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Lenovo air purifier is a very useful product but not very smart sub-son!


First threw out my point of view, in terms of purification ability, Lenovo intelligent air purifier is a very good product, but in pairing with the mobile phone App, it is not as smart as expected. In the most popular words, this product does not seem to be very smart.

Undeniable strong purification capacity

Although the Lenovo intelligent air purifier is not very smart in matching, it is very strong in terms of purification ability. The pure white fuselage can be well integrated into the design of modern family simple decoration style, which is not obvious at all. The use of column design, the appearance will make people feel like a small washing machine. At the bottom of the fuselage is also equipped with a four-way pulley to facilitate movement. In order to ensure the normal use of the equipment, when the tilt angle of the purifier is more than 10 degrees, or when the side cover is opened, it will automatically enter the power-off protection to ensure the safety of users and equipment.


But unlike the washing machine, the left and right sides of the fuselage are air inlets, and the design of the large grille is more conducive to sucking in more air, and the filtered air is blown out from the top air outlet. Through this process, the replacement of dirty air to clean air is completed. Above the body is the control area of the Lenovo intelligent air purifier, followed by the wind speed key, the timing key, the sleep / automatic key, the WiFi key and the on-off key, which you can control by pressing the keys or connect this product to the Smart Lenovo App to operate.


All say that the prime minister can ride a boat in his belly, and so does Lenovo intelligent air purifier. Although it looks relatively small, it has amazing purification ability. Using double air duct, double filter design, through five purification CADR value up to 600. In the five-fold filtration, the first is the primary filtration, the second is the HEPA layer, the third layer is the activated carbon layer, the fourth layer is the cold catalyst, and the fifth layer is the famous negative ion. Through the five-layer purification can strongly adsorb PM2.5, allergens, pollen and other micro-particles, but also can absorb formaldehyde, benzene, xylene, toluene and other harmful gases.

While having a strong purification ability, the Lenovo intelligent air purifier is also quite quiet in the process of operation. The use of frequency conversion brushless plastic seal motor can control the wind speed at will and reduce the noise in operation. At the same time, through the design of double forward wind wheel and dislocated tower fan, it can cut the air flow more evenly, weaken the air flow hardness, reduce the wind noise again, control the running noise at 31.6 decibels, and moisten everything quietly while refreshing the air.


Not smart smart air purifier

Why would I say that Lenovo smart air purifier is not smart, mainly because the matching process is very tedious and easy to break down impatient people. There is a QR code on the fuselage. After scanning the QR code, you can download the Smart Lenovo App,. Everything is normal here, but when the setting step enters the pairing, the nightmare begins. The first problem encountered in

Is that the mobile phone cannot connect to the networking network of Lenovo intelligent air purifier. When I jumped from the current network environment to the device networking network, I found that the progress bar of the mobile phone App seemed to be frozen, one minute, three minutes, five minutes, this process came to a standstill here, so I couldn”t help but wonder if it was because of the mobile phone problem, so I chose to replace another mobile phone to set up the network, but the reality is cruel, after connecting to the networking network, I still can’t upload information.

After trying, it is found that since it is not the problem with the phone, it is that there may be some minor flaws in the matching of Lenovo’s intelligent air purifier itself. At this time, I chose the most effective method, that is, power-off restart, when the WiFi lights flickered, I silently thought, must succeed! But the situation is always contrary to one’s wishes, this time the two mobile phones can not even search the networking network, how to talk about networking.


Fortunately, after several efforts, I finally found the lost network back, and then. Also stuck to the situation that the networking information in the mobile phone could not be uploaded to the air purifier, after many investigations, suddenly in the process of an attempt to build a network, the Lenovo intelligent air purifier was successfully connected to the mobile phone. maybe this is the legendary pairing!

After entering App, all operations become simple. In addition to the basic gear and mode settings, you can also set up PM2.5 standby monitoring in App. After setting a threshold in App, the purifier will be turned on automatically once the monitoring value is exceeded, and the wind speed will be intelligently selected according to the degree of excess, which finally makes this less clever air purifier look like a smart product.


If only from the purification effect, Lenovo intelligent air purifier is a very good product, with strong purification ability, but also control the volume within a certain range. But in networking and intelligent linkage, at least this product in my hand is failing, and after connecting to the mobile phone, it only enriches some of the functions on the basis of the fuselage function. So this product or honestly do a good job of the nature of the air purifier, so that you are good, I am good, everyone.

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