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Meizu 16s Pro smartphone review


Meizu was ridiculed as a “letter factory”, and this time the invitation was also full of creativity-a newspaper with the headline “Let the products speak”. This alternative response also shows us Meizu”s official confidence in the Meizu 16s Pro. In fact, through the naming, it is not difficult to see that Meizu 16s Pro is still a product based on “Meizu 16 series”. However, new highlights such as Snapdragon 855 Plus mobile platform, MEngine linear motor and rear camera, coupled with the classic symmetrical full screen without bangs and good feel, can also make Meizu 16s Pro a new choice for Meizu friends.

Meizu has always claimed that “the pursuit comes from love”, and behind the love is Meizu’s constant polishing of products. Let’s take a closer look at this brand new flagship and see if it can meet our expectations.

“Polar Edge Comprehensive screen” Design

In terms of appearance design, Meizu mobile phone has always had a unique idea. Especially today, when water droplets, digging holes and mechanical lifting structures are popular, Meizu still chooses to narrow its chin and forehead to increase its screen share, only because this design can achieve a perfect balance between visual effects and fuselage weight. This not only satisfies Meizu’s consistent symmetrical design aesthetics, but also brings the most complete screen look and feel to consumers.


The Meizu 16s Pro continues the classic design of the Meizu 16 series, with a 6.2-inch comprehensive screen without bangs, which is the best interpretation of Meizu’s “outstanding look and feel”. Of course, with the COF packaging process, Meizu 16s Pro forehead and chin width is also well controlled. The proportion of the high screen of the whole machine is as high as 91.53%, which can also make people feel what is meant by “the beauty of one-hand grasp”.


Looking at the screen itself, this AMOLED screen from Samsung is also fully in line with the requirements of the flagship phone. After the joint optimization of Meizu and Samsung, the screen color of Meizu 16s Pro is more accurate, coupled with DC dimming and blue eye protection mode certified by VDE in Germany, so that people can minimize eye damage when facing mobile phones for a long time. In addition, the touch sampling rate of this screen has also been upgraded from Meizu 16s 100Hz to 160Hz, and it will be more “handy” when touching.

Meizu 16s Pro is equipped with 20 million pixel front camera

At present, the front camera has become one of the important factors hindering the improvement of screen share, and some manufacturers through the design of water drip screen or hole-digging screen, although it has improved the screen proportion of the whole machine, it always leaves the feeling of visual loss. On the other hand, Meizu still chooses a comprehensive screen design with equal width, and is equipped with a powerful 20 million-pixel front-facing camera at the top of the fuselage. This ultimate pursuit of design seems to express Meizu’s consistent attitude-the pursuit stems from love.


Meizu’s pursuit is not only reflected in the front of the outstanding look and feel, but also in the design of its back. As we all know, Meizu has always believed that the touch of a mobile phone is an art, and the curved glass back design adopted by the Meizu 16s Pro also represents Meizu’s attitude towards the touch. This curved glass + aluminum alloy frame design brings a round and comfortable grip feel, coupled with only 165g of the whole machine weight, it is just right to hold in the hand, there will not be a heavy feeling.


Of course, what impresses me most is the color matching of Meizu 16s Pro. Meizu has always been known as the “literary youth” in the mobile phone circle, and the color matching of the Meizu 16s Pro is full of literary and artistic style in terms of naming. Twilight forest, dreamy unicorn, black mirror, white tale and so on, highlight a trace of elegance.


Like previous products, Meizu 16s Pro introduces a special coating under the curved glass backplane. For example, this “Dream Unicorn” version of Meizu 16s Pro, can show a variety of different gradient colors from different angles. I believe everyone will love this dreamy texture.

Meizu 16s Pro is equipped with rear camera

On the back of the fuselage, we also saw the standard 2019 flagship aircraft-rear three shots. However, as an aspiring manufacturer, Meizu obviously hopes that the post-three photos can be more extreme in design. This time Meizu embedded the 16s Pro circular flash in the camera position, this design makes the back of the phone no longer have extra holes, greatly improving the integration.

The thickness of Meizu 16s Pro is 7.6mm

In some places that we can’t see, Meizu has also made a lot of efforts. Smaller motherboards and double-layer SIM card slots allow as much internal space as possible for the battery. In the end, the Meizu 16s Pro stuffed a 3600mAh battery into the 6.2in, 7.6mm fuselage. This is already an excellent performance for the flagship Snapdragon 855 Plus, which is only 7.6mm thick.

All-Sony camera to create a flagship photo experience

After the development in recent years, Meizu mobile phone has formed an inherent style in taking pictures. Compared with most manufacturers who use the AI algorithm to increase saturation to please the eyeball, the photos taken by Meizu mobile phone still pursue true colors, coupled with pressing the shutter to present a wonderful photo experience immediately, which also left a deep impression on users. This year, the rear camera has become mainstream, and the Meizu 16s Pro has also added a brand new ultra-wide-angle lens on the basis of the previous generation of products. The 48 million-pixel Sony IMX586+ 20 million-pixel Sony IMX350+ 16 million-pixel Sony IMX481, together make up the full-focus Sony Tri-shot. Coupled with Meizu’s consistent OIS optical anti-shake, it has laid a solid foundation for a good photo experience.

Meizu 16s Pro carries rear camera

Those who are familiar with the mobile phone circle will know that Sony IMX586 is already an old friend of ours, and most of the flagship phones use this camera this year. During daily shooting, the 48 million-pixel camera can output a 12 million-pixel photo in four-pixel all-in-one mode, resulting in a more colorful photo.






In the process of taking pictures, the focus speed of Meizu 16s Pro is satisfactory, and it is possible to pick up the phone and take pictures directly. According to the sample shot, Meizu 16s Pro can also accurately restore the actual scene, and there are basically no rollover accidents such as unstable white balance. And in scenes such as blue sky and delicious food, the AI of Meizu 16s Pro can also actively adjust the look and feel of the photos to make the picture more powerful through more saturated colors. It can be said that this mobile phone with stable imaging quality can be used to record our good life anytime and anywhere.

Meizu 16s Pro sample sheet (portrait mode)

A 20 million-pixel IMX350 can also come in handy when shooting portraits. The equivalent focal length of this lens is 55mm, which is very suitable for shooting portraits. In the process of taking pictures, we just need to pick up the phone and press the shutter to get a good picture of the background, and the whole process does not even need to click on the phone screen, which can also help users to take good portraits.

Meizu 16s Pro sample sheet (normal mode)

Meizu 16s Pro sample sheet (Ultra wide Angle Mode)

Of course, the Meizu 16s Pro is also Meizu’s first flagship phone with an ultra-wide-angle lens. The 16 million-pixel IMX481 has an ultra-wide angle of 117 °and can provide a wide field of view that cannot be photographed in normal mode.

Meizu 16s Pro sample sheet (normal mode)

Meizu 16s Pro sample sheet (Super Night View)

In addition to the strong hard power, the soft power of Meizu 16s Pro is also excellent. For example, the highly acclaimed super night scene came to Meizu 16s Pro. The super night scene mode based on multi-frame noise reduction algorithm can get a good night scene photo in a short imaging time. By comparison, it can be seen that the super night scene mode of Meizu 16s Pro at night can take photos with highlights, average shadows and more details, and the look and feel is also satisfactory.

Meizu 16s Pro front camera sample

Finally, let’s take a look at the front camera of Meizu 16s Pro. In fact, friends who are familiar with Meizu know that this 20 million-pixel camera customized by Samsung has already appeared in a number of Meizu flagship phones. Combined with Meizu’s classic Rainbow soft AI algorithm and HDR, it can not only match the appropriate beauty effect for people of different genders, but also avoid the feeling of “face black” even if you are in a backlight environment.

Leading hardware performance

As a flagship model, the configuration naturally cannot be lagged behind. Qualcomm recently released a new Snapdragon 855 Plus mobile platform, and Meizu 16s Pro also carries this chip. Coupled with the LPDDR4x running memory of the highest 8GB and the UFS 3.0 flash memory of the highest 256GB, the hardware of Meizu 16s Pro has laid a good foundation for a good user experience. It can be said that this kind of hardware is enough to cope with the vast majority of current applications and mainstream games. The performance of Meizu 16s Pro will certainly bring you a smooth experience without losing frames.

Meizu 16s Pro carries Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 Plus

According to convention, let’s take a look at the performance of Meizu 16s Pro. According to the actual measurement, the score of Meizu 16s in an Rabbit is 456422, of which the scores of CPU and GPU are 135000 and 188646 respectively. In GeekBench, Meizu 16s Pro has a single core performance score of 3533 and a multi-core performance score of 9807, which is still very good.

Meizu 16s Pro running score

As we all know, the current use scene that can best reflect the performance of smartphones should be mobile games. Now many mobile phone manufacturers will create many optimizations for mobile games to bring the best experience for gamers. In Meizu mobile phone, intelligent graphics scheduling technology “Hyper Gaming” has been recognized by many Meizu friends. This technology can intelligently identify the load of game threads, allocate resources reasonably in the course of the game, and avoid large frame rate fluctuations in the process of engagement, resulting in the defeat of the regiment battle. In the actual game experience, Meizu 16s Pro can still run in full frames under the highest image quality of “Honor of Kings”, which is enough to see the advantages of this technology.

Meizu 16s Pro is equipped with two loudspeakers

For PUBG gamers, the dual speakers of Meizu 16s Pro and mEngine 3.0 can also provide a more outstanding experience. For example, in the process of Battle Royale Games, dual speakers can help identify the location of the sound, while mEngine 3.0 can simulate the vibration feedback of different guns, greatly improving the game experience. Of course, the vibrating touch of the mEngine 3.0 during daily input is even more unforgettable, and this control of the detail experience is the advantage of Meizu.

Take the lead in carrying Flyme 8

Compared with the update on the mobile phone hardware, what attracts me most about the Meizu 16s Pro is that it will launch the Flyme 8 system. At the press conference, Meizu officials said that Flyme 8 will open applications on Aug. 28 and will be launched from November to December. Fortunately, the editor has already got a Meizu 16s Pro, with a built-in Flyme 8 system, so let’s take a look at the new highlights of Flyme 8. The

Flyme system has always given people the impression of being “brisk”, and this new Flyme 8 also follows the same aesthetic philosophy. To highlight the youthful feel of Meizu 16s Pro, Flyme 8 uses a new “Alive Design” design language, from wallpaper to icons to animation effects, which makes the phone a living thing.

New charging animation

Flyme 8 screenshot

In the comprehensive screen era, we can see more content from the mobile phone, but a large number of content also makes people dizzying, even a little tired. This time Flyme 8 uses a large number of off-line blank design, the whole interface becomes more clean and clean, so that people can directly access the information they want, and greatly improve the efficiency of use.

Intelligent assistant Aicy

Of course, what surprises me is the brand new intelligent assistant-Aicy. Flyme officially said at the press conference that Aicy is not a simple voice assistant, and we can feel the convenience she brings in many scenes.


In practical use, the wake-up rate of the Aicy voice assistant is still very high. We can wake up the voice assistant by saying “Hello to the creek” directly to the phone. However, at present, Aicy’s voice still sounds a bit “machine-like”, and there is always a sense of distance in conversation. If Meizu can launch more kinds of sounds in the future, or use a voice that is more similar to human, I think more people will fall in love with her.

In addition, the previous laboratory function “screen recognition” has also been upgraded to the new Aicy screen recognition. When reading the content, you can identify more than 20 kinds of content, including books, people, scenic spots and so on through the Aicy screen, and complete the search with one click, saving a lot of time.

And if you buy Meizu 16s Pro, at the first time, you can also enjoy the core function of Flyme 8-OneMind 3.5 in advance. It is like a built-in plug-in on a mobile phone, which can effectively improve the startup speed of the application, even compared with the mainstream flagship phones on the market.


Maybe in the eyes of some people, Meizu 16s Pro is just a regular upgrade of Meizu 16s, but when we actually use it, we can still find many unique advantages of Meizu 16s Pro. Whether it is the rear camera made by all Sony sensors or the top hardware of Snapdragon 855 Plus+UFS 3.0, all these show us the sincerity of Meizu.

How to “make the product talk”? Meizu gave us a reasonable answer with a Meizu 16s Pro with no obvious deficiency. Strong hardware quality, coupled with constantly polished details, Meizu’s attitude towards products, a perfect interpretation of the sentence “the pursuit comes from love”. I think this is one of the reasons why many people love Meizu.

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