR camera. From the sample sheet, the moto P50 not only accurately identifies the edge outline of the photographed object, but also makes the transition between the background and the edge very natural.

Next, let’s go indoors, because the indoor lighting environment is more complex, so it is a challenge for mobile phones. Moto P50 still maintains accurate white balance and exposure in the face of complex scenes and light. The object is clear and bright, and there is no blur.

Similarly, the virtual effect of indoor portraits is also very good. The color of the object is fresh and beautiful, and the edge is very natural. For those users who like art photography, the moto P50 is a good choice.

The familiar ZUI, is convenient and powerful

Moto P50 is equipped with an eight-core processor, and the addition of AI processors can bring a more intelligent experience. 6+128GB ‘s large memory, whether you want to store movies or important files, can be easily handled. A large 3500mAh battery, coupled with TurboPower fast charging technology, can quickly recharge your phone’s blood and keep it at its best at any time. The

Moto P50 runs ZUI 11, which is customized based on Android 9.0, and is still simple and crisp in terms of UI style. The simplified design of the interface is not only easy to use, but also more beautiful. In order to take advantage of the full screen, the moto P50 is equipped with 4D U-Touch gestures: slide up from the bottom of the screen to return to the upper level, slide up to pause to return to the desktop, and slide inward from the bottom side to open the multitasking interface. With elegant gestures and a slender fuselage, you can easily control it with one hand, even if you are in a crowded subway.

As a model that focuses on business and entertainment, the moto P50 well reshapes the genes of the moto family according to the pulse of the times. When moto accumulated experience for many years and met the fast-paced fashion / business crowd, it created this elegant P50 new machine. The 21:9 screen is rare in the mobile phone industry today, but its advantages are already prominent. Whether it is the audio-visual experience, or the impact on the shape of the fuselage, the improvement of the feel, are its advantages. We also believe that this trend will become the mainstream of the mobile phone industry in the future and will be adopted by more manufacturers.

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