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Kindle Paperwhite review:the battery life is beyond imagination


Kindle Paperwhite.

Talk about the new Kindle Paperwhite.

Compared with the previous generation, the new Kindle Paperwhite has a thinner and lighter body, whether it is held in the hand, or in the jacket pocket, trouser pocket, satchel and other small space comfort, will be much better than the previous generation. This means that the new Kindle can adapt to more fragmentation scenarios.

Kindle Paperwhite.

In the past, in the crowded cars and subways, troublesome users would reluctantly put Kindle in their backpacks. Because of the short journey, they simply played with their mobile phones and wasted their time. Over time, users will break the habit of using Kindle to read books, and even forget that they have a bookstore that has been turned over all the time in their bags.

The frivolity of the new Kindle Paperwhite will make users more willing to put it in their pockets during short commutes, even in crowded public transport, where we can easily take it out as naturally as holding a mobile phone.

Kindle Paperwhite front flat design.

Of course, apart from being frivolous, the biggest change in the appearance of the new Kindle Paperwhite comes from its front: the screen.

New flat design is right in the hands of the “book-flipping party”

In the use of Kindle, there are two most common interactive page turning actions: click and slide to turn the page. Swiping the page is more like turning a book. With a flick of the finger, we instructed Kindle and our brain to turn the page. Visually and interactively, it is more in line with the logic of the word “page turn”. But the biggest problem is that the edges and frames of the old Kindle screen have “steps”, and the whole screen forms a concave display area, which has no problem in visual and structural design, but for users who like to “turn books”, the edges and corners between the screen and the frame, the discomfort and abrupt caused by “flipping books”, are not so friendly.

Flat design does not have to worry about this kind of problem at all. The new Kindle Paperwhite has a flat side from the left border to the border, and users don”t have to think about where their fingers should be placed to “turn the book” to be more comfortable. Just paddle.

Of course, if you are a click-and-flip player, forget it.

Kindle Paperwhite.

The IPX8 grade waterproof is one of the biggest selling points on the new Kindle Paperwhite, and of course it’s one of my personal favorite new features.

At the beginning of the release, someone asked on Weibo whether Kindle waterproofing is a fake demand, for example, will someone read in the water? It is true that no one will read in the water, and waterproof mobile phones certainly do not allow users to play with their phones in the water. Then why does Kindle have to do this waterproof function?

Waterproof Kindle Paperwhite.

Don’t talk about reading, just talk about Kindle. What fascinates users most about this product is its portability and the practicality of each scene. Some users use Kindle to read, most of them will choose to travel and other debris time, and its waterproof ability will make the Kindle expandable fragment time more. For example, sauna, hot spring, swimming pool, seaside and other places with water.

Personally, I like to take a bath very much, and there is usually no top at the start of half an hour, often depending on the degree of physical fatigue or bladder fatigue. In this scenario, waterproof Kindle becomes a rigid requirement. Even though I’m unlikely to be stupid enough to throw the kindle into the water, for e-books, which take a long time to change, no one can prevent them from dozing off and slipping out of the water one day.

So, if you calculate the probability of reading in a watery scene, will the new waterproof Kindle Paperwhite arouse your desire for recommendation?

Kindle Paperwhite.

In addition to the flat-screen design and waterproof features mentioned above, the new Kindle Paperwhite screen also has reading lights, 300ppi resolution, and a dark mode that makes the eyes more comfortable. The reading lamp can adjust the brightness at will, which allows us to use Kindle Paperwhite;300ppi in any light condition in terms of clarity, have a paper book-like immersion, and so on. For Kindle, which has already had a good experience, any update needs to be cautious, so the drastic refactoring of the new product is certainly not realistic. But judging the new Kindle Paperwhite, only in terms of detailed experience and improvements in applicable scenarios, it does almost everything very well.

In terms of storage configuration, the new Kindle Paperwhite provides two versions: 8GB and 32GB. If you want to hold an entire library, consider 32GB.

Kindle Paperwhite.

Battery life is the most important part of the Kindle reading experience

Battery life is the basis of the concept of fragment time reading that we have been emphasizing, because for a person who uses fragment time to read, he or she will not pay attention to the remaining power all the time. Coupled with the fact that some Kindle users are likely to have the need for long-distance travel, poor power will directly kill people’s interest in paperless reading.

“If you read for half an hour a day, even if the brightness of the reading light is set to’10’, a charge can last for weeks with the wireless connection turned off,” the official said. “

Interestingly, there is no official indication of how long the Kindle Paperwhite will last when it is fully charged, using only a vague statement of a few weeks after the restrictions. There is no theory of the longest use time, nor the shortest.

Considering that each user has different usage scenarios (temperature effect), brightness habits, operation frequency, network status, etc., there is really no standard answer to the battery life of, Kindle Paperwhite. But in order to give a reference, I did a non-standard range test of the Kindle Paperwhite, which can be referenced by friends with similar habits.

Non-standard range test conditions and standards:

1. The network is not cut off.

2. The brightness is set to medium.

3. Room temperature ranges from 15 to 25 degrees.

4. Full charge before use.

5. Cycle 10-day “mixed test”: 1 hour a day in the first 3 days, half an hour a day in the middle 4 days, and normal standby at other times.

The final remaining power is 60%.

Well, it’s a very weird “mixed test” for a simple reason: I can’t watch it for an hour every day.

I thought that with the relationship of work, I could motivate myself to read all the books I didn’t finish before. As a result, the one-hour-a-day plan was not fully implemented because of overtime and so on. But thinking that this non-standard range test may be closer to the normal duration of some users, it is reasonable to release the data to everyone.

It has been used for a total of 5 hours, standby for 10 days, and the remaining power is 60%, without disconnection of the network. With reference to the official statement of service life, there is basically nothing wrong with it, and it is even slightly conservative, which is worthy of reference by “shallow” users.

Kindle Paperwhite power display.

To its credit, Kindle Paperwhite has added a digital display of remaining power in its new update, allowing users to turn on Kindle and see their remaining power to refer to the timing of charging.

Oh, yes, when it comes to battery life, it is also necessary to mention charging. It takes about three hours to fill the Kindle Paperwhite, which is probably about as long as you charge your iPhone phone.

Kindle Paperwhite charging.

Comparing with print books is always an issue that Kindle users are keen to discuss.

The immersion satisfaction and collection value of paper books are the reasons why they cannot be replaced, and the portability and scene adaptability of Kindle are also incomparable to paper books. But do we have to compare paper books with Kindle?

Also as a reading tool, the choice of paper books and Kindle can not escape the desire for in-depth content, for readers who do not have a strong sense of ritual, the two carriers can even draw equal signs in nature. As for them, what they have to face together is the erosion of the network knowledge bubble. The same is true for users.

Kindle Paperwhite purchase Page.

Bottom line

Today, the status of Kindle is basically the same as the concept of e-books, and Amazon’s greatest value is to make more potential readers realize the charm of “books”, making it possible for people with a sense of crisis to turn around and rejoin the reading camp in a more convenient way. So, for those who like to read, paper books and kindle are naturally the best choice, and you can even use them at the same time: in debris time, on the crowded subway, on the plane, by the cozy beach pool, pick up Kindle Paperwhite, to read pre-stored thousand-word essays or epics. Don’t worry about the weight and price of books, and don’t feel guilty about the efficiency of buying books, just know that when you want to use it, it can be taken with you at any time and place to satisfy your curiosity.

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