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Meizu 16Xs photo using experience

    Meizu 16Xs camera photo

Meizu 16Xs photo using experience believed that mobile phones are the best device to record life. So a mobile phone that lets users to snap great pictures is an excellent product. In order to provide users the best photo experience, Meizu recently brought us its first camera phone that has three cameras that is it’s the Meizu 16Xs. The phone is the only three-camera phone that is part of the 1500 yuan file and it’s even more genuine. Naturally, the performance of photos is what will make us want to buy the release of this phone.

Let”s explore the photo-taking capability of the Meizu 16Xs in diverse scenes. To see whether its performance will please many more customers by virtue of inclusion of the third ultra-wide angle lens.

What about Meizu’s first three-camera phone?

If we take a closer glance, it’s easy to see that it is a phone with price of 1500 Yuan. The Meizu 16Xs comes with an unusual set of camera rears for the same cost. In addition to the traditional main shot of 48 million pixels and a 5 million-pixel sub-shot ultra-wide-angle lens with 8 million pixels is also available, which is equipped with an 118.8 degultra-wide-angle and an equivalent lens length of 13mm. This ultra-wide-angle lens will give us a larger field of vision when shooting in a landscape.

Meizu 16Xs is equippe with rear camera

When Meizu 16Xs experience comes toprimary camera, Meizu 16Xs has the Samsung GM1 MOD version of 48 million pixels . The lens is available in the Meizu Note9. With the pixel four-in-one technique it is possible to achieve the appearance of 1.6 million m of pixels. It is also possible to achieve a more vibrant image in dim light which improves the image perception.

Bring a wider field

Due to continual improvement of camera phones increasingly, people are turning mobile phones to capture memorable moments in their lives. However, when they go out for a game the outdoors, it’s estimated that many have been incapable of recording the landscape, and when they finally must use their camera’s “panoramic function” to complete the photography, however, the images aren’t perfect, resulting in a significant loss to the overall experience.

Meizu 16Xs ultra-wide-angle sample sheet
Meizu 16Xs ultra-wide-angle sample sheet

Meizu 16Xs  important to mention that these three cameras are becoming the norm for mobile phones, specifically the ultra-wide-angle lens. It should be a standard feature for phones. The most important update for Meizu 16Xs is the ultra-wide angle lens, with the equivalent of a focal length that is 13mm with the viewing angle can be as high as to 118.8 deg and a broad field of view. It can used to shoot stunning natural landscapes or towering structures.

Vision of meizu 16xs

In ultra-wide-angle mode, we have a broad field of vision that normally cannot get in other modes. This unique experience will be memorable. In the test the user will be able to see that the Meizu 16Xs have the ability to perfectly capture the landscape in ultra-wide angle mode. If you’re in a situation where it is impossible to get a perfect photo, don’t be concerned Ultra-wide-angle modes will surely delight you.

thin Road
Comparison between Meizu 16Xs ultra-wide-angle mode and ordinary mode
Street pic
Comparison between Meizu 16Xs ultra-wide-angle mode and ordinary mode

Compared with the ordinary mode, the field of vision in the ultra-wide-angle mode is much larger. The gap can clearly seen by putting the two together.

It is worth mentioning that Meizu has also brought us an ultra-wide-angle anti-distortion algorithm. Although the perspective of the whole picture will  slightly reduced. Look and feel similar to the human eye will definitely make us fall in love with this feeling completely.

Meizu 16Xs’s ultra-wide-angle mode still has room for improvement. For example, when we turn on the ultra-wide-angle mode, we cannot use the super night view mode to take pictures. I believe it can greatly expand the night scene photo space of Meizu 16Xs. So that we can take more variety of night scene photos.

48 megapixel main camera

Since 2019, we have seen a lot of phones with 48 million-pixel sensors. This 1500-yuan Meizu 16Xs is also equipped with a 48 million-pixel lens. It uses a Samsung GM1 MOD image sensor polished by Meizu. Which has 48 million ultra-high pixels and an extra-large 2-inch photosensitive area. When taking daily photos, Meizu 16Xs can output a full-color 12 million-pixel photo through pixel four-in-one technology.

Soho Building
Meizu 16Xs sample sheet
Dragon photo
Meizu 16Xs sample sheet
Stache photo
Meizu 16Xs sample sheet
Flower photo
Meizu 16Xs sample sheet
Cookies 16Xs photo
Meizu 16Xs sample sheet
Food photo
Meizu 16Xs sample sheet

Help to shoot a blockbuster

After Samsung GM1 MOD made its debut on Meizu Note9, it got a further improvement on Meizu 16Xs. In the case of good light conditions, the sample taken by Meizu 16Xs is more saturated in color. Which is very pleasing to the eye. With the AI function, it can also accurately identify different scenes and improve the look and feel of photos. Especially in the gourmet mode, highly saturated samples can bring more appetite. It can said that it is very suitable for “pre-meal poison testing”.

stairs photo
Meizu 16Xs sample sheet (dim light)

In dim light, Samsung’s GM1 MOD version of the pixel four-in-one technology can also bring a brighter picture. In darker places, you can get a high-quality dark photo brighter than the human eye by using Meizu 16Xs.

Meizu 16Xs sample sheet (Night View)
photo of Meizu 16Xs
Meizu 16Xs sample sheet (Night View)
Meizu photo
Meizu 16Xs sample sheet (Night View)

If we are in the dark night, we can also take satisfactory pictures through Meizu 16Xs. Meizu 16Xs has a built-in “double super night view mode”, in which the hand-held super night view function can help us take photos with high light and average shadows in the dark night, greatly improving the look and feel.

Ultra-wide angle

The AI function of Meizu 16Xs can also help us accurately identify whether we need to turn on night scene mode. When you are in a dark environment, Meizu 16Xs will automatically turn on the prompt of “Moon”. At this time, we can directly click to enter the super night view mode. Just press the photo button and wait for another second or so to get a night view photo.

Meizu 16Xs improves the imaging time without losing the brightness of the picture. The whole picture is brighter in night scene mode, although the effect of “night vision” cannot  achieved   synthesis of eight photos. But the feeling of the picture is indeed more wonderful than that seen by the human eye, and it is no problem to send it to the moments.

Front 16 million pixel camera in meizu 16xs

In addition to using the rear camera to record life, we sometimes use the front camera to leave wonderful moments for ourselves. In order to improve the quality of front-facing photos, Meizu 16Xs still uses the leading 16 million-pixel Samsung custom camera. Together with the Rainbow soft algorithm, to make accurate beauty effects according to different genders. At the same time display different genders on the viewfinder, no matter whether it is a little brother or  sister.

 photo 16Xs photo
Meizu 16Xs sample sheet

Now the beauty camera has almost become standardwhile Meizu 16Xs can  said to be very natural in skin peeling. And even if we are in a backlighting environment, we can use the front HDR function to take wonderful portraits.

Meizu 16Xs photo
Meizu 16Xs sample sheet

How can there be no filter when taking portrait photos? Meizu 16Xs also brings us fun shooting function, even if you don’t download a third-party beauty camera. If you send this kind of photo to your moments, you can’t miss the likes of your friends.

Summary of meizu 16xs

The photo performance of Meizu 16Xs can be said to exceed our expectations. The 48 million-pixel lens can bring a better photo look , feel and with the new ultra-wide-angle lens. So that we can easily take a broad view. The starting price of such a mobile phone is only 1698 yuan. It should  said to be full of sincerity.

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