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Is the photo artifact Vivo S5 diserves its name? It will be much more than “Beauty”

Combined with these needs, it is not easy to create a mobile phone that makes users satisfied. However, the recently released vivo S5 is like a dark horse, successfully attracting the attention of users. In fact, as a member of the vivo family S series, we have long been looking forward to its photography level. However, after the actual release, people found that they underestimated it. As a main photo-taking model, the vivo S5 not only has its own excellent appearance, but also has a strong strength in taking pictures.

If you are a beauty lover and want to be beautiful in social apps every day, or if you just want to record the beauty around you on your mobile phone, do not want to learn complicated post-processing, and want to have a simple and smooth shooting experience, then I think you must know about vivo S5. In fact, it is far more than just “beauty”.

Farewell to thousands of people

  First of all, let”s talk about selfies. I still remember that a few years ago, the selfie was still the world of “one click to grind the skin”, and the beautiful photos in moments were really hot eyes. After years of aesthetic correction, mobile beauty has finally returned to the “normal” state, of course, this correction is inseparable from the work of vivo. Vivo is also the first mobile phone manufacturer to put forward “natural” in terms of beauty. Through the use of AI technology, Beauty has completely bid farewell to the “thousands of people”, and all men and women, old and young, can break out the beauty effect that suits them. In

, The vivo S5 is equipped with a 32 million-pixel high-definition front camera, which supports 5-fold super-textured beauty, gender-specific beauty, portrait style, photo pose guidelines, and so on. In order to give users a more extreme and natural beauty effect, vivo S5 also has 5 super textured beauty, which makes the selfie simple and powerful through five parts: coruscating skin color, textured skin, wisdom and beauty, facial features and makeup.

Vivo S5 can not only identify through AI, analyze selfie users’ face shape, sex, age, skin color, light and other data, but also intelligently adjust various parameters. The skin is segmented by face detection, and then processed separately according to the human face outline, facial features, muscle structure, skin texture and pore details, and finally achieve the natural beauty effect. The little sister in the picture has good skin and white skin. In the vivo S5 lens is more transparent and three-dimensional, the strong beauty effect is not just said.

When it comes to taking portrait photos, the virtual effect of the rear position is inevitable. Through the algorithm to identify the character and the background, and then make the background picture virtual, and finally achieve the virtual effect of a large aperture similar to the SLR. This kind of photo tests the computing power and processing power of the camera, especially when dealing with girls with long hair.

When faced with complex backgrounds, characters are more difficult to distinguish. At this time, the processing power of vivo S5’s powerful AI can be brought into full play. You can see from the sample sheet that even the hair fluttering in the wind is clearly captured. The boundary between the character and the background is natural, and the virtual background is very excellent. The overall impression is very good, directly posting moments will certainly get a lot of likes!

Super wide Angle + Super backlit Golden combination

  This time the vivo S5 is equipped with a rear 48 million quadruple shot, with a lens combination of 48 million ultra-clear main shot, 8 million-pixel ultra-wide angle, 5 million-pixel depth-of-field and 2 million-pixel macro. The division of labor and cooperation of the four shots can bring an unprecedented strong experience. Vivo is definitely the first person in the mobile phone industry to add a wide-angle lens to the phone. After many generations of product iterations, vivo for ultra-wide-angle lens training has become increasingly mature. The powerful experience of the

Ultra-wide-angle lens is self-evident, especially when shooting landscapes and buildings. The 8 million-pixel ultra-wide-angle lens on the vivo S5 has a 120-degree field of view, and the usual need to step back will never happen again.

When shooting buildings, the ultra-wide-angle lens can bring a more tall and straight feeling. The tall buildings in the picture are even more shocking against the blue sky. In fact, quietly tell you that ultra-wide angle is also very good for shooting long legs.

Not only that, the vivo S5 also has a 48 million UHD main photo. Higher pixels mean stronger detail and photosensitivity. With super-backlighting algorithm, you can take very amazing photos. & nbsp; not only that, another advantage of high pixels is that even if it is cut again later, it can also ensure clarity, which is beneficial to the second creation.

Another 5 million-pixel depth-of-field lens can detect object depth information, combined with chip-level depth real-time processing, can achieve professional background virtual. It can be used not only in people, but also in shooting objects. This very artistic effect, without the need for a filter, is already very amazing.

Is the so-called knowing that what we usually ignore often hides the works of nature’s works of art. Through the macro lens, vivo S5 can realize the macro photography of 4CM. Even the stamens in the middle of the flowers can be clearly displayed, to find the hidden beauty, is not the joy of life?

Finally, let’s talk about the night scene. Shooting at night is a challenge for both mobile phones and people, and it will be “pasted into pieces” if you don’t pay attention to it. This time the vivo S5 also supports hand-held super night view mode, which combines 12 to 16 photos into a high-quality night scene photo by reducing the noise of multiple frames.

From the actual imaging effect, the night scene photos taken by vivo S5 are moderately bright, the highlights are not exposed, and the dark details are well preserved. The sky is so pure that you can hardly see the noise. The picture as a whole is very harmonious, and there is no pursuit of excessive “daytime” bright perception.

As a mobile phone for taking pictures, the vivo S5 has accomplished its mission very well. With its excellent appearance, vivo S5 can attract everyone’s attention, and with the vivo family’s years of accumulation in photography, it has brought a new experience in selfie beauty. If you are a person who loves life and wants to record beauty and life on your mobile phone, then I think vivo S5 is a good choice for you.

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